18 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair to Look Cute

Long hair can be necessary for many ladies, especially for the women who have traditional temperaments, but now we live in 2020 and it is time to try some new styles! The trending is changing quickly, we know exactly what women needs, short haircuts! A new haircut will make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

For women with fine hair, maintaining job can often be extremely difficult, especially if they have long locks, the cute short hairstyles are usually chosen by many women to avoid these troubles. This does not mean that you cannot choose the latest fashionable hairstyles, and cannot try to have the latest models with fine hair.

If you have fine hair, the diameter of each individual stocks are relatively small it probably means that your hair has a silky smooth texture, but it can also leave your hair, there could be trouble for curly, and could easily looked limp and lifeless fine if you like to wear your hair in a relatively short side, there are tons of pixies and bobs will show you the silk strands, make them look bouncy and energy. We have collected some of our favorites, hope you’d enjoy the 18 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair selection of resources below.

#1. Corrective Color for Fine Hair

Corrective Color for Fine Hair
Source: @colorqueensalon

This was an absolute amazing transformation and shows the power of a strong cut & color and a skilled blowout!

#2. Regular Gold & Curly Girl

Regular Gold & Curly Girl01
Source: @me.and.my.curls

If you have curly fine hair, just check this unpopular opinion but a bit of frizz looks good on your curlies!

#3. Shoulder Lengths Fine Hair

Shoulder Lengths Fine Hair
Source: @alchemyorlando    

With a suitable shape and techniques that bring out texture, you can expect more density and fullness in the right places.

#4. Darker Blonde

Darker Blonde
Source: @hairbylisabruce_

Put some lowlights and going more toward a rooted look, that is super cute!

#5. Textured Lob With Not Layered

Textured Lob With Not Layered
Source: @krystalrosehair

Fresh rooty blonde and a not so classic lob, lovely! This lob is textured not layered. If you have fine straight hair, lots of layers throughout your hair will make your perimeter look thin. Layering around the face is great, but for you fine-haired ladies a little bit of texture rather than layers is what’s best!

#6. Simple And Textured Short Cut

Simple And Textured Short Cut
Source: @chopitoff

Fine hair? You need TEXTURE! This is absolutely stunning, a light blue eyeshadow box with red lips adds a touch of color to your hairstyle.

#7. Fine Hair Bob

Fine Hair Bob
Source: @krystalrosehair

Hair loss can be caused by many things, but usually is related to stress, post partum, hormone changes and auto immune disease. Taking care of your hair is always important, but especially with delicate hair.

#8. Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt Cut Bob
Source: @samibullockhair

Blunt bob is another good choice for fine hair, and make a little roll that will take your style to the next level!

#9. Above the Shoulder Fine Hair

Above the Shoulder Fine Hair
Source: @chloeannanelson

This is a super fun transformation, the fringe and the back are just perfectly right!

#10. Shadow Root Blonde

Shadow Root Blonde
Source: @chrishassellhair

Blonde hair is a timeless color that can always surprise us.

#11. A Cut with Texture

A Cut with Texture
Source: @chopitoff

This is the cut for you! Fine hair needs a cut with texture – not layers – because layers remove the weight that fine hair divas need! That color is so pretty!

#12. Short Balayage Bob with Lovely Color

Short Balayage Bob with Lovely Color
Source: @sevendialshairbeckenham

This style is ideal for fine-textured hair. Add a balayage to make the style “pop” Thin/Fine hair is not a curse. Hair of this type is very appealing if properly handled. With fine hair, you can easily be feminine, extravagant, stylish and playful.

#13. Relaxed HairStyles

Relaxed HairStyles
Source: @designessentials

Such an amazing transformation, that balayage and shear work was hittin.

#14. Balayage, Teasy Lights and Texture

Balayage Teasy Lights and Texture
Source: @rme_hairdesign

Let your fine hair filled with balayage, teasy lights and texture, then catch everyone’s eyes!

#15. French Bob

French Bob
Source: @gro.md

If you have fine hair this cute French Bob is a great go-to hair style for you. This chin length hair style is great going into the heat of Summer with lovely fringe + a slight graduation in the back to really frame the face wonderfully.

#16. Blonde Bob with Babylights

Blonde Bob with Babylights
Source: @hareandhunter

Blonde bob can make you pretty, it is fall doesn’t mean you have to go darker with your hair !! Especially blondies, because come spring time you want to be brighter and you’re going to have to work through that dark to get you back to where you want to be.

#17. Black and Blue

Black And Blue
Source: @betty_blades

Blue hair is by far the coolest fashion hair color. It exudes confidence and fearlessness, but it’s not as eye-catching as other unusual hair colors. So you don’t have to worry about your bold blue hair fading too fast.

#18. Golden and Warm Blonde

Golden and Warm Blonde
Source: @hairpaintingbybobbijo

The mixed colors can be perfect for this fall and make you have more femininity!