Trendy Platinum Blonde Hairstyles to Look Gorgeous in 2021

Platinum blonde hairstyles is a great fashion cause they have an elegant and classy appeal, these highlights have taken on the fashion industry, it is the one of the most popular colors in the world, and it has so many tones and ways to sculpt gorgeous shadows, you must feel you like a goddess this year.

Now Ice Blonde hair is trending across the world, this is a great look and style, and you can also add platinum tones with silver, white or blue tones to make you like appearance queen, it’s common in high fashion circles, making this elegant choice of hair color can enhance any appearance.

Platinum blondes look cool, we like the glamorous look, the good news is that you can apply it to long hair and short hair, if you are looking for beautiful short platinum blonde hair, check them below.

1. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @blondearexic

She said chop it off and make me platinum…

2. Medium Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Medium Platinum Blonde Hairstyle
Credit: @hollihuckleberry

Yass girl! Loving it! That color & pattern combo is hot.

3. Platinum Blonde with Highlights

Platinum Blonde with Highlights
Credit: @nottheworsthairstylist

Beachy mermaid extensions.

4. Wavy Platinum Blonde Hair

Wavy Platinum Blonde Hair

//color correction//
*Lightened with matrix Light Master with Bond
*Toned with Matrix ColorSync
(10v+10p+ drops of 7aa)
*Cleansed with Total Results Moisture Me Shampoo and Conditioner

5. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Short Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @_jesserface

Is it pink or platinum? So beautiful and sexy she can get it.

6. Ice Blonde + Tattoo

Ice Blonde Tattoo
Credit: @prestigebyallen

So gorgeous! Ice blonde goals + BELLAMI Hair Professional extensions in the beaded weft technique.

7. Medium Platinum Hair

Medium Platinum Hair
Credit: @brookesbeautydiary

Guess who’s ready for a Lil splash of pastel…Stay Tuned Folks.

8. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair 2021
Credit: @mateuslimahair

Dark dream with dark shadow roots.

9. Blended + Bright Hair

Blended Bright Hair
Credit: @blondesbyhannah

An amazing hairstyle, she is so talented.

10. Perfect Ash Blonde

Perfect Ash Blonde
Credit: @lenalawatschbeauty

Omg I am so obsessed with your transformation! You deserve to feel just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! Thank you for letting me share your hair journey!

11. Medium Straight Platinum Blonde

Medium Straight Platinum Blonde
Credit: @ambermcmahen

Extensions are not always for length, this application was for thickening and a major side fill to create this beautiful blunt bob.

12. Pure Platinum Hair

Pure Platinum Hair
Credit: @beyondhairbyhayley

Pure platinum love, alternating between baby lights and slices to achieve this stunning blonde.

13. Long Blonde Balayage

Long Blonde Balayage
Credit: @getnellafyd

Caramel latte anyone? Dark roots, a pippin ’ money piece and frosted tips seem to be the main request these days and we’re all for it!

14. Wavy Platinum Blonde

Wavy Platinum Blonde

What a beautiful girl!

15. Icy Blonde Hair

Icy Blonde Hair

I’ve been contemplating going platinum blonde since I was young. However, I always worried about what it would do to my hair.

16. Short Platinum and Silvers Hair

Short Platinum and Silvers Hair
Credit: @foxdensalon

The secret to beautiful platinum and silvers like this look. That’s right! A healthy dose of purple and violet pigments helps to cancel out the natural yellows that exist in the keratin that makes up hair, as well as the yellow in the melanin that resides at ultra-light levels.

17. Platinum Blonde Hair 2021

Platinum Blonde Hair 2021 1
Credit: @meilings_chair

Happy Sunday! Here’s a beautiful color to make your day better, this is extraordinary.

18. Ice Long Blonde Hair

Ice Long Blonde Hair
Credit: @victoria_koeker

What beautiful long curly hair.

19. Spring Break Hair

Spring Break Hair
Credit: @stephwilhair

Better blonde hair balayage.

20. Short Balayage Hair

Short Balayage Hair
Credit: @esbeautyco

I heard gingers are popular and I don’t ever want to miss out on a trend.

21. Platinum Blonde and Green Hair

Platinum Blonde and Green Hair
Credit: @poppysunstephens

It’s a bad mermaid

22. Balayage Highlights on Platinum Blonde Hair

Balayage Highlights on Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @hotteshair

23. Medium Blonde Tones

Medium Blonde Tones
Credit: @fosterlondon

Who’s ready for a few foils..!

24. Icy Platinum Blonde Hair

Icy Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @nancydoeshair_

Pretty! Nice work

25. Short Platinum Blonde Hair

Short Platinum Blonde Hair 1

The prettiest platinum blonde.

26. Icy Blonde with Babylights

Icy Blonde with Babylights
Credit: @yeghair_by_karojade

Her bed is a magical place she suddenly remembers everything she had to do.

27. 70s Platinum Blonde Hair

70s Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @thesabrinasam

Do you want to be a punk girl? Short blonde waves can be cool.

28. Platinum Blonde Highlights

Platinum Blonde Highlights
Credit: @hairandbeautybyana

My sister allowed me to do whatever I wanted to her hair. That’s literally music to my ears! I went in for super dimensional contrast-y look!

29. Blonde Waves

Blonde Waves
Credit: @rachelvonhair

Trying to summon warmer weather with these beachy, blonde waves.

30. Bright Blonde Hair

Bright Blonde Hair
Credit: @blownawayby_kimberly

This is a gorgeous blonde! Love it!

31. Bright Platinum Blonde Hair

Bright Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @kaylie_thehairstylist

Who is going blonde for summertime?! A few things you’ll need when starting your blonding process.

32. Babylights and Balayage

Babylights and Balayage
Credit: @fivebucksblog

Gorgeous blonde! Looks so good.

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