22 Stylish & Youthful Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Do you have ever think why so many older Hollywood celebs wear short haircuts? Maybe they live such busy lives, low maintenance cuts can save their time, maybe they find short more comfortable after years of trying long styles, or maybe they just look so good when they wearing pixies or bobs!

Some hairdressers advise to cut hair off to make short hairstyles more facial and reduce the range of problems that women face as they age. When we talk about short hairstyles over 50, we hope to see some changes that make the hair look fuller, or hide a receding hairline.

We have collected the most stylish and youthful short hairstyles for women over 50, just see how to express your confident sense of fashion with these short haircuts!

1. Grey Hair Over 50

Grey Hair Over 50
Source: @embracingfifty

Embrace who you are and don’t make any apologies for being yourself! This style looks absolutely stunning.

2. Grey Layered Bob

Grey Layered Bob
Source: @robin_faithandflour

It’s fun to make a change and hopefully this will speed up the gray transition a bit! It looks so fresh and pretty, why not try some layered for bob?

3. Silver Hair Transition

Silver Hair Transition
Source: @fightingfifty

Still a hell of a long way to go but it’s reassuring to see other women also ditching the dye and letting the silver shine through, silver hair can’t prevent you to be an attractive lady.

4. Short and Sassy Pixie

Short and Sassy Pixie
Source: @nottjusthair

Say goodbye to your long hair and embrace this amazing fantastic pixie for the beautiful lady.

5. Soft Pixie

Soft Pixie
Source: @kratkovlasky.cz

A soft pixie with no bangs is a perfect style which you are looking for.

6. Rounded Bob

Rounded Bob
Source: @somekindof50

This natural Bob displays a beautiful salt and pepper color, with round shape.

7. Grey Curly Hair

Grey Curly Hair
Source: @nickynelsontropic

Maybe she has found the length she is happy with though which is a break through!

8. Bobbed Hair

Bobbed Hair
Source: @thisismeat56andbeyond

When you were younger you would never have dreamt of letting those stray grey hairs come through, running instead to the hairdressers to get them bleached out, now the hair is in such good condition and no nasty chemicals get anywhere near your scalp now!

9. Blonde with Side Bangs

Blonde with Side Bangs
Source: @fabulousafter40

Fluffy hair that lets you squeeze out every last drop, such pretty hair and it’s the right time to get out again and show it off.

10. Curly Hair Over 50

Curly Hair Over 50
Source: @midlifeisntacrisis

It is so cute curly short hair, even you are over 50 year old.

11. Silver Wavy Bob

Silver Wavy Bob
Source: @neena.miller

This is pretty style for women over 50, her hair looks beautiful and she is glowing.

12. A-Line Bob

A Line Bob 1
Source: @ginger_bred_style

When you get a great cut and color, what’s the first thing you want to do? Dress up and go out to dinner! This a-line bob is perfect for a new short look.

13. Thick Curly Hair

Thick Curly Hair
Source: @evolving.50

Don’t worry about your thick hair, just make this gorgeous curly style with beautiful smile.

14. Silver Natural Style

Silver Natural Style
Source: @embracingfifty
Silver Natural Style2
Source: @embracingfifty

Just been looking at the second image from June 2017, this was the point she first thought about ditching the dye, by October of that year she mind was made up and the process began, now almost 2 years later, the result, a complete snowy owl with no regrets!

15. Brunette Rose Gold

Brunette Rose Gold
Source: @stylehaussalem

What to do when you’re a brunette, you’ve OVER “bronde,” brown-on-brown seems too safe, and you’re SO not a blonde?Go rose gold, MY FRIENDS!

16. Sassy Silver Hair

Sassy Silver Hair
Source: @thatdidntgoaccordingtoplan

It is super cute and gorgeous while you are going to do some small town shopping.

17. Side Bangs Bob

Side Bangs Bob
Source: @grayhairandtattoos

A bob with side bangs that go down towards the side of the face, what a perfect moment she is sitting a room!

18. Grey Short Hair Over 50

Grey Short Hair over 50
Source: @50plus1967

Our face shape changes as we age. Many of us discover our cheekbones for the first time in our 50s…A simple grey hair with side bangs can give you confidence.

19. Ageless Style

Ageless Style
Source: @westenbergastrid

How beautiful and elegant with an amazing style, sung lasses, lip stick, scarf, everything is perfect!

20. Blond Bob

Source: @isabell_iris

Blond hair is a perfect match for bob, who is always on the front lines of fashion.

21. Highlights Bob

Highlights Bob
Source: @olgagsanbartolome

If you don’t want to change your hair style, but you’re looking for something new, try some beautiful highlights throughout your wavy bob.

22. Grey Ombre

Grey Ombre
Source: @luisadunn_

Add some waves in your grey hair, it will give you a sunny day!

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