15 Hottest Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs in 2020

Bangs hairstyles can serve many purposes, such as they can hide your forehead wrinkles and add extra styles for your hair. Bangs can be set in many ways, if your hair is medium length, then you must be thinking of various hairstyles.

Medium hairstyles with bangs are the perfect middle zone between childish and mature boring, if your hair needs to update for next season, just consider it now.

So, let’s turn you into medium length hairstyles with bangs, hair with a bang can bring out your favorite cute features and even complement your personality. To be sure, there is always a perfect edge to the face shape and hair texture.

1. Orange Hair with Bangs

Orange Hair with Bangs
Source: @ayrezmari

Orange never goes out of style, whether it’s hot summer or cold winter, and it makes you look cooler with a tattoo.

2. Black ice bangs

Black ice bangs
Source: @hairstar86

If you’re a brunette lover just consider this style, dark blue highlights can let you catch everyone’s eyes.

3. Sexy Short Bangs

Sexy Short Bangs
Source: @rachelteetyler

This hair looks totally amazing, natural hair colors make you sexier.

4. Brunette Hair

Brunette Hair
Source: @debora.rachelle

Chestnut is a common hair color, but you still can look unusual when paired with bright clothes and nails.

5. Straight Fringe

Straight Fringe
Source: @julieanne_at_studio_j

This hair is so cute with a straight fringe.

6. Split Dye Hair

Split Dye Hair
Source: @julieanne_at_studio_j

Another straight fringe, it looks so good and get the best of both worlds with light and dark.

7. Shaggy Medium Hairstyle

Shaggy Medium Hairstyle
Source: @ateallyourrazors

Oh, a shaggy hairstyle gives your hair more dimension, and glasses make up the difference.

8. Dyed Chestnut Hair

Dyed Chestnut Hair
Source: @megatim

A hot girl with dyed medium hair, she felt cute and took some selfies, the life is simple and sunny.

9. Colorful Hair with Bangs

Colorful Hair with Bangs
Source: @hakstol

Curly medium hair is a good way to show off your charm, and a sunny smile can warm others.

10. Icy Blonde with Bangs

Icy Blonde with Bangs
Source: @_colorbymare

This is gorgeous platinum hair color! Also gave you a new do with some bangs.

11. Japanese Vapor Wave Hairstyle

Japanese Vapor Wave Hairstyle
Source: @dakoschwarz

Very cool hair, black & blue color bring you natural and relaxed highlights, with interesting effects.

12. Shaggy Hair 80s Look

Shaggy Hair 80s Look
Source: @fayetreacy

Just like some 80s look, the dark brown blends perfectly with the light.

13. 60’s Style Shag

60s Style Shag
Source: @jayne_edosalon

Late 60’s style shag. She does not blow dry or curl her hair. She just wears a good cut for her waves and perfect texture.

14. Punk Hair, Curtain Bangs

Punk Hair Curtain Bangs
Source: @allieoverholthair

Pink and gold punk gives you a different feel, curtain bang also cannot conceal that distinctive breath.

15. Fall Hair Transitions

Fall Hair Transitions
Source: @thegoldenhoursalon

Isn’t this fall a good time for dark brown hair? Bangs with a little middle part brings you a filmy nifty.