The 25 Most Beautiful Braided Updo Ideas for Big Event

We love the braided updo hairstyle that can upgrade your beauty look instantly, there just about wearing your hair to put together, adding braids into the mix make it more interesting and on-trend! From the French braided bun to the classic brunn, you can try many styles of braided updos for your new look!

Whether you choose fishtail braid, waterfall braid, or just three-strand braid, the little touch of flair can be added to any style to give it a fresh look. There are so many styles of braiding there that you can try, and we believe you will adore them all. A braided updo is something you need to get no matter what event you’re attending.

Braided updos can add dimension, interest and on-trend style, we list 25 of the most beautiful braided updos with classy, elegant and boho styles, you can choose one to create incredible braided updos that will give you real looks.

1. Wedding Braid Updo

Wedding Braid Updo
Credit: @sabrinadijkman

So beautiful! Love it! Amazing work and I find great inspiration 🙂

2. Twist Braids

Twist Braids

Some more wedding hair inspo for my brides to be. Suitable for longer haired ladies with subtle long layers and medium thickness hair.

3. Half Up Lace Braid

Half Up Lace Braid
Credit: @missysueblog

She has beautiful hair! You can show off your shoulders a little and show off the more feminine charm.

4. Double Dutch Ponytails

Double Dutch Ponytails
Credit: @beyondtheponytail

Because sometimes all you need are a couple of good ol’ fashion, sweet dreams!

5. Orange Braided Updo

Orange Braided Updo
Credit: @beyondtheponytail

Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!

6. Soft Waves Updo

Soft Waves Updo
Credit: @evalynparsonsweddings

Her braided half-up, half-down boho hair was to die for! Those curls, those blonde tones!

7. Wavy Updo with Little Braids

Wavy Updo with Little Braids
Credit: @hair_styles_arina

Gentle wavy does with cute little braids on top to finish the style.

8. Blonde Braided Updo

Blonde Braided Updo
Credit: @carolabelleetlatete

The fishtail braid has a unique charm and is easy to weave.

9. Cute Fishtail Braid

Cute Fishtail Braid
Credit: @rada_meraki

We start this year wishing that it is full of millions of good things, whether it be goals to achieve, dreams fulfilled, things to do, changes to do, a lot to learn and many many other things, but we must do it step by step, not accelerate what you have What to get because if it’s for you, no one is going to take it away from you.

10. Boho Bride

Boho Bride
Credit: @chrissy_cosmo

Undone upstyle with that bohemian.

11. Cupreous Braided Updo

Cupreous Braided Updo
Credit: @braidscrisgaiva

Loved the productions and the models, then you rock too much! Perfect duplinha!

12. Braided Bun Updo

Braided Bun Updo
Credit: @triciariggiohair

Woah that’s beautiful hair, her work wonders & makes magic happen.

13. Pink Braided Updo

Pink Braided Updo
Credit: @stellastevenshairdesigns

Swirls and Pearls, amazing work!

14. Easy Bun Styles

Easy Bun Styles
Credit: @trencitajohnson

Three different buns she has been wearing lately. They take between 5 to 15 minutes to make. Check the tutorial here.

15. Dutch Braided Updo

Dutch Braided Updo
Credit: @beyondtheponytail

There is something just MAGICAL the impact of a braid has on any style!

16. Textured Ponytail

Textured Ponytail
Credit: @evalynparsonsweddings

There’s nothing quite like a fresh, perfect upstyle, like this stunning one.

17. Loose Waves

Loose Waves
Credit: @dosanddyebyjulie

God it felt good to do some wedding hair! Happy happy day to beautiful bride Jamie who braved these crazy times and had a single digit intimate ceremony today.

18. Low Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Low Bun Bridesmaid Hairstyles
Credit: @loveisinthehair_byliz

First Bridesmaid for 2021! What a great bunch of girls, I got to spend today with. Locking down another loose, textured look.

19. French Braids

French Braids1
Credit: @dailyhairbyhannah
French Braids2
Credit: @dailyhairbyhannah

French braids into a pinwheel-shaped bun.

20. Dutch Braid + Buns

Dutch Braid Buns

This is so cute! Braiding a lovely Dutch braid is a great choice for your new year.

21. Tousled Braided Updo

Tousled Braided Updo
Credit: @alexandralee1016

Used Design.ME Hair Puff.Me for that volume & texture.

22. Simple Braided Updo

Simple Braided Updo
Credit: @sararobertshair

A simple braided updo, this is so stunning!

23. Down Side Updo

Down Side Updo
Credit: @hairbyamanda.f

The round edges make it easy to create flat iron curls, and the tool Bio lonic OnePass Styling Iron is that the silicone speed plates make it easy to grip the hair without pulling, or snagging the strands.

24. Two Dutch Braids

Two Dutch Braids
Credit: @amazingtrendyhairstyle

Amazing trendy hairstyle with cute Dutch braids style.

25. Textured Short Hair Updo

Textured Short Hair Updo
Credit: @anniejohnsonhair

She loves using braids to create that undone texture, she is so talented!