38 Incredible & Sassy Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 50

Short haircuts for women over 50 are a trend for these years! We can see thousands of young girls with short hair, but never enough for over 50 women. Age shouldn't be a limit to your hairstyle and we have a lot of respect for women who age gracefully, so take some time today to focus on our women over 50 and you get some short hair inspiration.

Pixie haircuts is an important type for women over 50, it can be popular and look flattering. You just need to find your perfect short pixie haircut and keep it with a suitable product. The famous pixie cut works with any age, any hair type, and any face shape, making it a sure-fire and stylish choice when you don't know how to choose a hairstyle.

That's why we've curated this content for you, working for older women, and choosing cuts that will flatter you the best! A main list full of different hairstyles: from short furry hairstyles to short stylish hairstyles over 50, we have everything.

1. Silver Over 50 Style

1695365983 Silver Over 50 Style

Live simple, love well, and take time to smell the flowers along the way.

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2. Side Parting Silver Hair

1695366005 Side Parting Silver Hair

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. ——Friedrich Nietzsche

3. Short Grey Pixie Cut

1695366030 Short Pixie haircuts

Her hairstyle is totally beautiful, very feminine and at the same time very cool.

4. Blonde Short Hair

1695366049 Blonde Short Hair

The beautiful lady and the beautiful shirt complement her complexion perfectly!

5. Silver Hair Undercut

1695366068 Silver Hair Undercut

A mask won't stop your short, elegant silver hair, but it's best to choose a white mask for a more coordinated look.

6. Short Silver Pixie Cut

1695366090 Short Silver Pixie Cut

Looking fabulous with this upcombed style, why don't you try it next time?

7. Rainbow Pixie Haircut

1695366112 Rainbow Pixie Haircut

Wow such a cool colorful pixie, don't care how old you are!

8. Red Pixie Cut

1695366133 Red Pixie Cut

Red is very suitable for women over 50, red can always be considered when you don't know what color to dye.

9. Big Side Part Short Hair

1695366155 Big Side Part Short Hair

She is not going to the salon to dye her own hair in the pandemic, she is just ready to see what her natural-ish hair looks like, In the coming months, she will become much fairer, this is the first step.

10. Short Pixie Cuts

1695366182 Short Pixie Cuts

An astonishing style that can make you feel more feminine.

11. Edgy Pixie Hair

1695366204 Edgy Pixie Hair

Some women are just destined to have a pixie cut now taking pixie models on Mondays.

12. Blonde Highlighted Hair

1695366227 Blonde Highlighted Hair

Harness the power of a million tracks to organize things.

13. Pixie Style Black Hair

1695366249 Pixie Style Black Hair

Sometimes, black hair and big earrings can make you look sexy.

14. Pink Pixie Cuts

1695366269 Pink Pixie Cuts

"Please remember that I am an artist, so I am very sensitive about my shit!" - E Badu

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15. Short Curly Pixie

1695366294 Short Curly Pixie

What great grey short hair, it will make your hair keep a natural style.

16. Short Blonde Pixie Cuts

1695366333 Short Blonde Pixie Cuts

When she cut her hair short, she looked more stylish and younger. Sometimes, changing oneself is quite easy.

17. White Pixie Haircut

1695366356 White Pixie Haircut

So mega cool hairstyle.

18. Short Textured Haircut

1695366379 Short Textured Haircut

Pixie cut for the long face that gives the hair a shaggy style to avoid highlighting face shape.

19. Short Hairstyle Over 50

1695366415 Short Hairstyle Over 50

Good Morning! Have a Beautiful day!

20. Short Blonde Hair

1695366439 Short Blonde Hair

She looks amazing with a beautiful smile.

21. Side Shaved Style

1695366497 Side Shaved Style

Fresh cut feels, perfect and sexy cut!

22. Short Razor Cut

1695366527 Short Razor Cut

Blowdried with formation & piece works. Styled with powder boost and details.

23. Short Texturized Hair

1695366549 Short Texturized Hair

My Mama got a new look. Cut and color.

24. Blonde Buzz Cut

1695366569 Blonde Buzz Cut

She has always experienced the same thing. Her hair is beautiful.

25. Short Pixie Cut Style

1695366599 Short Pixie Cut Style

Pixie on sweet Heather.

26. Short Pixie Curls

1695366625 Short Pixie Curls

Before and after, what were you thinking?

27. Pixie Razor Cut

1695366652 Pixie Razor Cut

What a Pretty pixie style that can bring a little more energy to your gray 50s age.

28. Super Short Pixie Cut

1695366679 Super Short Pixie Cut

Always a wonderful time, a real pixie.

29. Short Curly Hair

1695366702 Short Curly Hair

Short hair is and has always been super sexy.

30. Silver Pixies with Glasses

1695366725 Silver Pixies with Glasses

She can add another balayage to your feed, but sometimes her short hair and silver pixie give her life.

31. Classy Pixie Cut

1695366747 Classy Pixie Cut

Classy!! Bougie!!

32. Sun Kissed Pixie

1695366767 Sun Kissed Pixie

Cutie! Love the cut.

33. Natural Silver Pixie Cut

1695366787 Natural Silver Pixie Cut

This beauty is usually a light blonde, but this time, the hairstylist made a change. The hairstylist cut off her remaining blonde hair, loving her natural silver poppy color! Her natural color is beautiful, isn't it?

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34. Cute Blonde Pixie

1695366816 Cute Blonde Pixie

She did contour and highlight and put on a little blush.

35. Short Pastel Pink Hair

1695366836 Short Pastel Pink Hair

Which color is your favorite?? I like the pink one.

36. Short Hair Undercut

1695366862 Short Hair Undercut

Have a hairdresser appointment next week - now I also know which cut I want!

37. Textured Pixie Cut

1695366881 Textured Pixie Cut

Everyone has a story...
This beautiful young woman has one of her own...
Fresh cut with lots of texture for that fun, sexy, volumized look.

38. Silver Shaggy Hair

1695366901 Silver Shaggy Hair

A few months ago Mitu told me she wanted her hair “just like yours, but without any shaved bits”. Now I think she’s one-upped me with this silvery, wavy, choppy little shag mullet.

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