40 Stylish Long Pixie Haircuts Trending in 2022

Pixies are timeless, they are great for women who want to style their hair short and over time different varieties have been developed, the long pixie being one of them. A long pixie cut is cute, it is overall short and easy to clean while keeping longer bangs to get a stylish style.

The long pixie cut is somewhere between the pixie and the bob, but it requires less time to maintain and you can wear it not only to get a stylish look for office and business occasions, but also for parties and meetings. They are attractive, sleek and glamorous, and long pixie cuts will always be a hot style that you can wear for any occasion!

Long pixie cuts are a great way out, and if you’re tired of lan ordinary pixie cuts, try to get inspired with these 40 very stylish best long pixie cuts!

1. Natural Grey Long Pixie

Natural Grey Long Pixie

If you can go short and look amazing, definitely do it, it’s very stylish, fun, cool, cute, easy, & feeling free.

2. Long Stacked Pixie Cut

Long Stacked Pixie Cut

From the front, this hairstyle looks longer, but it retains a center parting style that looks both girly and sexy, with just the right amount of curtain bangs to show off your eyes.

3. Platinum Long Pixie

Platinum Long Pixie

Angle the back up more and leave the length in front. It’s so good and deserves all the attention.

4. Pixie Haircut with Center Parted Bangs

Pixie Haircut with Center Parted Bangs

This sexy style is achieved through eye-covering bangs that are close to Bob hairstyle and will create an amazing look!

5. Blue Long Pixie Cut

Blue Long Pixie Cut

Blue can be a great pop of color, and it’s the perfect color to pair with a long pixie cut.

6. Soft Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Soft Blonde Long Pixie Cut

A neatly trimmed pixie cut is a great choice, and this hairstyle is very youthful and smoothes out older faces.

7. Grey Straight Hair Long Pixie

Grey Straight Hair Long Pixie

When you are older and have short grey hair, try this natural long pixie, you don’t need to style it purposely.

8. Big Side Parted Icy Blonde Long Pixie

Big Side Parted Icy Blonde Long Pixie

Incorporate undercuts into your long pixie style for an amazing twist, and ice gold is the perfect color.

9. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical styles are always special, whether it’s bob or a pixie cut, it will make you look stylish and trendy.

10. Rooty Blonde Long Pixie

Rooty Blonde Long Pixie

The side-parted long pixie cut is suitable for business women, and it adds some mystery as well as extra volume.

11. Blue Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Blue Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

What a funny color, provide more texture and depth to long pixie cuts by introducing stunning light blue highlights, with blue and brown complementing each other.

12. Red Curly Pixie Haircut

Red Curly Pixie Haircut

If you have thick short curly hair, wearing this long pixie will not only add to the look but also make the curls more manageable.

13. Baby Mullet Wolf Cut

Baby Mullet Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is the popular hairstyle of 2022 and has been trendsetting since TikTok. This somewhat bixie style wolf cut is a great short hairstyle that is very cute and retains an elegant vibe.

14. Champagne Long Pixie Cut

Champagne Long Pixie Cut

It looks great! Straighten the hair and retain the flowing feel at the ends while the black shade ensures this is not a monotonous look.

15. Side Parted Long Pixie

Side Parted Long Pixie

Wow, this is a great long pixie cut, perfect for thinner face shape women, this long and tousled short hair is very sexy that you just need some soft styling gel to fix the bangs.

16. Pink Purple Pixie

Pink Purple Pixie

Massive chop on her hair, it was just past the shoulder into a cute curly pixie! Sprinkled through a bit of color and she’s right as rain.

17. Soft Violet-blonde Undercut

Soft Violet blonde Undercut

Sexy soft violet-blonde undercut on this super sexy lady! This mix of cuts and layers creates a versatile style.

18. Grey Hair Long Pixie Cut

Grey Hair Long Pixie Cut

Isn’t her natural grey color so divine? When you keep longer edges on the sides, this is a sophisticated hairstyle for women of any age that is messy and textured.

19. Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob

Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob

If your face shape is long, a wavy long pixie cut keeps a balanced look and makes you look both sexy and generous with blonde hair and dark lipstick.

20. Textured Grey Pixie Hair

Textured Grey Pixie Hair

Offering a diverse hair texture and appearance, this funky and textured pixie hair is a great look for women over 60 who want to try something totally different.

21. Short Wavy Hair Long Pixie

Short Wavy Hair Long Pixie

If you want to cut to the chase, the long pixie is a great option to completely transform your look. Choose a layered version with naturally long bangs to add texture to longer sections and achieve a more voluminous look. Keep in mind that depending on the shape of your face, a pixie with a larger or smaller length will suit you better.

22. Shaggy Textured Pink Hair

Shaggy Textured Pink Hair

This pink looks so good on her, both feminine and edgy, this cut would not be complete without the messy volume behind the asymmetrical bangs.

23. Platinum Blonde Long Pixie

Platinum Blonde Long Pixie

A textured long pixie cut and made her platinum blonde! Stylish blonde hair never goes out of style, and this style will make you feel confident at work.

24. Blonde Hair Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Blonde Hair Long Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Had so much fun coloring and restyling this long asymmetrical pixie cut for this absolute stunner, what a transformation!

25. Grey Hair Razor Cut

Grey Hair Razor Cut

Using a straight razor automatically softens any lines created by cutting and also makes it easier to build volume and invisible layers.

26. Icy Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Icy Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Pre-lightened with igora vario blond plus and enhanced with fiber plex to create a cool icy blonde. Added a chunky turquoise panel through the edges and wanted something funky to match her personality.

27. Red Hair Textured Long Pixie

Red Hair Textured Long Pixie

Everyone can pull off short hair, you just have to have the right cut. This textured long pixie is heaven on the gorgeous girl.

28. Shaggy Long Pixie Bob

Shaggy Long Pixie Bob

This textured style is giving us all the hair vibes! A severe side part would be great too!!

29. Short Blonde Hair with Lots of Texture

Short Blonde Hair with Lots of Texture

Asymmetrical long pixie, longer in the front and with lots of texture, looks great overall!

30. Curtain Bangs and Dark Back

Curtain Bangs and Dark Back

Love the bangs and color! I don’t know if it’s her, you, or the magic combo, but yes! She looks awesome with any cut.

31. Long Pixie Cut with Wings

Long Pixie Cut with Wings

The wings and the side sweep bang are perfect.

32. Rainbow Long Pixie Haircut

Rainbow Long Pixie Haircut

Rainbow colors and long pixies are a wonderful combination, and if you have straight hair, add a bold color like this exaggerated rainbow one!

33. Brunette Pixie Cut

Brunette Pixie Cut

The long fringe bangs are perfect for a long face, and the slightly curled hair on top of the head adds volume and style.

34. Coral Shaved Pixie Cut

Coral Shaved Pixie Cut

This pink messy pixie haircut looks stylish and feels breezy.

35. Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Blonde Long Pixie Cut

Cutting your hair off can be absolutely liberating, this cut brings out her beautiful features, all while bringing her hair back to good health.

36. Dark Blue Long Pixie Cut

Dark Blue Long Pixie Cut

This dark blue color is a great option when you want to add a special touch to a long sprite.

37. Platinum Blonde Curls and Shaved Sides

Platinum Blonde Curls and Shaved Sides

Iced up blonde hair and popped some curls in for some texture!

38. Shaved Side Long Pixie

Shaved Side Long Pixie

A woman that cut her hair • is about to change her life!

39. Long Asymmetrical Pixie

Long Asymetrical Pixie

She came with her waist-length hair, short hair like a long pixie and asymmetric.

40. Blue Shaved Buzz Cut

Blue Shaved Buzz Cut

Very cool blue color for your long pixie cut for an amazing twist and create a truly versatile style.