30 Perfect Wavy Bob Hairstyles That Are Suit for Any Face

Wavy bob hairstyles never go out of style, it should be the perfect hair type for every face shape, it usually starts with a supreme woman who is rocking a wavy bob haircut. There must be quite a few female friends around you who quietly cut their long hair short, so why don't you catch this trending for your new 2023?

The wavy bob haircut is not too short and not too long, it has gained wide popularity around the world and has been adopted by many celebrities, including Sienna Miller, Julianne Hough, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Conrad. Wavy bob gives hair a more attractive texture than other bobs, it includes short, medium length and long wavy bob hairstyles, in addition to the size, there are also great differences in appearance.

The combination of wave and bob can make your locks more fun and easy, get a wavy bob look ready to grab everyone's attention, check below our list of 40 perfect wavy bob hairstyles that are worth trying ASAP!

1. Black Wavy Bob

1700192289 Black Wavy Bob

Beautiful haircut and style, sometimes a simple look can help you take your time and not take up too much time on a busy morning.

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2. Short Wavy Hair

1700192375 Short Wavy Hair

She got a haircut that looks fabulous, really love this cut!

3. Silver Blonde Wavy Bob

1700192410 Silver Blonde Wavy Bob

Bringing her back to brighter, silvery blonde alongside her natural base after a year of grow-out was much needed ....and turned out beautiful.

4. Golden Curly Bob

1700192434 Golden Curly Bob

Lovely smile! I have to say bravo lady! She is impressive.

5. Wavy Bob Haircut with Flower

1700192462 Wavy Bob Haircut with Flower

Everything about this inspires me. I love the lighting, that little glow on the inner corner of their eye to the 70’s throwback t-shirt. It’s such a vibe.

6. Silver Beachy Texture Bob

1700192488 Silver Beachy Texture Bob

This just reminds us of the quintessential summer hair, but it can also work well in winter, has a beachy texture and is easy to style.

7. Lower Haight Hair

1700192515 Lower Haight Hair

A short bob that perfectly fits her face and works with her waves, a super cute cut! Reminds me of Queen’s Gambit.

8. Medium Wavy Bob + Shadow Roots

1700192614 Medium Wavy Bob + Shadow Roots

Did you know that? The Nutricurls range is ideal for curly hair and wavy hair. Simply opt for the right shampoo and conditioner.

9. Soft Textured Bob

1700192638 Soft Textured Bob

Love a soft, piecey FRINGE to Highlight beautiful and a soft, textured bob to create fullness and movement.

10. Wavy Bob Hair

1700192663 Wavy Bob Hair

She is gorgeous, golden color helps her shine in the summer of the southern hemisphere.

11. Pink Wavy Bob

1700192690 Pink Wavy Bob

Side parting pink bob makes you more charming, this winter it is like a warm flame in the head.

12. Blunt Blonde Bob

1700192723 Blunt Blonde Bob

It’s a perfect blunt bob that can make you elegant.

13. Purple Wavy Bob

1700192746 Purple Wavy Bob

Purple makes the wavy bob even more unique and makes her so beautiful!

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14. Side Parting Blunt Bold Bob

1700192879 Side Parting Blunt Bold Bob

This haircut would be so cute on her! It is a 1.25” curling iron she uses for these waves!

15. Wavy Grey Hair for Older Women

1700193007 Wavy Grey Hair for Older Women

Be the light that helps others see.-Roy T. Bennett⁣⁣
Sometimes just seeing someone go first is all you need. ⁣
Seeing someone do the scary thing and show you, that you can too. ⁣
Seeing someone love and embrace their choices helps give you the strength to join them, knowing you aren’t alone. ⁣
Be brave. Be the light. Others will see.

16. Peach Wavy Bob

1700193041 Peach Wavy Bob

Peach color for an asymmetrical bob hair.

17. French Textured Bob

1700193064 French Textured Bob

Classic shape, minimal styling. good hair is good hair, folks.

18. Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

1700193088 Ash Blonde Wavy Bob

So pretty, looks like that evil cat girl from Hunter x Hunter.

19. Clean Pure Wavy Bob

1700193109 Clean Pure Wavy Bob

She looks gorgeous, it’s the soft waves with a center parting.

20. Grey and Purple Wavy Lob Haircut

1700193134 Grey and Purple Wavy Lob Haircut

This is stunning love the effect of the snow, she is so beautiful!

21. Blush Pink Hair

1700193159 Blush Pink Hair

Toned with Schwarzkopf USA IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence 9.5-89 and 6-89 +8-11 and sealed with CHROMA ID 8-19.

22. Wavy Bob with Spikey Bangs

1700193315 Wavy Bob with Spikey Bangs

Spiky bangs will give your bob more style, and you'll have to hide deeper in the winter.

23. Purple and Blue Balayage Bob

1700193347 Purple and Blue Balayage Bob

Gorgeous waved, elevated purple bob with ribbons of different colors running throughout!

24. Coloful Textured Bob

1700193373 Coloful Textured Bob

This shot is perfect, sometimes trying more than two colors can energize you.

25. Short hair + Volume + Texture

1700193398 Short hair + Volume + Texture

Beautiful texture and shine, a large side part is a good way to show off a woman's unique charm.

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26. Orange Wavy Bob

1700193423 Orange Wavy Bob

This color on her reminds me of the girl in the new Jumanji movies. She looks very similar to her. It's a great color for her.

27. Black Short Hair

1700193444 Black Short Hair

Don't you just love a good bob? Check out this amazing work.

28. Red Wavy Bob with Bangs

1700193473 Red Wavy Bob with Bangs

I'm OBSESSED with this cut reshape and color transformation! Would ya just look at all that richness and shine?

29. Blonde Wavy Bob

1700193496 Blonde Wavy Bob

Outstanding bang and perfect color let you appear more young.

30. Wavy Bob with Natural Color

1700193530 Wavy Bob with Natural Color

Lots of foils and a fresh set of curtain bangs for this beautiful blondie!

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