Trending Curly and Wavy Pixie Cuts That You Must Try

Pixie cuts can let you flawless, curly girls may avoid pixie cuts with thinking that horrible look, but we are here really feel your pain and try to let you know that you can totally rock a great short style with curly hair.

Curly hair is complicated that makes curly hair rarely look the same in two styles, and it also means you can choose from many styles. Curly hair comes in thick and bushy shapes, which can reduce volume when you choose the pixie cut, and most important is to shorten your styling time and keep it cute for a long time.

Whether you want your signature look or want to accentuate a short, cute face style, why not take the easy short cuts instead of hiding behind long hair? Now let’s consider the pixie cut, here are 18 curly pixie cuts to prove that curls can look good at any length.

1. Natural Curls

Natural Curls
Source: @ellenkyhair

Always get the coolest cuts, be an amazing artist!

2. Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie
Source: @strawberrychocolatepixie

Embellish your short pixie hair with a pair of red earrings, you can also be a shining star at night.

3. Undercut Pixie

Undercut Pixie
Source: @undercut_pixie_lover

She went from long straight to curly bob to grey transition to undercut pixie, it looks amazing and she is totally rocking it!

4. Side Part Grey Pixie

Side Part Grey Pixie
Source: @undercut_pixie_lover

She is rocking an amazing undercut pixie with her grey hair, curly pixie cut is a perfect option a for over 50 ladies with grey hair.

5. Blue Pixie Cut

Blue Pixie Cut
Source: @eucassigold

she couldn’t wait to see how the cut looks with natureal hair without brushing, even though she cuts straight hair that he manages to hit perfectly in the cut for curly hair!

6. Blue Wavy Pixie

Blue Wavy Pixie
Source: @eucassigold

That’s the natural texture of her hair when she doesn’t pay much attention to finishing. The more effort she put in the finish, the more curly it is the more “closed” to bunch, the more beautiful it is in this cut.

7. Shaggy Curly Pixie

Shaggy Curly Pixie
Source: @highponys

Short shaggy hair makes you forget that this is still a pixie cut, which is great for shaping your face, if it’s round.

8. Colored Pixie

Colored Pixie
Source: @eucassigold

An undercut with a fade gradient on the back of the nape that is very smooth and hairdresser finish the top with the shredded scissors.

9. Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut
Source: @jon.the.prodigy

Big earrings go well with curly pixie and you don’t have to worry about losing your feminine charm with short hair.

10. Side Shaved Curly Pixie

Side Shaved Curly Pixie
Source: @trixievixen23

Wow, this is a new attempt to make you a cool girl, go with your gothic clothes.

11. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 2
Source: @tashdollars

She has the best curls, the hairdresser fully wet down her curls after the cut was over, and applied a concoction of Sail, High Dive and Turntable.

12. Natural Curly Pixie

Natural Curly Pixie
Source: @bernadettesbabeshop

Who doesn’t love a well done pixie?! Especially when it has all of this gorgeous texture?!

13. Silver Asymmetrical Pixie

Silver Asymmetrical Pixie
Source: @greysfulcurls

Asymmetrical silver hair can give you a youthful look, do you get it with sublime looking?

14. Curly Pixie Cut for Over 50 Women

Curly Pixie Cut for Over 50 Women
Source: @sdeleon1961

She brings everyone a peaceful and relaxing smile, that’s what the pixie cut gave her.

15. Curly Pixie Cut 2020

Curly Pixie Cut 2020
Source: @igor_yggor

This curly pixie is perfect for girls, whether you go to school, party, or shopping.

16. Curly Pixie for Older Women

Curly Pixie for Older Women
Source: @shillobeaton

Curly pixie is suitable for older women and doesn’t need to be taken care of every day.

17. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie
Source: @gaminestudio

The textured pixie is perfect for short curly hair and perfectly accentuates the shape of your face without obscuring it too much with a mask.

18. Ginger Curls

Ginger Curls 1
Source: @teawithjade

Wowso lovely beauty! Ginger is an amazing over tone color which suitable for this season.