Wavy Bob Hairstyle Ideas for Women Who Want a Stylish Look

Waves are an interesting and simple method, it can add some sexy style for your locks. When we want smooth and shiny hairstyles, wavy bobs should be considered. Bob is not always smooth and straight, you can use wavy Bob to create a playful image.

How To Style a Wavy Bob?

You can design wavy bob in many ways: Larger and looser waves, or smaller waves. Apply a light styling mousse to damp hair. While combing your hair with your fingers, dry your hair roughly. Heat the hair with the curling tool and hold the hair with the curling tool for 5 to 10 seconds.

1. Red Wavy Bob

Red Wavy Bob

Red is a fashionable color that will never go out of style. When you don’t know what color to dye, you might as well consider it. It’s great with a wavy bob.

2. Blonde Wavy Bob for Summer Season

Blonde Wavy Bob for Summer Season

If you want to keep a cool head, you need BIO-FANELAN shampoo! At the same time, the active shampoo stabilizes and strengthens hair loss.

3. Green Wavy Bob

Green Wavy Bob

Peacock hair! Totally love this amazing color! The camera doesn’t do this one justice!!!

4. Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Blonde Balayage Short Hair

Cool short blonde hair.

5. Orange Beach Waves

Orange Beach Waves

It maybe dull outside, but doing this really brightened up our day today.

6. Smooth Wavy Bob

Smooth Wavy Bob

So obsessed with this new pulp riot hair color Sorcery !! Life is too short for boring hair!

7. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob 1

We sure do love a blonde bob and love this girl too.

8. Wavy Bob Haircut Summer Hair

Wavy Bob Haircut Summer Hair

She cut off her hair today! And went blonder.

9. Short Wavy Bob for Older Women

Short Wavy Bob for Older Women

A shorter Bob to give more volume and bounce.

10. Wavy Bob Blonde Hair

Wavy Bob Blonde Hair

Wanted poster! Who owns this pretty foliage with a dusty pink placement?

11. Natural Silver Wavy Hair

Natural Silver Wavy Hair

I was today years old when I learned I have pretty awesome natural wavy hair. Natural waves achieved with the help of the awesome Styling Gel!

12. Cute Wavy Bob

Cute Wavy Bob

What a cute wavy bob hairstyle, you can try it this year.

13. Short Blonde Curly Hair

Short Blonde Curly Hair

Before the highlights, with my natural hair ➡low poroside
Highlights and just after Olaplex 0 and 3 ➡low porosity.
Two and a half months after Olaplex 0 and 3, without having reapplied neither one nor the other ➡very porous hair.

14. Trendy Wavy Bob

Trendy Wavy Bob

Curly bob hairstyles are adorable, feminine, and easy to do. Curly hair looks beautiful long or short. Naturally defined curls, the A-line is beautiful.

15. Soft Curtain Fringe

Soft Curtain Fringe

Transformational haircut for Madison. Loving this sweet lil bob with a soft curtain fringe.

16. Wavy Bob Blonde Hair

Wavy Bob Blonde Hair 1

Big changes! Super in love with her hair.

17. Fresh Blunt Bob with Waves

Fresh Blunt Bob with Waves

Chop chop! Ah, a lovely fresh blunt bob with waves.

18. Tousled Bob with Soft Layers

Tousled Bob with Soft Layers

Tousled bob with soft layers to bring out her natural waves. Such a cute cut for the Summer heat! ☀

19. Curly Rainbow Wavy Hair

Curly Rainbow Wavy Hair

Nothing beats an afternoon doing ‘all the colors.’

20. Blunt Bob Big Chop

Blunt Bob Big Chop

Total re style, a good few inches was cut off creating this gorgeous blunt bob.