Best Short Wavy Hairstyles Trending in 2023

Short hairstyles come in many variations, from bob to pixie cut to short wavy hairstyles, and they come in different variants, such as adding attractive layering and highlights. A short wavy hairstyle is a cool short haircut that contains lots of volume and texture and is very flattering. A sophisticated short wavy hairstyle is easy to maintain and keeps up with trends.

Short wavy hairstyles are a great way to manage thick hair and it is very easy to make, you can design waves from chin to collarbone, adding some layering which is great for wavy hair. Use hot rollers or curling irons at home to create most short wavy hairstyles, you can gel to get a wet look or use a molding cream to create extra texture. Check out the best 30 most popular short wavy hairstyles to create an eye-catching look for yourself!

1. Short Wavy Bob

1700114544 Short Wavy Bob

By simply keeping the retro look of short curly hair, you can create a whole new look that will accentuate your beautiful facial contours.

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2. Cute Pink Wavy Bob with Bangs

1700114589 Cute Pink Wavy Bob with Bangs

This is a very cute hairstyle that will brighten up your look through pastel colors, with blunt bangs making sure to highlight big eyes and framed glasses.

3. Silver Blonde Short Wavy Hair

1700114614 Silver Blonde Short Wavy Hair

Matching the pattern of the natural regrowth. She uses lowlights, highlights to the front section and color glazing to match her beautiful natural tones.

4. Soft Shag Haircut with Baby Bangs

1700114636 Soft Shag Haircut with Baby Bangs

Textured baby bangs on a soft shag, this style is somewhat similar to the popular wolf hairstyle, somewhat curly yet not too exaggerated.

5. Short Curly Bob for Over 40 Women

1700114663 Short Curly Bob for Over 40 Women

How defined, shiny and springy her curls are! The hair looks lovely! You'll need a curling iron to maintain this look.

6. Twist Curly Cut

1700114684 Twist Curly Cut

Use butter on your short curly hair, you need waves to fill your hair and get a messy look.

7. Purple and Blue Short Wavy Hair

1700114711 Purple and Blue Short Wavy Hair

Layers don't necessarily need to be obtained with hair, you can also achieve this effect with different colors, and multi-color combinations are great solutions.

8. Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

1700114742 Short Wavy Bob with Bangs

Face framing is the sweet spot. This cut just brings her eyes to life!

9. Burgundy Shaggy Bob Haircut

1700114770 Burgundy Shaggy Bob Haircut

Such a great cut and color, blunt bangs and flat edges better accentuate the cuteness of your face shape.

10. Gray Pixie 2c Waves

1700114797 Gray Pixie 2c Waves

When you come to the age of gray hair, creating short curls is a wise choice, it is so elegant and lovely.

11. Short Wavy Hair

1700114825 Short Wavy Hair

This hairstyle has very light waves reminiscent of stunning beaches and the sea, which cannot be separated with just the right amount of layering.

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12. One-eyed Messy Wavy Haircut

1700114960 One eyed Messy Wavy Haircut

This messy wavy haircut is full of freedom and wildness, the bangs covering one eye to keep the facial frame looking sexy.

13. Short Wavy Bob Haircut

1700114994 Short Wavy Bob Haircut

For a comfortable, stylish finish, choose a bob over anything else.

14. Angled Wavy Bob

1700115013 Angled Wavy Bob

An angled wavy bob is definitely a great solution to showcase elegance, and it uses a gorgeous-looking copper color that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

15. Blonde Wavy Hair

1700115035 Blonde Wavy Hair

This is the slightly longer wavy hairstyle that can take your look to a whole new level, a style that exposes your forehead and leaves the other part of your face intentionally open.

16. Blonde Short Wavy Hair with Pink Highlights

1700115067 Blonde Short Wavy Hair with Pink Highlights

Add pink highlights to short blonde wavy hairstyles and you will get a stunning look that is cute with a touch of elegance.

17. Short Wavy Curls

1700115135 Short Wavy Curls

Very cute short curly hair with a middle parting style.

18. Pink and Yellow Short Wavy Hair

1700115160 Pink and Yellow Short Wavy Hair

These ones give me smoothie vibes, and these colors are spectacular.

19. Smooth Pink Wavy Bob

1700115183 Smooth Pink Wavy Bob

This cute pink wavy short hair makes the perfect combination of cute and sexy with timeless and elegant results that are worth it.

20. Short Wavy Bob with Blonde Highlights

1700115214 Short Wavy Bob with Blonde Highlights

This wavy bob hairstyle suits any face shape, and the addition of blonde highlights is stylish and lively, it's timeless and stays low maintenance.

21. Rainbow Short Wavy Hair

1700115242 Rainbow Short Wavy Hair

Wow, that’s so beautiful, this rainbow color adds some cute and playful style.

22. Natural Short Curly Hairstyle

1700115269 Natural Short Curly Hairstyle

This look is super cool! To get the perfect curly look, you need to use a smoothing cream and a round bristle brush.

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23. Copper Textured Shag Haircut

1700115292 Copper Textured Shag Haircut

Loose wavy short hair looks luscious and a cut with curtain bangs will allow you to remain stylish in the summer.

24. Blue and Purple Textured Mullet

1700115314 Blue and Purple Textured Mullet

The texture is perfect for this cut, you need a shaved side to highlight the mullet style.

25. Short Wavy Haircut

1700115340 Short Wavy Haircut

This bob adds a curved effect at the end, adding a bit of subtlety and the perfect combination of cute and sexy.

26. Short Wavy Hair for Women Over 50

1700115367 Short Wavy Hair for Women Over 50

As you move into your 50's, you need messy short hair to stay young and individual, and adding some textural elements will be even more glamorous.

27. Very Short Grey Wavy Haircut

1700115390 Very Short Grey Wavy Haircut

Pixie cuts can also add a bend to give your fine hair a whole new look and get a blonde, tousled effect.

28. Sexy Wavy Lob for Thick Hair

1700115425 Sexy Wavy Lob for Thick Hair

This amazing wavy hairstyle looks gorgeous, with coppery hair color for similar skin tones, and just the right amount of waves to take this lob to the next level.

29. Ombre Messy Wavy Bob

1700115452 Ombre Messy Wavy Bob

The gradient color wavy bob is gorgeous and delightful, and it brings a great finish and texture.

30. Short Wavy Permed Hair

1700115474 Short Wavy Permed Hair

Choose a super chic perm pixie that will make you feel like a queen and curl up the ends with sweet waves.



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