Hottest Wolf Cut Hair Ideas (2023 Updated)

What is the Wolf Cut?

Wolf Cut is a new version of Mullet that attracted over 400 million views in TikTok, it is more stylish and wilder than Mullet style. Wolf haircut has most notable feature is the swelling treatment done at the front and top of the head to appear more voluminous, but this also means a little harder to wear than the mullet style. This hairstyle combines the rugged hairstyles of the 1970s, the messy hairstyles of the 2000s, and an improved mullet hairstyle.

Should I Choose a Wolf Cut?

While the wolf cut is the most popular hairstyle that suits any face shape, you should consider customizing one. For a round face, the key is to create volume to make the face appear more oval and elongated. For a square face, you should soften the jawline with slender lines to give you a more feminine look; Heart-shaped faces should filled with more layers around the chin; Of course, the oval face is the luckiest and fits any version of a wolf haircut.

How to Maintain a Wolf Cut?

We suggest you use a good hair serum or mousse to cross your hair, spray on a thermal protectant, then use a flat iron to curl the hair, making it appear more voluminous. Don't forget to lift the hair at the roots and spray some hairspray to make it look even more voluminous.

There are many variations of wolf cuts - short, long, wavy, curly, straight, here we found 20 hottest wolf cut hair ideas that are trending this year, check them out!

1. Lavender Tones Wolf Style Haircut

1695024804 Lavender Tones Wolf Style Haircut
How cute this epic transformation is! Do you want to stand out from the rest? The lavender color is the best choice, and it looks chic and is perfect for this year.
Mix and match colors are great for chic girls, keep only two braids to make you look cute but not too cumbersome at the back of the hair.

2. Blonde Hair Wolf Shullet Style

1695024825 Blonde Hair Wolf Shullet Style
This shape up elevated her look so much more than before, trying a little shullet is a new attempt that is AMAZING!
Show off this wolf haircut for the spring and summer seasons, wear it with full confidence then attend a pleasant party.

3. Gorgeous Medium Hair Wolf Cut

1695024853 Gorgeous Medium Hair Wolf Cut
Her color is everything, she looks absolutely stunning, add some grey color that makes you enjoy a hairdo for showing off as a real chic girl!
Let your hair look elegant and artsy, this hairdo is easy styling for everyday morning.

4. Wolf Haircut with Shaggy Bangs

1695024881 Wolf Haircut with Shaggy Bangs
Great style hair scarf and colors, rock your blonde hair with shaggy bangs, you need to change to a cute style as well as something fancy.
Make sure you have soft hair, which normally only needs a good conditioner to keep it simple and natural.

5. Short Razor Wolf Haircut

1695024900 Short Razor Wolf Haircut
If you are bored with the normal Bob hair style, you can make a slight improvement to it.
This wolf cut is great for girls who have short hair, it can make you look more capable in the office.

6. Short Wolf Cut Black Hair

1695024919 Short Wolf Cut Black Hair
How about this black wolf cut style, when you wear it, you may be the only one on the street.
Choose a unique style through bangs and messy to attract and embrace female beauty and teenagers.

7. Orange Wolf Cut Wide Bangs

1695024945 Orange Wolf Cut Wide Bangs
Do you like the unusual orange color? This color is hot and perfect for 2022 women who have a good power to work every day.
Style a voluminous bangs with a little bit of hair gel then keep perfect all day long.

8. Wolf Haircut for Older Women

1695024970 Wolf Haircut for Older Women
Older women can also try great wolf cuts, such as this lavender colored medium hairstyle.
Messy is great; it never goes out of style and may remind you of the good times from decades ago.

9. Colorful Wolf Cut Hair

1695024999 Colorful Wolf Cut Hair
This cut and colors work best on this wolf cut, very energetic and youthful.
You do not have to be afraid of other people, the new year should have a new look.

10. Brown Hair Wolf Haircut

1695025019 Brown Hair Wolf Haircut
If you have natural blonde hair you can go with this wolf cut, flat bangs can flatter your face shape.
Creating a voluminous style on both sides will make it look more fashionable. This is the perfect wolf cut for your everyday wear.

11. Green and Purple Short Wolf Cut

1695025042 Green and Purple Short Wolf Cut
Maybe you have tried the two-color style on bob, pixie haircuts, why can't wolf cut? The effect is also great.
It suit four seasons that you don't consider too much about style changes.

12. Razor Shag Wolf Cut Curly Hair

1695025068 Razor Shag Wolf Cut Curly Hair
When you have naturally curly hair, try this hairstyle and be a girl who highlights natural texture.
You may need a little more hairspray and curling cream to create this perfect look, especially the curls on the bangs look lovely.

13. Pink Hair and Curtain Bangs

1695025087 Pink Hair and Curtain Bangs
The straight hair is so good, don't miss this design if you like a fashionable look.
This cute medium wolf hairstyle can work for both formal and informal events, with the right earrings, jewelry and outfit.

14. Wolf Style Haircut Natural Hair

1695025111 Wolf Style Haircut Natural Hair
Another wolf cut with curtain bangs, this look is perfect when you want to keep your natural hair color.
Go show off your bangs in the New Year and enjoy casual wear with this hairstyle.

15. Wolf Cut with Voluminous Layers

1695025138 Wolf Cut with Voluminous Layers
Happy new layers, blonde hair and layers are a perfect match, it is so romantic, fresh and soft, suitable for most girls.
Curtain bangs look gorgeous and can show off your sweetness in winter and spring.

16. Super Cute Mullet Wolf Cut Hairdo

1695025159 Super Cute Mullet Wolf Cut Hairdo
Do you have natural blonde hair, it's lovely and looks very feminine, try this beauty.
The great thing about this hairstyle is that it looks natural and is perfect for 20s women to wear, you don't have to worry about going out of style.

17. Curly Layer Wolf Haircut

1695025197 Curly Long Hair Wolf Cut
What a great long curly wolf hairstyle, keeping curly hair requires a nice curling iron and gel, which is a bit of a hassle.
The cut and colors are easy to follow, making it perfect for chic wear no matter what your age.

18. Wolf Cut with Block Color

1695025227 Wolf Cut with Block ColorHow cool are mixing complementary colors! And her hair is soft and pretty overall.
When you have shoulder length hair, consider this natural color blend, it will make you unique on the street.

19. Shaggy Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

1695025250 Shagy Wolf Cut with Short Bangs
If you have a small face, you can consider shorter bangs, it is a very cute look.
Make your hair look artistic and elegant, and give you confidence all day long.

20. Shag Wolf Haircut Color Blocking

1695025271 Shag Wolf Haircut Color BlockingThis is a very good razor cut, the two sides are symmetrical but the colors are different, and that's what makes it unique.

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