25 Trendy Short Shag Haircuts for Your Distinctive Style

Short shag haircut is a popular haircut for women since the 1970s, it is a hairstyle that means represents cool behavior and many models and rock stars to wearing shag haircut since then. Now, the shag is back, this is a great time to try some new classic appearance.

Short shag haircuts are using razor cutting to build texture on short hair. The short shag is a perfect match for the texture. Today, designers and stylists can come up with many stylish and cute ideas on short shag, different shag hairstyles can redefine and add sparkle for girls.

If you are still worried about a short hairstyle for your next one, you need to try these amazing short shag hairstyles and become a fashion star this year.

1. Black Shag Hair

Black Shag Hair
Source: @racheljoystratton

With glasses, you are a lovely girl!

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