18 Most Popular Stacked Bob Haircuts for New Style in 2021

Do you want to try another bob hairstyle but don’t know which one is the best? Then you can follow a stacked bob haircut, it is a super fashion look in these years, it is characterized by longer hair on the front and shorter hair on the back. Stacked bob looks round as a whole, which is obtained from the gradient layer.

Stacked bob can have bangs or no bangs, and its length can be short or medium-length, depending on the woman’s hair quality and style. You can design it in many ways, such as shape and color, and it will never be out of date. Today we have compiled the 18 best stacked bob hairstyles for you. You can definitely decide which one is your favorite.

1. Classic Stacked Bob

Classic Stacked Bob

You can use an elegant bob hairstyle to bring vitality to this summer, and the partial long bangs can reveal a smooth face.

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