20 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces to Look Gorgeous

The round face is a typical facial shape, and it makes females seem extremely attractive. As a result, it is essential to select a haircut that complements your round face. Short hair may enhance the characteristics of a round face, so pick the one that suits you best when picking your favorite hairstyle.

Short hairstyles for a round face, a narrow face, and a trendy look are all available. If you have a round face, you will have a lot of options, whether it’s a pixie cut or a bob. The goal is to extend your face and make it appear narrow, which may be accomplished with side-scanning bangs. Consider adding volume where it’s needed or just altering your short hairstyle’s portion.

Hiding the wider jawline is what a round face needs to do, and you can do it with a good cut, and the pixie is the best hairstyle, but a unique bob hairstyle can also make your round face thinner. Don’t worry, we have prepared 20 of the best short hairstyles for round face to look gorgeous, and you are sure to get new inspiration from it.

1. Very Short Yellow Pixie Cut

Very Short Yellow Pixie Cut
“Are you making me the cutest boy on the block?” “Absolutely.”   

2. Pixie Cut with Side Sweep

Pixie Cut with Side Sweep

She looked so beautiful with this great pixie haircut, side sweeping can make your round face less obtrusive.

3. Perfect Blonde Pixie Cut

Perfect Blonde Pixie Cut

What an amazing hair, the bangs swept on the side bring a wonderful sense of hierarchy.

4. Bob Haircut with Different Bangs

Bob Haircut with Different Bangs1

Bob Haircut with Different Bangs2

Bob Haircut with Different Bangs3

Same bangs different styling. Something for every mood.

5. Straight Hair Bob

Straight Hair Bob

Bisexual bob energy.

6. 2A Curly Bob

2A Curly Bob

So cute hair on her, the color and curl is so beautiful, too!

7. Brown Bob Haircut for Round Face

Brown Bob Haircut for Round Face

This is her DIY bob, a little shorter than the first two but the goal is to keep her from putting her hair in a ponytail. She colors with another L’Oréal 7.43 hair color after they discontinued her previous product a few years ago.

8. Platinum Blonde Color

Platinum Blonde Color

Looks great! It is not monotonous platinum, and the yellow at the end of the hair is unique.

9. Micro Bob Haircut

Micro Bob Haircut

Biggest trend is bob haircuts, with black balayage.

10. Blunt Bangs Bob Haircut

Blunt Bangs Bob Haircut

This bob style really suits her round face and is so cute like her!

11. Blonde Bob Haircut

Blonde Bob Haircut

Simple and lovely straight-haired Bob.

12. Pixie Bob Cut

Pixie Bob Cut

Super pretty, hairstyle and woman.

13. Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairstyle

She looks so gorgeous with this cute curly bob hairstyle.

14. Simple Icy Blonde Bob

Simple Icy Blonde Bob

When you don’t want to spend too much time taking care of your hair, try this simple straight bob, Longer hair can decorate your round face.

15. Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Blonde Bob Hairstyle

“I’m totally in love with my new hair like I never go back to long hair again, I think I really found my haircut! Having the hair really thin and without any volume at the base, the fact that you cut them gives them a new life and I feel them super bouncyyyyy! I feel so easy to Styler on top of it, I have absolutely nothing to do in the morning, everything is all on its own! * if you were hesitant to make the jump, I tell you to go, the change really feels good!”

16. Cool Platinum Buzz

Cool Platinum Buzz

Perfect skin, gorgeous eyes, LIPS, she is phenomenal.

17. Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Gorgeous!! She is so beautiful with this cute bob hairstyle.

18. Punk Hair for Round Face

Punk Hair for Round Face

“I MAKE ASYMMETRY LOOK DAMN GOOD! Special shout-out to my 🇮🇹Italian genes for my beautiful brown eyes, Roman sculpted nose, and luscious lips. I clean up okay! ”

19. Lovely Short Hair

Lovely Short Hair

“When in doubt, choose change” -Lily Leung

20. Super Short Pixie Cut for Black Women

Super Short Pixie Cut for Black Women

This simple and short blonde pixie cut allows you to see the shape of your face at a glance, as an alternative fashion.