Trendy Updo Hairstyles for Your New Looks in 2021

Updo hairstyles can make you look more graceful. They are super comfortable and help you attractive without lots of work, in many situations, you can do beautiful updos.

Whatever relaxation or official places, updos are always popular. It doesn’t matter you have medium or long hair, there is an updo for you.

We have compiled a list of updo hairstyles, from tousled knots to voluminous buns, they will help you to find some inspiration and hints, then rebuild the new style on your own.

1. Wedding Glam Updo

Wedding Glam Updo
Source: @american_salon

What a timeless & stunning bridal look, it is a classic updo and often appears on the red carpet.

2. High Messy Updo

High Messy Updo
Source: @carlywilliamshair

This updo has lots of gorgeous texture and volume, make you stand out at the wedding.

3. Bride Hairstyle

Bride Hairstyle

Stunning floral and corolla – wedding accessories and decorations are a match made in heaven season.

4. Boho, Blonde Balayage

Boho Blonde Balayage
Source: @smallgirlbigblog

Boho and blonde balayage mixed feeling, save this as inspo for your next event!

5. 2020 Wedding Updo

2020 Wedding Updo
Source: @taniamarasbridal

Customize wedding headpiece is suited to her bridal updo hairstyle with gorgeous and pretty!

6. Orange Prom Updos

Orange Prom Updos
Source: @dfwbeautyguide

Orange will make you attractive at the prom, and bigger earrings give you a unique style.

7. Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage
Source: @dfwbeautyguide

Textured updos + timeless are the best combination, it takes less than 10 minutes on your busy morning.

8. Wavy Half Up Half Down Style

Wavy Half Up Half Down Style
Source: @betty_prohairstylist

Beautiful half-up style can be a good choice when you have long hair, classic chestnut waves make you a cool girl.

9. Curly Hair Updos

Curly Hair Updos
Source: @curlicue_lu

You can also do a great updo for curly hairs, It’s a super easy and fun shape! This would be good for working out because unlike a regular braid.

10. Natural Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hair
Source: @hair.with.melissa

Another pretty curly hair updo, a few loose strands of hair make the classic look even more effortless.

11. Simple Updos

Simple Updos

Simplicity always wins, with little floral accessories.

12. Textured Bun Updo

Textured Bun Updo
Source: @charisse.holliday

If you are a brunette, just try this bun updo to make your prom and wedding easier.

13. Medium Hair Updo

Medium Hair Updo
Source: @hairbymarleensegers

Why don’t try this updo for your medium hair?

14. Bridal Hairstyle With Flowers

Bridal Hairstyle With Flowers
Source: @fitzhairdesign

This is a traditional updo hairdo, planning a wedding is not easy during the pandemic, even during normal times, although this style may take some time to complete, the overall effect has such a simple elegance that we like.

15. Bridal Style

Bridal Style
Source: @juliafratichelli.bridalstylist

Short hair can be styled up like this hairstyle.

16. Smooth Updo

Smooth Updo
Source: @sweetvjewelry

Smooth updo with headpiece can be simple and stylish, ballet style visual effects.

17. Low Bun Hairstyle

Low Bun Hairstyle
Source: @sweetvjewelry

Soft and romantic will always win my heart.

18. Simple Ponytail Updo

Simple Ponytail Updo
Source: @kim_goodger

This sweet and simple updo hairstyle is perfect for you to dress up for any planned event! Tie another hair around the root to make the style look more complicated.

19. Ice Infinity Pony

Ice Infinity Pony
Source: @briiswainn

Wow! This is real piece of art, but you may have to spend a little more time on this hairstyle.

20. Blonde Updo

Blonde Updo
Source: @art_und_style

Super styling for your next updo.