Top 28 Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2021

Hair colors from fall to winter can make a perfect transition when winter comes and you wear several layers of clothing, so all you can rely on your head to show off your beauty, that is why choosing the best hair color is so important in the winter season. The color of winter hair reflects the spirit of the season, the magical season when soft snow falls on the silent city streets, walk through a woman full of soft temperament and charming elegance.

So you can choose rich and darker shades, but at the same time, you don’t need to maintain them as often, like grey blonde, caramel, or dark auburn. The winter sun doesn’t get hot and you don’t have to worry about fading, also you need to pay attention to your hairstyle in order to better show off your face and hair.

With leaves rustling and holiday shopping busier than ever, you can come up with unique ideas for your hair this wintertime, and we’ve come up with 28 inspiration you can use before you decide, that must be right for you.

1. Sugar Plum Fairy Pastel Hair

Sugar Plum Fairy Pastel Hair
Source: @salon.vagabond

It is a lovely color, you can also look lively in the cold winter.

2. Pastel Blue Hair

Pastel Blue Hair
Source: @daisydoeshair

❄Walking In A Winter Wonderland❄This magical icy blend has us totally mind blown!

3. Rainbow Blocking

Rainbow Blocking
Source: @tanikabeautybell

Beautiful Colors! She uses Pulp Riot Hair Color to make this perfect rainbow style.

4. Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage
Source: @suetyrrellstylist

Like a cup of iced tea on a cold winter day, your hair can be also tasty.

5. Warmer Golden Tone

Warmer Golden Tone
Source: @suetyrrellstylist

Warmer For Fall⁉ Glossing with a warmer tone to create gold, when she shampoos her hair and the gloss starts to fade out over time it doesn’t go brassy.

6. Ice Blonde Winter Hair

Ice Blonde Winter Hair
Source: @erikaadoeshair

Ice queen! So cool blunt bob, it keeps you in style for the season without too much care.

7. Soft Copper Bob

Soft Copper Bob
Source: @lexknowshair

A unique soft copper bob, with ginger spice color, was time to change it up.

8. Medium Light Blue Hair

Medium Light Blue Hair
Source: @sleekehair

Wow! She is the Modern Snow Queen! Everything about her is sexy.

9. Christmas Blue Hair

Christmas Blue Hair
Source: @sleekehair

Do you feel that? Winter is around the corner! On this big day, you can be a little bolder!

10. Pastel Blue Winter Braids

Pastel Blue Winter Braids
Source: @sleekehair

This hairstyle and color will make you more elegant, like a fairy tale princess.

11. Blonde Balayage Winter Hair Color

Blonde Balayage Winter Hair Color
Source: @theextensionroom

Wow! What a gorgeous transformation, festive period is around the corner, so you need to change a perfect hair color!

12. Ribbons of Purple

Ribbons of Purple
Source: @hair_bymer

The stylist darkened her hair with an all-over lowlight and gave her a POP of purple. We love how pretty this transformation is!

13. Brown Balayage Waves

Brown Balayage Waves
Source: @rayannal92

Loving this transformation on girl, some tones are not monotonous.

14. Fashion Colors Winter Hair

Fashion Colors Winter Hair
Source: @vedasalonspa

Merry Christmas, with beautiful Christmas highlights!

15. Pulp Riot on Blonde Hair

Pulp Riot on Blonde Hair
Source: @pulpriotcanada

The stylist is the artist, make this blonde wave shine differently.

16. Long Blue Hair for Winter (+video)

Long Blue Hair for Winter
Source: @karlib_hair


Took this blondie to a mystic blue! Her hair was so silky and playful in the sun.

17. Dark Blue Foilayage

Dark Blue Foilayage
Source: @dyedyemydarling_abq

So lovely matrix water colors, you can wear it in any season, not just winter.

18. Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair

Blonde Balayage on Dark Hair
Source: @salonblondie

This is the 4th session taking her client lighter from box dye. When going lighter from natural dark hair, dyed hair & especially box dyed hair you MUST trust the processes.

19. Blue Pixie Cut for Over 60 Women

Blue Pixie Cut for Over 60 Women
Source: @swaneesinger

It wasn’t easy—because of the low temps, our water tanks are frozen, so she got SNOW and melted it on the stove to wash her hair with this new color shampoo…by Punky Color.

20. Medium Straight Blonde Hair

Medium Straight Blonde Hair
Source: @shynenow

A Winter (Hair) Dream come true, she with a cool, silky blonde after applying glossing treatment.

21. Sugar Plum Fairies

Sugar Plum Fairies
Source: @itsautumn_hairitage

Dancing with this final color, Blush and Candy, This is so sweet!

22. Short Ashiest Baby Light

Short Ashiest Babylight
Source: @rosiebiesenthalhair

Looks so good, you don’t need to do much, and it’s a good idea to keep a low profile during the winter.

23. Silver and Blue Hair

Silver and Blue Hair
Source: @hairbybiancarose

LET iT SNOW❄ Holy cow gurl! So pretty and love that dimension!

24. Curly Blue Winter Hair

Curly Blue Winter Hair
Source: @giannadoll13

Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful! She is an icy queen.

25. Wavy Dark Sunset Hair

Wavy Dark Sunset Hair
Source: @full.color.alchemist

It’s a pop color, sometimes, you need pink and orange hair to show your hot heart.

26. Ice Blue on Blonde Hair

Ice Blue on Blonde Hair

How fun is this Color!? ❄️ she was already a faded mint shade when she came in, instead of completely removing it and going blonde we worked with it and made this awesome icy aqua shade.

27. Red Wavy Hair

Red Wavy Hair
Source: @lakmeusa

There might be a new ruby red princess taking over, the hairstylist did an amazing job transforming this girl! Just look at that shine!

28. Blue Bob Haircut

Blue Bob Haircut
Source: @kinkistraatweg

Blue is always alive, imagine you walking in the snow, blue is so dazzling.