35 Trendy Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair to Look Gorgeous 2023

For many women, it takes some courage to cut a very short hairstyle, and pixie cuts are exactly that. Don't worry, pixie cuts are suitable for women of any age, they can be cool, elegant and cute, and the styles are versatile from which you can choose a sophisticated and stylish pixie cut, no matter what your hair type is.

If you have naturally thick hair, which is exciting and enviable, usually thick hair has a lot of volume, meaning that you may need to spend some effort to deal with it and need to be protected from damage when cutting to become a pixie. Sometimes you need to use scissors with one side flat or with teeth to reduce the excess density for a reasonable texture, while you can also use the advantage of thick hair - large volume, to create the desired look. It's an important project, but one that is well worth doing.

If you are considering a perfect pixie cut for thick hair in 2023, we have listed some different styles of pixie hairstyles for you, so you can make the right choice after learning about them.

1. Amazing Pixie with Undercut

1694577840 Amazing Pixie with Undercut

Straight hair is convenient for you to design any look, especially in a pixie cut, this hairstyle works well for women with thick hair, whether it's an undercut or a cool dark gray.

2. Pink Shaved Pixie with Undercut

1694577860 Pink Shaved Pixie with Undercut
Pink shows your wild heart, it can be a soft look, contrasting with the angular undercut, and the long fringe at the temples makes you look very attractive.

3. Blonde Wavy Hair Long Pixie

1694577879 Blonde Wavy Hair Long Pixie
Having short hair is being able to style it multiple different ways to give it a fresh look! With her roots getting a little crazy she can disguises them by styling the hair forward or she can show them off styling it back! Which is your favorite look?!

4. Side Part Pixie Cut - Blonde and Lavender Combination

1694577904 Side Part Pixie Cut Blonde and Lavender Combination
Have you always wanted to cut a look that is both edgy and individual, feminine and powerful? This mixed-toned pixie cut is the perfect answer! Not only does it have undercut edges, but it also has a neat top and the perfect color.

5. Tousled Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair

1694577926 Tousled Pixie Haircut for Blonde Hair
What a new fabulous blonde & textured cut! Pixie cuts suit all face shapes and hair types, this is a great example for thick hair, women with oval faces will love it, it's cute and messy and you'll love this style for this season.

6. Wild Pink Pixie Cut

1694577946 Wild Pink Pixie Cut
Messy thick short hair can play up the volume, with natural root color complemented by soft pastels. This hairstyle requires some strong hair gel to accentuate its features, and its color needs regular care.

7. Buzz Cut with Undercut

1694577967 Buzz Cut with Undercut
The copper color brings a high-fashion appearance, and the shaved haircut gives you a futuristic look, even if your hair is thick!

8. Messy Pixie Cut for Platinum Hair

1694577992 Messy Pixie Cut for Platinum Hair
The messy look is the perfect choice for thick hair, why not show a wild side if you have it? You'll love the effortlessly stylish look. Such a hairstyle redefines your face shape and chin chakra!

9. Ruby Rose Pixie Hair

1694578014 Ruby Rose Pixie Hair
Your next pixie cut will definitely catch some eyes, like this bold ruby rose pixie cut, and don't be afraid to try a new color, as new hair can grow very quickly.

10. Voluminous & Soft Blonde Short Pixie

1694578033 Voluminous & Soft Blonde Short Pixie
The thick, voluminous short hair adds height, elongates a round face, and creates an elegant effect. The hair looks refined, and the short hair on the sides of the ears appears perfectly graceful and effortless.

11. Asymmetrical Pixie and Little Braid

1694578081 Asymmetrical Pixie and Little Braid

When you have thick and straight hair, try this asymmetrical pixie cut, it's special because of the edgy shaved undercut, you can try braiding a small braid to highlight the undercut!

12. Pixie Rainbow for Thick Hair

1694578105 Pixie Rainbow for Thick Hair
Brighten up your pixie with a beautiful rainbow of colors. You need to pick up all pulp riot to create this subtle but colourful crown!

13. Shaggy Textured Pixie Cut

1694578143 Shaggy Textured Pixie Cut
A simple textured hairstyle but with a neat look and feel, the hair is a natural blonde, it will help make your face and hair look more proportional, a fun and elegant pixie cut!

14. Cool Spiky Pixie Cut

1694578167 Cool Spiky Pixie Cut
WOW! What a wild spiky pixie hairstyle with messy effect and interesting red elements, I believe you will be the most dazzling star if you walk on the street.

15. Big Chop Curly Pixie

1694578202 Big Chop Curly Pixie
A cleanup cut, her curls are beautiful! Show off your lovely curls with this pixie cut for thick hair, you'll need some mousse to keep it in check and rock this amazing hairstyle!

16. Pixie Haircut with Full Bangs

1694578230 Pixie Haircut with Full Bangs
Whether you call them bangs or fringe, they're a commitment! But one that can add structure to a haircut, they can add some shape for those who who prefer to keep the rest of their mane long!

17. Smooth Blonde Pixie

1694578345 Smooth Blonde Pixie
When you are looking for pure and simple blonde pixie hairstyle, try this one, it can easily match different face shapes and dress up, you can style it to different occasions, and it is especially useful for busy women who don't have to spend too much time on their hair.

18. Short Razor Cut with Undercut Sides

1694578369 Short Razor Cut with Undercut Sides
What a lovely haircut. It's the perfect style to keep the chic vibe going and you can wear it up effortlessly with a quality black roots highlighting it and making it look totally sexy.

19. Side Shaved Pixie for Blonde Hair

1694578390 Side Shaved Pixie for Blonde Hair
When you have vertical, thick blonde hair, you can easily accomplish this hairstyle with simplicity and low maintenance, and you won't be disappointed!

20. Choppy Copper Pixie Cut

1694578407 Choppy Copper Pixie Cut
Textured pixies are the perfect style for thick hair, and you'll need some styling mousse to finesse your hair, and short, wavy copper hair to highlight your glamorous style.

21. Long Pixie Haircut

1694578461 Long Pixie Haircut
People usually think that thick hair needs a longer and fluffier version of pixie, this short champagne colored pixie bob shows you otherwise, the black shadow of roots shows a high fashion sense and creates a Parisian chic atmosphere for you.

22. Cute Ginger Pixie Cut

1694578481 Cute Ginger Pixie Cut
A wonderful combination of ginger and blonde tones, plus some but excessive waves, a conservative pixie cut with but outstanding colors.

23. Pink Pixie and Feathered Layers

1694578500 Pink Pixie and Feathered Layers
The hair is cut to just the right length to add interest to the pixie with elegant feather layers. If you have an oval face, this hairstyle is sure to elongate your face, and the thick hair will make the look appear fuller.

24. Short Grey Pixie with Long Bangs

1694578523 Short Grey Pixie with Long Bangs
When you have thick hair, maintenance seems important, and you can subtly keep long bangs and comb them to one side to create a very chic look. Hair stands out as blonde contrasting with dark hair.

25. Natural Hair Pixie Cut

1694578631 Natural Hair Pixie Cut
Whether your hair is long or short, you can now pull off that textured, piecey look. You just need to keep your natural hair color to create this simple look and your hair will look easy and elegant.

26. Grey Pixie Haircut for Over 50 Women

1694578664 Grey Pixie Haircut for Over 50 Women
Time for a change! Micro-smudge roots ( dark), toner ( no bleach) and shorter! Attitude, fur and glasses are extra.

27. Messy Curls for Blonde Hair

1694578684 Messy Curls for Blonde Hair
Elegant curls bring you a hairstyle that is both convenient and comfortable, not just with the length of your hair, but with just the right amount of shade.
If you really want your curls to stand out in the most flattering way, applying a curling iron followed by some nice mousse spray will keep the look great for a long time.

28. Pretty Shaggy Pixie Haircut

1694578706 Pretty Shaggy Pixie Haircut
Do you want to give your hair more dimension on both sides? Try this shaggy pixie cut with perfect waves at the end of locks to make your face look bigger and keep it fun and edgy!

29. Wispy Long Pixie

1694578724 Wispy Long Pixie
A beautiful little fairy. This hairstyle is the perfect entrance for an elfin look.

30. Lazy and Floating White Pixie

1694578747 Lazy and Floating White Pixie
This white pixie cut absolutely rocks your thick hair, the flowing and lazy style adds cuteness, while the sexy red lips form a strong contrast that can make your hair more eye-catching.

31. Curly Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

1694578775 Curly Pixie Cut with Long Bangs
Looks super cute with this long pixie cut! Curly hair is very elegant and sweet and you can style it with long bangs to perfectly flatter an oval face.

32. Side Part Pixie Cut with Undercut

1694578800 Side Part Pixie Cut with Undercut
Fall in love with this pixie cut with blonde highlights. With blonde highlights, the edge of the undercut not only gives you a powerful feeling, but at the same time the side parting brings you a bit of an edge.

33. Highly Textured Pixie with Funny Rat Tail

1694578821 Highly Textured Pixie with Funny Rat TailYou can add some fun to the humdrum days with this highly textured pixie with a little surprise in the back. Of course, if you do not like to drag the long rat tail, you can also cut it off, the rest of the textured pixie is also an excellent style at all.

34. Soft and Wind Blown Razor Cut

1694578991 Soft and Wind Blown Razor Cut
This beautiful ‘hand styled’ pixie is reminiscent of ocean waves….soft and wind blown. Curved sideburns will give your short hair a distinctive look, and with a glamorous feathered wave style, it's a cool way to show off your lifestyle.

35. Purple Curly Pixie

1694578901 Purple Curly Pixie
This looks so gorgeous! Wild short curls are great for longer faces, it's a very cute and gorgeous option, and you'll look absolutely stunning when it collides with purple!

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