30 Hottest Wolf Cut Inspirations That Make You Say “Wow!”

While the wolf haircut is gaining momentum, you will find that hairstylists are creating this edgy hairstyle to accommodate all hair textures and lengths, why don’t you try this hairstyle this year, you can start with softer shapes and longer layers, to get this look at home you need to consult a professional hairstylist.

What is a wolf haircut?
The great thing about the wolf haircut is that it combines the length and volume of a mullet with added fluffy layers to create a wild and edgy look, it’s a very cool and lived-in look with lots of layers and movement. Wolf haircut originates from Korea and although it has only recently come to the attention of the mainstream consciousness, the style has long been popular in Korea, retaining this short in front and long in the back for quite some time.

1. Wolf Cut with GHD waves

Wolf Cut with GHD waves

The natural messy waves will make this long hair look lovely, and for daily maintenance, you will need to air dry and use gel to maintain the look.

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