21 Hottest Shaggy Pixie Cut Ideas [2022 Updated]

When you want to cut your hair short, the pixie cut is an idea not to be missed, it is the low-maintenance short hairstyle, you can pick layered pixie, messy pixie, undercut pixie, choppy pixie cut, textured pixie cut and so on, and of course, you can also choose the cool fluffy pixie cut.

A shaggy pixie cut is versatile in that it also stays very short in length and is full of textured and wavy layers. Whether you are a boyish woman or have rich femininity, you can flaunt your boldness with the shaggy style. You can also experiment with different colors or add highlights to showcase distinction and style, as evidenced by celebrities.

If you have thin hair, a voluminous pixie cut can make it look thick and works wonders on naturally curly hair as well. Shaggy pixie haircuts bring more volume and enhance your hair, here we have the hottest 21 shaggy pixie cuts for you, keep reading!

1. Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Platinum Blonde Shaggy Pixie

The stylist punched up the formula a bit to really get that iridescent platinum feeling, you will be a very good trendsetter.

2. Blonde Shaggy Pixie Cut

Blonde Shaggy Pixie Cut

Blonde hair and shaggy pixie cuts are a wonderful combination that showcases your sophistication and generosity.

3. Orange Shaggy Pixie Cut

Orange Shaggy Pixie Cut

This is so freaking cool with this fresh color, if you’re looking for bold style, that’s it!

4. Baby Shags for Soft Hair

Baby Shags for Soft Hair

When you have soft short hair, choosing this shaggy hairstyle will make the top of your head look fuller, and everyone loves a lively style.

5. Shaggy Pixie with Micro Curtain Bangs

Shaggy Pixie with Micro Curtain Bangs

Pixie Shag! How fun! When you have micro curtain bangs, it can shorten the length of your face and visually appear more coordinated.

6. Shaggy Pixie Mullet

Shaggy Pixie Mullet

She came in wanting a fresh start, to cut off most of her previous color & damaged hair. This cut brought out so much texture!

7. Shaggy Pixie for Long Face

Shaggy Pixie for Long Face

Short shaggy pixie for women with thinning hair, you can spend minimal time creating the perfect look.

8. Silver Hair Shaggy Pixie Cut

Silver Hair Shaggy Pixie Cut

Silver hair is cool in any hairstyle, and a shaggy pixie is no exception, that suits thick hair and is easy to maintain.

9. Shaggy Pixie Bob

Shaggy Pixie Bob

The stylist turned this shaggy bob into a shaggy “grown out pixie” with some extra length/tendrils around the hairline.

10. Shaggy Platinum Pixie Bob with Blunt Bangs

Shaggy Platinum Pixie Bob with Blunt Bangs

A precious lil shaggy platinum pixie bob hybrid for a precious darling.

11. Curly Shaggy Pixie with Babylights

Shaggy Pixie with Babylights

Embrace your natural texture and color – including those beautiful silver strands. The stylist has been doing baby lights to blend out her warmer base color and have done a combination of razor and scissor cutting to move towards a shaggier shape.

12. Center Parted Shaggy Pixie

Center Parted Shaggy Pixie

This is an amazing haircut your sign to go get the haircut you’ve been dreaming about.

13. Pastel Pink and Purple Colors

Pastel Pink and Purple Colors

Try something new, this color combo is SO CUTE that you can stay active throughout the year.

14. Beigey-grey Shaggy Pixie with Platinum Money Piece

Beigey grey Shaggy Pixie with Platinum Money Piece

The stylist darkened most of her hair to this soft beigey-grey shade but left a halo of platinum around her face! Shaped up her cut, too!

15. Cool Sandy Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Cool Sandy Blonde Shaggy Pixie

Pixie + shag = dream team. Add in some cool sandy blonde highlights to top off this look perfectly!

16. French Mullet Pixie Cut

French Mullet Pixie Cut

Try the French mullet pixie cut will bring you a new style, it is simple but pretty.

17. Shaggy Pixie Cut for Straight Hair

Shaggy Pixie Cut for Straight Hair

This looks like a magazine, shaggy pixies are not limited to curly hair, straight hair like this can also create nice voluminous volume.

18. Mullet Shag Haircut

Mullet Shag Haircut

What an amazing shag pixie cut for soft thin hair.

19. Cute Flippy Little Pixie

Cute Flippy Little Pixie

If you want to dress up a sweet look, try this pixie cut with thick bangs which retains some volume at the ends without being too monotonous, perfect for curly-haired beauties.

20. Mini Pixie Shag Style

Mini Pixie Shag Style

Everything is just right with the shaggy pixie cut, it will give your short hair more dimension and is suitable for round faces to create a shiny look.

21. Blonde Hair Mini Shag

Blonde Hair Mini Shag

This stunning long & voluminous pixie cut has movement and texture with a dark shade on top of the head for added fullness.