25 Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Thick Hair of Any Length

If you have thick hair that is a simple & perfectly styling option, women with thick hair may have excessive volume. You can easily make your gorgeous hair to perfection with the right layered haircuts. Also, you can choose any length that suits your face shape and lifestyle.

Normally, ladies aren't entirely happy with their appearance, because they don't realize and use the potential of their appearance. Thick hair often leads to complicated maintenance, but if you choose the right hairstyle, your thick hair will be controlled to give you a colorful and glamorous hairstyle.

When you leave the salon, you look like a supermodel, and then you go home to try to maintain it. But sadly, not all hair will keep you in the salon of that day, some nice hairstyle is also a waste of time. On every weekday morning, who will spend 1 hour to straighten and curl in the bathroom?

Today we've collected the perfect short, medium, and long styles for thick hair that will save you styling time, find out what low-maintenance styles are right for you, and try to change yourself!

1. Long Blonde Balayage

1694768914 Long Blonde Balayage 2023

What a babe showing off her BALAYAGE, this style only needs minutes every morning.

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2. Short Wavy Hair

1694768962 Short Wavy Hair (1)

Natural blonde, it looks simple and stylish.

3. Low Maintenance Bronde Hair

1694768995 Low Maintenance Bronde Hair

Made light little babylight stripes and lowlights. Tinted the whole handsomeness quite natural, neutral, a little warm. It doesn't take much to maintain this shade, it's enough to concentrate but to care for the hair as well as possible.

4. Lob Hair Darwin Balayage

1694769021 Lob Hair Darwin Balayage

Lobs for the win by creating textured styles like this, that perfect colour and style for someone who wants super low-maintenance hair.

5. Medium Hair with Babylights and Balayage

1694769067 Medium Hair with Babylights and Balayage

Perfect middle parting balayage style, It is versatile and can be applied to any face shape, any outfit.

6. Blonde Short Hair

1694769092 Blonde Short Hair

Short is the new chic and it look elegant in older women.

7. Creamy Blonde

1694769116 Creamy Blonde

Living for this vanilla blonde on this absolute stunner with finest teny tiny babylights, she’s one of the lucky ones ladies.... she’s a born blondie!

8. Soft Ashy Blonde

1694769145 Soft Ashy Blonde

A partial babylight and that did the trick! Used all PRAVANA for the lift and tone while incorporating F18 Hair for strength when lifting.

9. Medium Softer Shag Haircut

1694769170 Medium Softer Shag Haircut

This one is definitely a kindred spirit! This softer shag style is perfect for the low-maintenance babe. It is usually a 5 to 6 month grow out with an occasional bang trim in between.

10. Medium Blonde Highlight

1694769198 Medium Blonde Highlight

This girl had so much hair, thick and long it weighed her down and now life is a bit lighter.

11. Brunette Lob

1694769220 Brunette Lob

It's a natural look and you just need to do little hair care work and get a comb through it every morning.

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12. Medium Sunkissed Hair

1694769250 Medium Sunkissed Hair

Bold face frame + teasy lights + zone tone = future proof color.

13. Soft Beige Bronde Foilayage

1694769281 Soft Beige Bronde Foilayage

Soft beige bronde foliage, I love how you can see warm and cool, how multitonal and soft it is. All done using airtouch, cause she’s got a sensitive scalp. This technique is perfect for clients who can’t handle combing out all that teasing.

14. Short Beach Waves

1694769311 Short Beach Waves

A little weight off her shoulders, it's the perfect Bob for winter sloth.

15. Short Blonde Highlights

1694769338 Short Blonde Bighlights

The hairstylist are working with natural color and enhancing what they have instead of fighting against it, beautiful and low maintenance.

16. Root Shadow Short Hair

1694769370 Root Shadow Short Hair

The root shadow is the key to low maintenance success. It's not as dark and scary as it sounds. It's very versatile and very custom to your hair and desired results. It's one more buffer for a seamless grow out and lived in fade out. It diffuses ant line of demarcation, it deepens and creates a natural look, it shadows and mimics "natural" growth. The root shadow will generally fade in about 6-8 weeks (washes depending) and your lived in highlights will begin to pop out and give a second round of life to your hair.

17. Long Toned Blonde with Subtle Highlights

1694769402 Long Toned Blonde with Subtle Highlights

Ice QUEEN! If you have thick and long hair, this simple middle-parting waves is perfect.

18. Grey Bob Cut

1694769428 Grey Bob Cut

She has 100% grey/white hair at the front and base 3 natural at the back... this is so fun with less maintenance.

19. Textured Blunt Bob

1694769450 Textured Blunt Bob

This was a fun transformation and she just like an angel!

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20. Short Hair Babylights

1694769472 Short Hair Babylights

Short hair just gives all the feels, she’s STUNNING!

21. Beige Balayage

1694769496 Beige Balayage

Airtouch ribbons created using @un.rooted 3D foilayage technique, Lightened with Schwarzkopfusa BlondMe + Olaplex.

22. Straight Balayage Fall Hair Color

1694769529 Straight Balayage Fall Hair Color

This photo is a perfect example of how soft of a transition you can get with airtouch, also her shirt and that beige bronde is looking like the perfect fall color combo, the tone and depth combo is perfect!

23. Short Buttery Blonde Lob

1694769549 Short Buttery Blonde Lob

Taking her blonde to her root with a small shadow root, and let it to be bright and blended but low maintenance.

24. Long Blonde Balayage

1694769607 Long Blonde Balayage

Just in case you forgot what the lower half of her face looks like! Who else has been inspired by this season's trendsetters and looks that hit the viral fashion runways!?

25. Asian Bronde Highlights

1694769641 Asian Bronde Highlights

Life’s too short to not show off your lion's mane, look right for the before, the difference is just... wow!

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