30 Hottest Messy Bob Haircuts Trending in 2022

Simple and messy fashion hairstyles are trending all over the world right now, a messy haircut for women can give you a beautiful look, it is suitable for long, medium and short hair, and it is low maintenance.

A messy bob is an effortless look that adds vibrancy to short hair and makes you look more stylish and cheerful. Messy bobs add texture and volume to fine, thin hair and create more layers to your hair. Messy bobs can compliment women with round faces, making them look smaller and thinner. We have listed 30 of the most trending messy bob haircuts below, pick the best ones to wear up!

1. Rose Gold Hair Messy Bob

Rose Gold Hair Messy Bob

Shaving quite a bit of her hair off and retained the original rose gold hair.

2. Soft Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

Soft Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

A messy bob paired with sexy curtain bangs is enough to transform your look this year.

3. Blonde Hair Messy Bob

Blonde Hair Messy Bob

Loving this purposefully messy, effortless but stunning bob look on her!

4. Shag Purple Messy Bob with Blunt Bangs

Shag Purple Messy Bob with Blue Bangs

A messy bob doesn’t have to be on short hair, you can try a longer one and dye it with beautiful colors.

5. Blonde Blue Messy Bob

Blonde Blue Messy Bob

Beautiful color and texture on blonde bob haircut.

6. Blonde Highlights on Messy Bob Haircut

Blonde Highlights on Messy Bob Haircut

Throwing highlights into your messy bob only adds style and looks gorgeous.

7. Beach Waves Short Hair

Beach Waves Short Hair

The more lift and volume you get when you play a combination of beach waves and bobs.

8. Icy Blonde Messy Bob

Icy Blonde Messy Bob

Increasing the volume on the sides will only help you increase the fashionable mess factor.

9. Messy French Bob

Messy French Bob

This cut straight is a perfectly square bob with gentle graduation in the back. It’ll look great smoothed, air dried, or curled.

10. Shaggy Bob for Brunette Hair

Shaggy Bob for Brunette Hair

This cool, slope-y fringe with short little pieces in the middle will grow right into curtain fringe.

11. Messy Layered Bob

Messy Layered Bob

Do you love it wild and a little bit of a mess? It’s just our thing.

12. Sweetest Messy Bob Cut

Sweetest Messy Bob Cut

A very short messy bob should have a mind of its own, and you can still use it to create a voluminous look.

13. Short Hair Blunt Bob

Short Hair Blunt Bob

Give some blunt options to show off your bob’s style.

14. Pink Hair Messy Bob

Pink Hair Messy Bob

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!

15. Classic Messy Bob for Older Women

Classic Messy Bob for Older Women

Who doesn’t love a little texture with their bob? Add some fun layers to spice up a classic bob style.

16. Cute Textured Bob

Cute Textured Bob

When you cut your should hair to short, a new trendy messy bob is instantly revealed.

17. Pink Hair Messy Bob Cut

Pink Hair Messy Bob Cut

Dying a vibrant pink will ensure you show off your messy bob properly.

18. Messy Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights

Messy Bob Haircut with Blonde Highlights

This cut is the fact that not only looks gorgeous when it’s blown out and styled, but it will also flow perfectly with  natural texture and wave when she chooses to air dry.

19. Blonde Hair A-line Bob

Blonde Hair A line Bob

A messy bob is flattering, versatile, manageable and SUPER stylish.

20. French Bob with Two-Toned Split Hair

French Bob with Two Toned Split Hair

The two tones are paired with a messy French bob to stand out from the crowd.

21. Soft Pink with A Messy Bob Cut

Soft Pink with A Messy Bob Cut

What a beautiful soft pink with a messy bob cut!

22. Curly Shaggy Bob

Curly Shaggy Bob

This is a curly shaggy bob with piecey, curtain fringe. Curl your bob to take advantage of natural curls and give your look a whole new look.

23. Shag Bob Haircut 70s Style

Shag Bob Haircut 70s Style

By creating this super choppy, jagged fringe with a straight razor, you will get a nice 70s shaggy style.

24. Bronde Textured Bob

Bronde Textured Bob

Keeping a sexy bronde color helps achieve a messy bob look.

25. Asian Textured Messy Bob

Asian Textured Messy Bob

It looks so cute with a slightly curly bob hairstyle that’s not too dramatic, and it’s the perfect way to rock this year.

26. Textured Messy Lob

Textured Messy Lob

Hello summer hair with her annual summer chop! Ready for a short blunt bob with lots of texture?

27. Dimensional Blonde Messy Bob

Dimensional Blonde Messy Bob

Short blonde hair with highlights will amplify your messy bob.

28. Razor Cut Bob Haircut

Razor Cut Bob Haircut

Messy waves that aren’t too exaggerated create a balanced effect for this bob.

29. Rainbow Hair Messy Bob

Rainbow Hair Messy Bob

Super cute and fun color pallets with a delicious dip dye.

30. Rusty Rainbow Messy Bob

Rusty Rainbow Messy Bob

Make sure your colorful bob is prominent and flattering.