18 Stunning Christmas Hairstyles to Rock This Holiday Season

This is the best time of the year, a large number of customers are asking for a Christmas hairstyle. Everyone wants to beautify their looks, and they rely on your salon expertise to inspire them to make their dream party hair happen. This season means one thing – you need lots of Christmas hair and your sleeves to help see you through the holiday style!

It’s November now and closes to December full of parties, especially new year’s eve, we decided to write a post about Christmas hairstyles. Long or short, dark or blonde, we all have our hair to worry about in this tense moment, we always want to look our best. But do you know how to design your hair for these special occasions?

You may be full of looks and trends, but if you’re looking for more, we’ve collected nine Christmas hair ideas that are perfect for various parties. From dazzling hair accessories to beautiful braids, inspo-worthy braids to effortless beachy waves, we have all kinds of taste ideas and you will keep rolling with that!

1. Green Holiday Hairstyle

Green Holiday Hairstyle
Source: @uniwigs

Green with envy, this also would be perfect for your wedding hair!

2. Short Grey Christmas Hair

Short Grey Christmas Hair
Source: @alineh_a

The chocker is awesome! Sending you all a hug this Holiday Season as it’s the perfect gift for you all, it also can be easily Returned!

3. Green Hair

Green Hair
Source: @uniwigs

Pretty Christmas hairstyles idea with a sweet garland, and let you shine at the Christmas party.

4. Ice Blue

Ice Blue
Source: @fanola

Wear beautiful blue hairstyles to get you in the holiday mood! Ice blue is perfect for this winter.

5. Simple Ribbon

Simple Ribbon
Source: @hairandmakeupbymichaela

You don’t have to put too much time into your hair, but slightly curly brown hair with a simple ribbon can also give you a feminine look.

6. Pretty Braid

Pretty Braid
Source: @pr3ttygirl79

So pretty girl and use all the accessories at the same time! Have a wonderful Christmas time.

7. Pink Curls for Christmas

Pink Curls for Christmas
Source: @wigisfashion

Pastel pink spiral curly lace front synthetic, that is a great wig that makes you so lovely.

8. Red Rainbow Hair

Red Rainbow Hair
Source: @hair_slayerz

That’s dope and amazing red with great work, hope that’s fake fur!

9. Cute Girls Hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles
Source: @annaleej2

This is gorgeous so you love to see your girl wear these festive yarn braids, to enjoy the happy time!

10. Christmas Tree Style

Christmas Tree Style
Source: @munchkin.hairstyles

Do you love this simple Christmas tree style? It can be your go-to quick Christmas styles, it was a popular one during the winter fair a few weeks ago too – even though it was still November at the time.

11. Blonde Hair Beauty

Blonde Hair Beauty
Source: @brittanyk_reno

So good for shine brighter blonde.

12. Dutch Green Braid

Dutch Green Braid
Source: @tousledandtangledhair

She got to braid and it was still light out!! It is a Christmas tree with green hair extensions! What a magical green pops out! What do you think?

13. Magical Christmas Color

Magical Christmas Color
Source: @kellyawesomesauce

Have a holly jolly Christmas, it’s the best time of the year!

14. Loose Waves

Loose Waves
Source: @alionawithlove

Sparkly waves, this is so pretty as always, you can see the video tutorial below which including the part on how to create loose waves.

15. Candy Pulp Riot Hair

Candy Pulp Riot Hair
Source: @carson.drake.hair

Candy cane season in full swing! Pulp Riot Hair is the paint, it looks so gorgeous.

16. Winter Grey Hair

Winter Grey Hair 1
Source: @schwarzkopfpro.de

Not only can gray hair be popular during the holidays, but it can also be a great choice on weekdays, so you don’t have to change your hair color for the holidays.

17. Christmas Tree Hair

Christmas Tree Hair
Source: @pretty.little.styler

Here’s a Christmas tree, she just added some little jingle bells instead of baubles, super pretty!

18. Relaxed Braided

Relaxed Braided
Source: @lorrainecusack

Relaxed braided up perfect for the holidays, it is easily attainable t get the natural look.