Trendy Shadow Root Blonde Hair with Winning Looks

Shadow root is a trend that you may have seen many styles before, whether you realize it, it is a trending color for hair, the biggest advantage is the beauty of nature, shadow roots give the illusion of darker roots than hair.

Blonde hair with shadow root is a technique that allows seamless fusion of them, it is a good solution to the problems of the hair growth stage, this breaks down the dyed optical chain and is associated with high maintenance. Shadow root can keep your heaven up for a cool contrast and natural-looking depth, it is an easy style!

Embrace shadow root modern trend and give your blonde hair a try, take a look at the images below to see the trends and maybe get some inspiration to try them out for yourself.

1. Shadow Root Blonde Style

Shadow Root Blonde Style
Credit: @hairpaintedbykris

That blend & the icy blonde is so hot!

2. Long Hair Balayage

Long Hair Balayage1
Credit: @amorapelo_hairdesign
Long Hair Balayage2
Credit: @amorapelo_hairdesign

Does she remind you not to cut your hair? Long hair and waves are the best combinations.

3. Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Credit: @frances_hairartist

This color is so beautiful! Love everything about it.

4. Short Blunt Blonde

Short Blunt Blonde
Credit: @coloredbykaty

The hairstylist does a full highlight and then cover all of that hard work with a shadow root, perfect work.

5. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @manegirljilly

This looks so pretty, babylights are the fastest way to fill in a lot of regrowth! This is because they are placed super close together so you visual see optimal results.

6. Medium Shadow Root Balayage

Medium Shadow Root Balayage1
Credit: @hairpaintedbykris
Medium Shadow Root Balayage2
Credit: @hairpaintedbykris

Yes. Just yes queen. The medium length hair can also create a good effect.

7. Platinum Blonde with Shadow Root

Platinum Blonde with Shadow Root
Credit: @bleechykeen

A full head of micro-highlights with bright face-framing pieces is one of my go-to techniques for a look like this. Once she was leaned back for a shampoo, the hairstylist also “smudged” her root out to give her a deeper, blurred, rooty look. Such a beachy, natural bronde and a great way to dive into the hair color addiction.

8. Medium Wavy Blonde Hair

Medium Wavy Blonde Hair
Credit: @bleechykeen

Sometimes in the hair world, we need to stop getting blinded by all the crazy techniques and trends— by working smarter and not harder.

9. Meidum Platinum Hair

Meidum Platinum Hair
Credit: @bleechykeen

We are working this bad -bleep- towards the blonde (or should I say white) of her dreams. It has been a bright, beautiful process correcting previously colored hair from her old stylist but we. are. obsessed.

10. Icy Blonde Long Hair with Balayage Highlights

Icy Blonde Long Hair with Balyage Highlights
Credit: @sierrac.artistry

If you are going to invest in your color, invest in keeping it looking all the time. You spend too much on your hair to be wearing the effects of product/hard water build-up, environmental damage and a faded toner.

11. Dark Rooted Blonde

Dark Rooted Blonde
Credit: @laurakellymoran

Fresh hair for a fresh year.

12. Short Icy Blonde Hair

Short Icy Blonde Hair
Credit: @hairby.miranda

Short wavy & blonde curls can bring pretty layers for you.

13. Bright Blonde Shadow Root (video)


This transformation is amazing and dreamy!

14. Blonde Hair Full Highlight

Blonde Hair Full Highlight
Credit: @addictionbykarla

Gloss and trim were all she needed to freshen up her blonde.

15. Baby Blonde Shadow Root

Baby Blonde Shadow Root
Credit: @shady_hairstylist

Amazing hair, as usual, she looks like a fashionable girl in the background.

16. Medium Blonde Balayage

Medium Blonde Balayage
Credit: @hairbynoelleb

So beautiful curls.

17. Foil Highlights Blonde Balayage

Foil Highlights Blonde Balayage
Credit: @christinenmcmillen

Love all over & as much blonde as possible.

18. Ashy Hair Beach Waves

Ashy Hair Beach Waves
Credit: @hairbynikkix

Ashed out this babe.

19. Short Sunkissed Blonde

Short Sunkissed Blonde
Credit: @hayley_eatonn

Let’s vow to all have dream hair in 2021, this year I’m going to focus on education and making my career the best.

20. Knotted Mane Style

Knotted Mane Style
Credit: @the.knotted.mane

Great work and absolutely beautiful, wow!

21. Shadow Root Ashy Blonde

Shadow Root Ashy Blonde
Credit: @brushednpaintedhair

If you’re not feeling yourself, do something about it. It’s 2021, time to do things that make us feel GOOD. You don’t have to hate your hair, book an appointment even if it’s just for a toner or a haircut. You’d be surprised the difference it makes.. and the self confidence you’ll receive!

22. Bright Blonde Balayage

Bright Blonde Balayage1
Credit: @hairbynoelleb
Bright Blonde Balayage2
Credit: @hairbynoelleb

Love that color that is so stunning.

23. Rooted Blonde Beachy Hair

Rooted Blonde Beachy Hair
Credit: @handtiedmanes

Dreamy INDEED, love this so much!

24. Straight Blonde Shadow Root

Straight Blonde Shadow Root
Credit: @winkasheville

Beautiful, bright blonde hair, 2020 might suck, but this money piece sure doesn’t!

25. Rooty Blonde Highlights

Rooty Blonde Highlights
Credit: @allyson_m_

A mixture of highlights, babylights + teasys to create some bomb hair for my babe Cat! Finished with a root shadow to soften and create a beautiful shadow at her base making it an easier softer grow out for her! A root shadow is chosen to create a blend between the natural and the lightened hair, leaving a result of a seamless blend and shadow look at the base which creates dimension, making the blonde look blonder!