32 Incredible Pixie Bob Haircuts with Winning Looks

If you're looking for a new look this year, the pixie cut is a great choice that combines elements of the classic bob hairstyle with the short pixie cut. Pixie cuts are all the rage right now, including a lot of cool celebrities trying them out. It's an easy to manage style, and whether you're at work, at a party, or shopping, these pixie bobs are low maintenance, and it takes you no more than 10 minutes to style your hair, which is a great thing to do.

Pixie bobs offer you a wonderful variety of styles that can be long and short pixie bobs, cute and sweet, or made into side swept bangs or loose curls. Pixie bob is a beautiful and unique hairstyle design. Choosing it means choosing to be smart and charming. You can cut the pixie bob at any length from above the ears to the chin, and this style is versatile. Within these cuts, you can design side-swept or upward bangs.

How to Cut A Pixie Bob

First, wet your hair, then you'll have an easier time cutting it to your shoulder length. If you have longer hair, put it in a ponytail first, then cut it under a hairband.

Next, use a comb to pull your hair to the middle of your hairline, followed by a rat tail comb to part the front and back of your hair while making a versatile cut.

Step 3: Comb the hair upward while cutting off the top sides, then cut it off bit by bit. Many women are left with a full hairline that then looks like a bob.

In order to create your unique pixie bob hairstyle, we have put together this gallery for you to choose the best hairstyle. So let's get started now!

1. Sleek Vs Fluffy Pixie Bob

1694673326 Sleek Vs Fluffy Pixie Bob
Which one is your favorite? The sleek look will accentuate your oval face with slim sides to suit any face shape, while the fluffy look is more ethereal, rounding out your face and creating more fullness and volume, both are great!

2. Shaggy Pixie Bob with Punky Color

1694673365 Shaggy Pixie Bob with Punky Color
Shaggy pixie bob - I like this square color hairstyle. Nailing it!

3. Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

1694673387 Pixie Bob for Women Over 50
Absolutely stunning! Makeup sure has come a long way over the years. Cool foundation looked too pink and warm foundation looked too orange. Now there’s neutral.

4. Lavender Pixie Bob with Bangs Swept Forward

1694673407 Lavender Pixie Bob with Bangs Swept Forward
If the length is shorter, brush your hair forward to create more volume at the top, and long layers along the bangs and sides help maintain the perfect look.

5. Icy Platinum Bob

1694673425 Icy Platinum Bob
Created an icy platinum pixie bob with hair growing out from the pixie's body." This is gorgeous! Who doesn't love cool and fun, vibrant icy platinum hair?

6. Razor Pixie Bob

1694673446 Razor Pixie Bob
You'll love this short bob with some textured hair, they are just the right length to surprise us, and the curled hair looks lively and playful.

7. Neat Short Pixie Bob

1694673466 Neat Short Pixie Bob
Champagne can take any hair texture to another level, it's so lovely and premium and the great thing is that you don't have to spend too much time on it, yet it stays subdued.

8. Silver Hair and Balayage Highlights

1694673496 Silver Hair and Balayage Highlights
Bright colors are one easy way to add interest to your haircut, and purple and pink hues breathe new life into silver pixie bob!

9. Grey Hair Pixie Bob

1694673516 Grey Hair Pixie Bob
When choosing the salt-and-pepper pixie, embrace your gray stripes in an unprecedented way.

10. Shaggy Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights

1694673549 Shaggy Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights
If you're tired of the dullness of monochrome, add interest to your entire hairstyle with a set of highlights that are perfect for the elegant and easy-to-use woman.

11. Classic Pixie Bob Hairstyle

1694673570 Classic Pixie Bob Hairstyle
Wow, what beautiful hair, If you don't want to design an exaggerated look, this classic pixie bob is perfect for you!

12. Big Chop on Curly Pixie Cut

1694673589 Big Chop on Curly Pixie Cut
When you have naturally curly hair, try this pixie curly bob, it's so cute and lively.

13. Pixie Bob for Round Face

1694673611 Pixie Bob for Round Face
If your face shape is round, you should trim the slightly messy long bangs, allowing them to sweep across your face, giving your head a fuller appearance.

14. Pink Pixie Bob Haircut

1694673631 Pink Pixie Bob Haircut
If you want a stunning and cute look when you want, this pink pixie bob should be your first choice, it's so great overall with pink eyeshadow, and very natural fringed bangs!

15. French Bob Bowl Cut

1694673652 French Bob Bowl Cut
This hairstyle combines a modern style with a French bob, giving it a contemporary twist. Short layers are cut very tightly to create this unique style, concentrating volume where it is needed, and it applies to any face shape.

16. Micro Pixie Bob

1694673687 Micro Pixie Bob
What a cool shape and textured razor + shear cut! How cute does the combination of curly hair and layers look? You may need to style it every day, but it's all worth it!

17. Short Grey Pixie Bob

1694673714 Short Grey Pixie Bob
The sexy steel gray look appears quite glamorous, appearing dominant yet still very feminine.

18. Rich Deep Plum Color

1694673740 Rich Deep Plum Color
Sometimes you need an exaggerated purple color to show your difference, it goes well with pixie bob and the unique look will attract everyone's attention.

19. Pixie Bob Haircut with Green Highlights

1694673768 Pixie Bob Haircut with Green Highlights
An excellent option for you to transition into a simple, fresh and feminine look, when pixie bob haircut blend with turquoise and blonde highlights.

20. Fun Edgy Short Hair

1694673787 Fun Edgy Short Hair
Fine bob lines, clean layers and blunt bangs make this hairstyle perfect. The elfin length and the fluffy sides and back, along with blunt bangs, make for a successful combination!

21. French Bob Razor Cut

1694673812 French Bob Razor Cut
What a great French bob, this pixie bob will give you a whole new look while only requiring 10 minutes of styling time, it's stylish and unique, just like you!

22. Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs

1694673836 Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs
Products used:
Davines Oi Milk to control frizz
Davines Blow Dry Primer for heat protection
Cult and King Balm for definition and hydration

23. Platinum Long Pixie Bob Cut

1694673859 Platinum Long Pixie Bob Cut
Champagne-colored side-parted pixie bob highlights the shape and layers, and the one eye hidden behind the bangs will be more sexy.

24. Short Bob Haircut with Undercut

1694673885 Short Bob Haircut with Undercut
Great cut! looks amazing:)

25. Asymmetrical Hair Pixie Bob

1694673907 Asymmetrical Hair Pixie Bob
The cute little pixie bob will shape the dimensional look in the back, which emphasizes the back and provides you with a variety of volume + shape possibilities.

26. Blonde Hair Pixie Bob

1694674838 Blonde Hair Pixie Bob
Just working on something fun….how are you lovely?

27. Center Parting Whispy Bob

1694674861 Center Parting Whispy Bob

Met this lovely lady tonight! The stylist did a gray coverage root touch up and reshaped and textured her bob.

28. Messy Short Bob Haircut

1694674888 Messy Short Bob Haircut
So beautiful. Now that she's no longer just one of the crowd, her inner light shines through!

29. Rooty Blonde Bob Hairstyle

1694674915 Rooty Blonde Bob Hairstyle
Custom color: lavender lumberjack. This bright tone is both funky and funky, and it brings a faux-boy feel to your pixie bob.

30. Short Textured Bob

1694674956 Short Textured Bob
Cute razor cut for short hair, this soft curtain bangs bring you a relaxed and cool vibe, it opens up the eyes and the slim layers around the face flatten the cheekbone line.

31. Pixie Bob Like A Cute Cat

1694674981 Pixie Bob Like A Cute Cat
A slightly longer side sweep creates a very feminine design where the woman pushes the side bangs through rather than letting them fall on her forehead.

32. Long Platinum Pixie Cut

1694675001 Long Platinum Pixie Cut
How about getting your pixie a little fun, keeping one side longer and styling it however you want, where platinum tone and pixie bob hair go great together!

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