22 Incredible Short Stacked Bob Trending in 2022

Short stacked bob hairstyle is a long-standing fashionable hairstyle that features a flawless cut in the back area and a view of the back that is the focal point of the look and must be done well. If you’re new to stacked hairstyles, adjust the bob to lean toward the front.

When you’re tired of long hair, why not consider a short stacked bob, it’s a terrific hairstyle that’s sleek and chic, and you can easily manage it without making mistakes.

If you are looking for inspiration and considering doing something to your hair to change your look, the stacked bob is the best answer for you. Scroll down for a list of 22 short stacked bob styles, so choose the best one for this season!

1. Short Stacked Bob for Blonde Hair

Short Stacked Bob for Blonde Hair

Stacked bobs never go out, and a messy style always looks stylish.

2. Purple Dark Waves

Purple Dark Waves

Bold highlight colors make you stand out, it’s stunning and that’s your style!

3. Brunette to Blonde Stacked Bob

Brunette to Blonde Stacked Bob

She had very minimal highlights when she came in and we really brightened her up but kept some dimension for fall.

4. Stacked Bob with Plum Highlights

Stacked Bob with Plum Highlights

Streaks of plum thru a stacked bob, this bright red style creates a charming layering, sexy and stylish.

5. Creamy Rooted Blonde

Creamy Rooted Blonde

This creamy-rooted blonde is pretty divine, it outlines your face well and creates a great effect, which is a great effect.

6. Classic Stacked Bob Cut

Classic Stacked Bob Cut

It is a great stacked bob that can make your hair fluffier, and you can use it to achieve a fuller effect.

7. Rooted Blonde Stacked Bob

Rooted Blonde Stacked Bob

Bangs are cute and elegant, you can design them in a variety of ways, with side-sweeping bangs taking your stacking wave head cut to a whole new level.

8. Autumn Hair Stacked Bob

Autumn Hair Stacked Bob

This is an amazing cut wow she is so beautiful.

9. Short Bob with Undercut

Short Bob with Undercut

With an edgy and rock-‘n’ roll approach, this bob cut is suitable for women with an adventurous spirit that is a great way to make it stand out.

10. Red Wavy Stacked Bob

Red Wavy Stacked Bob

This vivid red is the “candy” apple, the messy red look shows an edgy and playful side of short hair.

11. Brown Stacked Bob Haircut

Brown Stacked Bob Haircut

So shiny and healthy looking. This stacked bob cut is gentle and elegant, the black shade at the back makes you stand out and super cute.

12. Short Stacked Bob with Highs and Lows

Short Stacked Bob with Highs and Lows

Highs and lows, love love love the way this turned out!

13. Short Stacked Bob with Exposing Forehead

Short Stacked Bob with Exposing Forehead

If you’re looking for a sophisticated short hairstyle, this stacked bob is the answer that gives you the confidence to show your forehead and give you an extra edge.

14. Pink Purple Blue Short Hair

Pink Purple Blue Short Hair

Dimensional fashion color. This colorful stacked Bob hairstyle can show off your playfulness well, isn’t it cute?

15. Short Classic Bob for Blonde Hair

Short Classic Bob for Blonde Hair

Do you love this color and sexy cut? This hairstyle exudes a rejuvenating effect.

16. Cute Stacked Bob

Cute Stacked Bob

Looking for simple and stylish short hair? Then you will love this. This stacked bob style has a neat chin line, making this hairstyle a great idea if you want to bring a twist to your look.

17. Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

Stacked Bob for Thin Hair

What is a good style to make her thinning hair (through medication/illness) appear thicker?

18. Highlights & Lowlights and A-line Cut

Highlights Lowlights and A line Cut

Fresh cut and color, it looks great for all ages.

19. Short Stacked Bob with Dark Roots

Short Stacked Bob with Dark Roots

What a great cut and color!

20. Wavy Blonde Stacked Bob

Wavy Blonde Stacked Bob

Gorgeous! She is a perfect fit for a brand ambassador!

21. Messy Short Stacked Bob

Messy Short Stacked Bob

The wave/flow forward is very nice. Do you love the color and especially the cut?

22. Ash Textured Bob

Ash Textured Bob

Dat color though!! Looks so good! She rocks it!