Short Brown Hairstyles and Haircuts That You Must Try in 2021

Short hair is trending, from pixie to bob, you can see a bunch of ideas to get a different look, whatever your style is, the color of short hair will make it more popular. Brown is one of the most trending colors for hair around the world. Short brown hairstyles are a good base for a sweet, cute and stylish look.

Short brown hair can also add some highlights and give you a better look, such as blonde, blue, red and so on. You can adjust the length or style of your short brown hair to suit your needs.

We want to provide you with stylish short brown hair ideas in order to make you stand out in 2021, scroll down to our favorites for more highlights and inspiration.

1. Short Brown Hair

Short Brown Hair
Credit: @brisas_beauty

Soft & subtle brown haircut that can bring a little curling wave.

2. Short Blowout Cut

Short Blowout Cut
Credit: @lis_a_lissalon

She did a complete transformation, bringing her previously blonde guest, to a rich, dimensional brunette. She finished the transformation off with a Satiny silk blowout!

3. Short Bob Haircuts

Short Bob Haircuts
Credit: @iosonoangelica

Dark for the winter, it looks so good on you, what a change!

4. Golden Balayage

Golden Balayage
Credit: @colormecocola

Warm hair and cold winter air are two of the best soulmates around.

5. Brown Bob Blunt Haircut

Brown Bob Blunt Haircut
Credit: @heather_pmthesalon

Nice bob cut that from long & blonde to this edgy, what a natural look!

6. Short Brown Hair 2021

Short Brown Hair 2021
Credit: @not.a.concept

“My ears hear what others cannot hear; small faraway things people cannot normally see are visible to me. These senses are the fruits of a lifetime of longing.”

7. Mushroom Brown Hair

Mushroom Brown Hair
Credit: @nicolepidgeon_hair

This light brown wavy-cut will make you look great and lovely.

8. French Brown Bob

French Brown Bob
Credit: @rosa_vonlobenstein

She looks mega cool with your great new hairstyle.

9. Side Parting Brown Hair

Side Parting Brown Hair
Credit: @elibalda

So many others everything boils down to very little. Yet I have learned to understand that it is the opposite: I think a lot about what to do, every moment of my day, and maybe that’s why I get there before others, or I only get there faster.

10. Soft Waves Bob

Soft Waves Bob1
Credit: @hairbysamj
Soft Waves Bob2
Credit: @hairbysamj

The best thing she did was to get a new hairstyle! Love the color and style!

11. French Short Brown Hair

French Short Brown Hair
Credit: @rosa_vonlobenstein

I really like shooting… Bravo it shows personality.

12. Big Chop Brown Hair

Big Chop Brown Hair
Credit: @_beautybycielo

Big Chop on this girly as desired.

13. Golden Sands Highlighter

Golden Sands Highlighter
Credit: @paulinciaxy

But makeup emphasizes eyelets! And in this hair you beautiful.

14. Wavy Bob Hair

Wavy Bob Hair
Credit: @onaresalon

Loving the wavy look? I like both but that red lip with the wavy…love!!!!

15. Short Wavy Brown Hair

Short Wavy Brown Hair
Credit: @caitlinmcaninch

I feel like lately, I’m in a limbo of too many things going on, and wanting to balance all my feelings, my to-do lists, & the world being open again. But just over here doing the best I can! Whatever you have going on, stay safe, stay healthy.

16. Short Brunette Haircut

Short Brunette Haircut
Credit: @beautyxpatty

The beautiful color of lips, mega her in this hairstyle.

17. Big Side Parted Brown Hair

Big Side Parted Brown Hair
Credit: @karolina_pingielska

Best hair length and color, if you don’t know what hairstyle suits you, why not try this one?

18. Brown Bob for Thick Hair

Brown Bob for Thick Hair
Credit: @thehairstandard

Thick hair can be hard to have when you want a textured bob. This client came into Veronika worried her thick hair would make her haircut take a turn for the worse because of past experiences, but Veronika helped her have her dream textured bob.

19. Blonde Brunette Color

Blonde Brunette Color
Credit: @pyureaveda

Came in as a blonde, left as a bombshell brunette color, love the cut.

20. Side Parting Short Brown Hair

Side Parting Short Brown Hair
Credit: @milaossan

Makeup with neutral colors. I like the strong pink color, it wasn’t much for this color but I’m actually quite.