20 Simple and Stylish Pixie Cuts for This Season

Pixie cut has always been a great short hairstyle, you don’t need to sacrifice style to pursue fashion and ease, pixie is favored by women of all ages because of its modern look and good tailoring.

Pixie cut first appeared in the 1920s as a versatile hairstyle suitable for all hairstyles and face shapes. Its appearance makes short hair more influential, and many women go crazy about it, from edgy cute to classic capable, next time you can try the great pixie haircut in the salon.

Whether you want extremely short hair or short hair with undercuts on the sides, you can find stylish and low-maintenance pixie cut to achieve it, and below we have prepared 20 different pixie cuts for you to choose from.

1. Stylight Blonde Pixie Cut

Stylight Blonde Pixie Cut

When you have blonde short hair, then make your stylist create a young-looking you, you can tell him don’t forget an undercut.

2. Red Hair with Baby Bangs

Red Hair with Baby Bangs

Sometimes great baby bangs can make the pixie cut more simple, enjoy these trendy short bangs, you will have a great look in the winter.

3. Platinum Pixie Cut with Undercut

Platinum Pixie Cut with Undercut

You will like a movie star when dying a platinum color, it is very elegant indeed!

4. Undercut for Thin Hair

Undercut for Thin Hair

It’s getting colder which means you are inside even more than usual, you can switch up the hair a little and take the undercut higher.

5. Buzz Cut Blonde Hair

Buzz Cut Blonde Hair

Do you want a simple short haircut for this winter, then try this buzz cut as it brings out business sense for a new style.

6. Bleach Blonde Buzz Cut

Bleach Blonde Buzz Cut

The iciest of white blondes, transforming your hair into a white blonde color, you will get a fashionable style.

7. Cute Side Parting Pixie Cut

Cute Side Parting Pixie Cut

If you like a short haircut, try a cute pixie with long side parted bangs, a pixie makes the most sides and gives your hair thickness.

8. Curly Pixie Cut for Oval Face

Curly Pixie Cut for Oval Face

We love short hair and curly style, thinking about this curly pixie cut that combines two things, you will be a winner.

9. White Short Hair with Lavender Highlights

White Short Hair with Lavender Highlights

Smooth white short hair is fashionable with lavender highlights, it makes your style not simple and tedious anymore.

10. Black Hair Pixie Cut

Black Hair Pixie Cut

Try this choppy pixie cut that is looking youthful with side-swept bangs, this is a perfect look.

11. Pink Short Pixie Cut

Pink Short Pixie Cut

What a edgy pixie cut with punk color for youthful women.
To keep this style, you need to be in the salon every 6 weeks for the dying.

12. Platinum Pixie Over 40 Style

Platinum Pixie Over 40 Style

You have since had your sides and back re-buzzed with a 1-guard and the top chipped into with the scissors to soften the buzz grow out.

13. Blonde Pixie Cut with Glasses

Blonde Pixie Cut with Glasses

This youthful pixie haircut has great texture and volume with glasses, it makes your natural blonde to look gorgeous and trendy.

14. Sassy Pixie with Undercut

Sassy Pixie with Undercut

When you are looking a special pixie, try this sassy undercut and you love the silver look!

15. Classy Lady with Pixie Cut

Classy Lady with Pixie Cut

The pixie cut for thick hair can help you find the best way to complete your style. So pull off your hair now!

16. Blonde Hair Pixie Cut

Blonde Hair Pixie Cut

What a sweet choppy cut with highlights, it will brighten your face in the winter and give a fuller look.

17. Blonde Textured Queen

Blonde Textured Queen

Meet the new Blonde textured Queen! Wave hair can be fun, bright, and stylish. Short hair is like the perfect accessory that helps bring your entire look together.
The look can be simple and chic or textured and funky, whatever short hairstyle you may go for it will surely get you noticed.

18. Blonde Buzz Cut

Blonde Buzz Cut

Neutrals and sunny hairstyle, try to get a super short buzz cut for this season with simple and low-maintance color.

19. White Short Hair

White Short Hair

If you are a woman with small face, try a short, messy pixie cut by using some gels.

20. Red Choppy Pixie Bob

Red Choppy Pixie Bob

A red and choppy haircut is super trendy right now, maybe you need some time to keep this style, but everthing is worth to do finally you will get a messy and modern bob.