25 Incredible Wolf Cuts Ideas for Long Hair

Wolf cut became the hottest hairstyle this year, it is a mix of layers that start at the top of the head and gradually get longer towards the ends, you can find 1970s pompadour hairstyles from it and reformed mullet hairstyles. This hairstyle is very popular on TikTok and is loved by women, it is edgy and rebellious and many women are wearing it this year.

Wolf cut is versatile and can be created on short, medium and long hair and is not limited to specific hair types. If you have long hair, learn how to style the perfect wolf haircut. Longer hair means you have more room to play around with bangs and ends, adding layers and waves, as well as exaggerated and subtle hair coloring, depending on your preferences.

How to Style a Wolf Cut

Wolf haircut requires low maintenance, although it doesn’t cost much

Here’s how:

  • Wash your hair regularly.
  • Create wolf cut when it’s humid.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner to maintain curly and wavy hair, followed by applying a spray or cream.
  • Use moose to apply to straight hair and curl cream from medium hair to ends to add volume, you can also achieve this with a texturizing spray.
  • Place shorter layers away from your face to get a face-covering effect.
  • Flatten your layered bangs with a flat iron and finally wait for natural air to dry or use a blow dryer, round brush to comb through your ends.

Read on for a gallery of the best wolf cuts for long hair and get inspired!

1. Wolf Cut with Soft Texture

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A little shaggy/witchy vibes on this beauty. Short bangs can nicely complement your face shape and won’t weigh down your hair.

2. Pink and Blue Split Dye Wolf Cut

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The combination of two lovely colors will make the wolf cut look more fashionable and emphasize, and the unique charm that will make you shine at the party.

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut Long Hair

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Keep your natural blonde hair with vertical fringed bangs that you can use to keep the volume coordinated.

4. Copper Long Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

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Such a cute cut, when you want to do elegant wolf hair, try this cute look that looks so soft.

5. Soft Grunge Wolf Haircut

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If you don’t want to keep a low-maintenance hairstyle, try this simple-looking wolf cut which boldly reveals your forehead and looks dashing and self-effacing for girls.

6. Butterfly Wolf Cut Long Hair

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Spring is here, and you need the wonderful color combination of blue and gray to show off your youthfulness, and blunt bangs are very cute!

7. Shag Haircut with Chippy Baby Bangs

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Those with curly hair can go all out with this look, which is both classic and alternative, keeping the bangs short and the top low.

8. Blue & Brown Messy Hair

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Want a slightly exaggerated color? A half blue and half dark brown wavy wolf cut is a great option.

9. Messy Long Wolf Cut

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A messy wolf haircut is an important category that expands the volume of your head and creates a look of intimacy and texture, and the sweeping mix of the two colors is perfect.

10. Red Wolf Cut

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She wanted the “wolf cut”, the stylists are loving this trend for 2023 but softened the cut and gave her more of a 70’s shag.

11. Mullet Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

1694078050 278421676 308367138115579 2205772789947945535 n

Create a relaxed wolf cut for curly hair with curtain bangs, curled from top to bottom is a great wolf cut look.

12. Shag Razor Cut

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Sunday shag vibes. It is a fun and edgy style that is perfect for thick hair.

13. Wolf Haircut Mushroom Style

1694078128 278159973 132801032659072 1334758805084543847 n

When you have thick hair, try this special mushroom wolf hairstyle that has gorgeous layers with curtain bangs.

14. Copper Wolf Cut for Long Hair

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Keeping maximum length, keeping textured shag style, then you will get a 70s style with special bangs.

15. Black Hair Wolf Cut

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When you’re tired of coloring your hair, keeping it naturally dark can go well with a wolf cut, and adding a few small waves looks great.

16. Shag Haircut Wolf Cut

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Adding some color to a brunette can make their natural look richer and bring out their eye color and warm up skin tone.

17. Purple Wolf Cut Long Hair

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Love this color haircut combo, purple never goes out of style and you can use it to show elegance and cuteness.

18. Textured Wolf Cut with Pink Highlights

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A textured wolf haircut keeps you at the forefront of fashion, adding a pink pick dye works well with it to form a very interesting look, the dye job requires a little extra maintenance.

19. Wolf Cut with Green Money Piece

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This awesome wolf cut with a fantastic green money piece, it’s alternative and stylish, so why not break through the restraints at a young age?

20. Long Shag with Lots of Texture and Volume

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This is the classic wolf haircut for long hair and it will highlight the choppy layers of your amazing hair volume to suit your taste.

21. Yellow and Brown Mixed Wolf Cut

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Putting these colors on these blocks, you will get a colorful life!

22. Pink Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

1694078433 277821572 501157731654795 6208677486636606850 n

Had so much fun creating this shag for Angel, pink color fits well with femininity and symbolizes sweet love.

23. Blonde Balayage for Wolf Cut

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The blonde color of high level is applicable to any hairstyle, and wolf cut is no exception. Who says long hair can’t be edgy?

24. Color Block 70s Hairstyle

1694078494 278091095 724100165639151 2351242595708738762 n

It’s not a red flag, it’s a fun fact. A lil chop and color blocking for this great shag wolf cut.

25. Platinum Blonde Long Wolf Cut

1694078527 277964028 1007059450233939 7887983835353326208 n

Platinum blonde babe! Classic wolf cut has soft and elegant curtain bangs, and if you want something more stylish, consider this wolf haircut combined with platinum blonde color.

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