40 Updos for Long Hair – Trendy and Easy Updos You’ll Love

Long hair is so hard to handle, and you’ll also have frequent headaches with your hair when it comes to wedding occasion or prom occasion. It’s time to look for a stable, simple, manageable hairstyle as your next hairstyle.

Updo styles are perfect for wedding, prom or other occasions, they make you more confident and relaxed. Even better, you can wear it on a normal day! Updos are versatile, and choosing a suitable updo will significantly enhance your appearance, and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

So don’t be confused about your hairstyle, it’s time to try something new here are 40 trendy and easy updos, you must find the best one suit your long hair.

1. Boho Vibes

Boho Vibes
Source: @lalasupdos

Absolutely beautiful and perfect, it can make you an eye-catcher at a party.

2. Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle
Source: @_celestialhaven_

What a beautiful flower girl, a simple headband can make your hair stand out.

3. High Bridal Bun

High Bridal Bun
Source: @beyondtheponytail

Love how the use of a hair accessory takes this look from casual to a special occasion.

4. Classic Messy Bun

Classic Messy Bun
Source: @beyondtheponytail

So flowy & soft bun, you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting this style done on stressful mornings.

5. Textured Updo

Textured Updo
Source: @beyondtheponytail

Beautiful blonde with a textured updo, this is an easy updo when you don’t know how to choose a hairstyle for your long hair.

6. Brunette Classic Updo

Brunette Classic Updo
Source: @beyondtheponytail

I love this classic updo in texture so much! Who doesn’t love a beautiful brunette updo to save for your INSPIRATION collection!

7. Fall Elements Updo

Fall Elements Updo
Source: @beyondtheponytail

No denying it’s FALL with this gorgeousness, how beautiful is this look, fall hair inspo is the best!

8. Updo for Blonde Curly Hair

Updo for Blonde Curly Hair
Source: @dgdesigns__

Events may look a little different this year but don’t shy away from getting a pretty updo.

9. Modern French Twist

Modern French Twist
Source: @updosbykarina

A few strands of hair on the side make your lines perfect and the petals are unique.

10. Bridal Updos

Bridal Updos 1
Source: @weddingstylemaguk

The pretty updo style which can be worn for wedding, party or other occasions.

11. Wedding Updo

Wedding Updo
Source: @revemakeup

This is a classic bridal hairstyle that suitable for most face shapes, and you should consider it if you are conservative.

12. Low Bun Updo

Low Bun Updo
Source: @caraclyne.bridal

Beautiful sleek hair always looks great with a statement hairpiece. What do you think of this style?

13. Bridesmaid Hair

Bridesmaid Hair
Source: @top_knot_hair

This style doesn’t take the place of the bride and others, flowers fit so well with the hairstyle stunning work!

14. Textured Brunette Updo

Textured Brunette Updo
Source: @caraleestyles

Hairpieces come from Amazon, they were wire so they could bend around the bun!

15. Braided Updo 2020

Braided Updo 2020
Source: @etherealhairmakeup

So excited about this wild and free bride style, the secret ingredient – Whipped Taffy 20 create separation in the hair and give it wild + undone texture without making the hair sticky!

16. Fall Wedding Updo

Fall Wedding Updo
Source: @alliepowellhair

Nothing says, fall wedding like getting ready in the most beautiful barn!

17. Sexy Bun Updo

Sexy Bun Updo
Source: @ingesstyles

That’s a round 4 strand braid twisted in an updo. To finish this hairstyle she used 2 flower pins.

18. Bridal Hairstyle

Bridal Hairstyle 2020
Source: @beyondtheponytail

Love the way the texture of the fishtail compliments the look of the hair accessories.

19. Light Pink Rose

Light Pink Rose
Source: @bridalbeautydunnbymelissa

What a gorgeous airy upstyle, and it’s giving her life. What do you think of this color?

20. Bridal Updo with Hairaccessories

Bridal Updo with Hairaccessories
Source: @hoorayweddings

I know there will be more than one of you Hooray babes who would love to adorn these on your wedding day.

21. Little Textured Updo

Little Textured Updo
Source: @hair_bycarolinetopping

This is such a simple, good-looking updo, it can be done in five minutes.

22. Boho Chic Updo

Boho Chic Updo
Source: @minthairomaha

This bride went for a boho chic vibe for her wedding hair and we are here for it!

23. Bridal Party Special Occasions Updo

Bridal Party Special Occasions Updo
Source: @angelaartiles

Fantastic job done on hair and makeup!

24. Classic and Pretty Updo

Classic and Pretty Updo
Source: @slaybeautywithroxy

Another simple & pretty updo, it’s great for both work and shopping.

25. Bridesmaid Up Style

Bridesmaid Up Style
Source: @behindthechair_com

She is so good, just a touch of the wild for the weekend.

26. Balayage Updo

Balayage Updo
Source: @beyondtheponytail

Up or Down? Gorgeous either way. Looking forward to seeing what you’re up to!

27. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid
Source: @ingesstyles

Do you love fishtail braids? You can wear them more often if they wouldn’t take so long to do them, today a fishtail braid in a bun with an Asian metal fork.

28. Romantic Low Updo Hairstyle

Romantic Low Updo Hairstyle
Source: @nikoleta_lioliou

Even if it’s a wig style, you can still use this style for special events.

29. Bridal Messy Bun

Bridal Messy Bun
Source: @weddingstylemaguk

Messy bun can bring you charming style, chaos in order is the best interpretation of this hairstyle.

30. Textured Low Bun Updos

Textured Low Bun Updos
Source: @sararobertshair

Beautiful upstyle, have a lovely weekend!

31. Updos for Grey Hair

Updos for Grey Hair
Source: @alexarizmendyhair

Updo is perfect for long grey hair is perfect, paired with a cute hair accessory to make you stand out.

32. Beach Soft Updo

Beach Soft Updo
Source: @michellebertellibridal

Gotta love a soft updo! This one for lovely at a beach wedding.

33. Hidden Braided Updo

Hidden Braided Updo
Source: @dianna_elizabeth_artistry

This is so much more simple than it looks, so beautiful and elegant, the author is considering a video tutorial later.

34. Soft, Romantic Braids

Soft Romantic Braids
Source: @thejacqofalltradesbeauty

Soft, romantic braids thrown in the mix of an elegant updo.

35. Updo Twist with Pearls

Updo Twist with Pearls
Source: @cloudnineoz

We love this updo twist with pearls, it is great for darker-skinned women.

36. Clean Updos

Clean Updos
Source: @lizmaldonadohair

Do you like elegant clean updos or textured updos? Here’s a bridal inspiration look either for the bride or bridal party, this is super clean and delicate.

37. Textured Updo for Wedding

Textured Updo for Wedding
Source: @lizmaldonadohair

Nothing like a textured updo, great team they all are amazing to build so dreamy style!

38. Double Fishtail

Double Fishtail 1
Source: @jennymitch242

Using platinum dry texture spray to pull out each braid!

39. Mint Green Updos

Mint Green Updos
Source: @lauriane.s_

Since the end of lockdown, everything has been so crazy, it’s hard to look like someone else in this color.

40. Low Textured Bun

Low Textured Bun
Source: @sararobertshair

Low textured bun can bring you sunshine this autumn and winter.

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