Stunning Dark Brown Hair Colors for Women in 2020

Does your current hairstyle make you feel irritable or bored? As the weather is getting colder, it’s not uncommon to feel a little uneasy as the holiday celebrations approach, during the noise you are easily feeling to lose your own style.

Why don’t you consider dark brown hair with drama and luxury, a color that is easy to access and care for, women of all ages and styles are able to wear it successfully. Dark brown hair requires special attention and care, be sure to wash your hair regularly but not every day, as this will strip your hair of its natural oils and proteins to keep it in style.

Dark brown hair can be mixed with the highlight, yes, these lightning bolts are not reserved for people with blond hair or light brown hues, black women with black hair. Dark brown hair with highlights and low light just happens to be the trend, to celebrate this darkest and seductive shade, we explore all the best styling and care tips to help you show off the best of this color.

1. Multi-tonal Long Brunette Bob

Multi tonal Long Brunette Bob
Source: @monikathegreat

Sweet chocolate lob that makes you pretty with this color.

2. Low Maintenance Brown Hairstyle

Low Maintenance Brown Hairstyle

In the COVID-19 era, mothers, working women and students who stay home can enjoy this style. Perfect for many different hair colors, this look blends ease and elegance into a style that you can wear anywhere.

3. Rolling Dark Wave Look

Rolling Dark Wave Look
Source: @gabrielleroccuzzo

Black hair is amazing all by itself. Add a lot of lengths and it becomes more impressive. Long black hair became the star of the show, giving it some gentle waves.

4. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @kylieannefritz

Platinum highlights can make your dark brown hair look younger and more energetic, but it may take some skill from the stylist.

5. Warm Toned

Warm Toned

If you have long hair, this warm-toned style can give you a special feeling on a cold day, with some waves.

6. Milk Tea Highlights

Milk Tea Highlights
Source: Instagram @skulptedstudio

This hairstyle is an illusion of lighter hair, and you can ask the stylist to make it smooth and wavy.

7. Black Inverted Lob with Chocolate Highlights

Black Inverted Lob with Chocolate Highlights

A dream hairstyle with thick locks. Cut accurately upside down by adding fluffy layers to the top. Seems to be able to live a fascinating life.

8. Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Check out the subtle mute color of this ballatch. The blonde hair and shy mushroom tones will win you countless compliments.

9. Soft Brown Ringlets

Soft Brown Ringlets

This seductive look looks much like a beauty, the soft brown notes lighten her complexion and create a smooth and silky finish, which is very desirable.

10. Fall Hair Colors

Fall Hair Colors

Best fall hair colors that are worth trying in 2020