The 22 Best Asian Men’s Hairstyles Ideas for 2021

Asian men are known for their thick hair, but not every nationality has this feature, with the K-Pop culture, Japanese Samurai style, some western men are also wearing Asian men’s hairstyles, and some new ways to wear classic looks, they are easy to style and maintain.

From regular haircuts to extensive haircuts, Asians can master any type of hairstyle. But Asian hair is thicker and their face is different from western men, so maybe some hairstyles that aren’t too suitable for us. Asian hairstyles are great for men with straight hair, and if you want to experiment with a variety of colors, this is where you can find inspiration.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to 22 new Asian men’s hairstyles, from trendy Korean cuts to traditional samurai cuts, hoping you’ll find something that suits your personality.

1. Undercuts Fade

Undercuts Fade
Credit: @boyz_sickbarber

Korean men’s hairstyle with a side parting.

2. Asian Men’s Hair

Asian Mens Hair
Credit: @asianmenshair

For men, usually, since hair is kept short, the perm will last forever until the parts that are permed are cut off. Depending on how long you like keeping your top, a perm should last about 4-6 months and the great thing is the grow-out process will just consist of looser curls for a wavy look.

3. Man Samurai Bun Hairstyle

Man Samurai Bun Hairstyle
Credit: @thisisandreas_

Hair up, enjoy the good holiday time.

4. Guy with Long Hair

Guy with Long Hair
Credit: @legiaocabeludosbr

That god is the one who fled Olympus?

5. Undercut Hair Style

Undercut Hair Style
Credit: @meiller_barber

Undercut hairstyle + samurai hair, the perfect combination.

6. Blue Samurai Hair

Blue Samurai Hair
Credit: @legiaocabeludosbr

Beautiful man, there are so many things you can try when you’re young, nose rings, blue hair, samurai looks.

7. SamuRICH

Credit: @richherbert

Cool Samurai style, Looks great smart!

8. Orange Korean Hairstyle

Orange Korean Hairstyle
Credit: @Pinterest

You can try this orange hair color, but it is difficult to obtain at home, maybe require bleaching.

9. 90s Heartthrob Haircut

90s Heartthrob Haircut
Credit: @Pinterest

The famous 90s heartthrob haircut, you can try this hairstyle at any time, because it has been popular up to now, and in the future.

10. Japanese Long Bangs + Brown Highlights

Japanese Long Bangs Brown Highlights
Credit: @Pinterest

The bright highlights can foil the white embellish of skin color, appropriate long bangs make modeling more full.

11. Boys with Long Samurai Hair

Boys with Long Samurai Hair
Credit: @jonberbis

The coqueting father, with so special steamed stuffed bun.

12. Simple Angular Ringe Haircut

Simple Angular Ringe Haircut
Credit: @Source

This hairstyle works on a rounded face with a chestnut color.

13. Cute Asian Boy Hairstyle

Cute Asian Boy Hairstyle
Credit: @Source

Sunny smile, with a simple and some texture of short hair, you become the sunshine boy.

14. Korean Shaggy Style

Korean Shaggy Style
Credit: @Source

Yellow and brown curly short hair, that can make you stylish and cute this year.

15. Thick Crop

Thick Crop
Credit: @Source

Crops are well-rounded cuts that create a sense of fullness, and they’re versatile too for your new style.

16. Tangled Black Hair

Tangled Black Hair
Credit: @Source

Curl up your hair as the thickness and roughness grows and let it tangle naturally.

17. Side Swept

Side Swept
Credit: @russ_thebarber

Clean hairstyles are all the rage today, which makes a lot of men tend to a more minimalist aesthetic.

18. Blown Out Style

Blown Out Style
Credit: @renjworld

This style mostly just lets the hair grow out and swell naturally, without too much strategy combing.

19. Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept Undercut
Credit: @renjworld

One of the most popular Asian men’s hairstyles this year, it is a balance of style and function.

20. Short Messy Curls

Short Messy Curls
Credit: @renjworld

This hairstyle has a stylish look that combines controlled curls with stylish fade.

21. Japanese Skin Fade

Japanese Skin Fade1
Credit: @apt.hairservice
Japanese Skin Fade2
Credit: @apt.hairservice

Cool fade style that can refresh your new 2021, it will accentuate your full forehead.

22. Mens Curly Hair

Mens Curly Hair
Credit: @maroka_uchiyama

Curls with bangs are good for round faces, cool glasses make you fashionable.