30 Pretty Light Blue Hair Color Ideas

Today, we can have many choices in color for our hair, not just blondes, reds and browns, but also try exaggerated rainbow colors, purples, pinks and of course, blues. Light blue has a unique charm, it is not as dull as dark blue, it is a good option between dark and pastel colors and you can dress it up fearlessly this season.

Light blue hair is very cool and fun, its icy coldness adds a bold tone to your look, you can find peaceful serenity or stormy strength in it, it is the perfect combination of soft and inner. Celebrities are making a splash this year with light blue shades, and you can too!

Light Blue Hair Color Ideas

You should think light blue hair is a great and fashionable idea, although many people think this color is outrageous, follow your heart and change yourself starting with your hair first, choose the amazing fashion color – light blue, adding highlights, ombre & balayage, you shouldn’t let some difficulties stop you, check out these 30 different light blue hair color ideas we have for you to get inspired.

1. Baby Blue Ice Queen

Baby Blue Ice Queen

Keep the bangs naturally vertical and use a curling iron on both sides of the cheeks to create this unique pastel blue bob style.

2. Light Blue Wavy Medium Hair

Light Blue Wavy Medium Hair

This light blue color will not be very conspicuous, and the sexy wave curl makes you different in this season.

3. Short Hair in Jewel Blue

Short Hair in Jewel Blue

Bright colors will bring you a good mood for the day, it’s a fun color.

4. Dreamy Blue & Grey Colors

Dreamy Blue Grey Colors

When light blue collides with gray, you will see the amazing effect, then stand out with these sexy waves.

5. Shaggy Haircut with Pastel Blue

Shaggy Haircut with Pastel Blue

A nice blue for the party! Even though it’s pretty damn warm like everywhere right now but oh well, always gotta have love for the steely blues!

6. Light Blue Pixie Cut

Light Blue Pixie Cut

What a magical color and cut, see how perfect the combination of elf and light blue is!

7. Cool Icy Blue Hair

Cool Icy Blue Hair

Icy blue hair adds some cool look to the upcoming hot season.

8. Blonde & Blue Short Wavy Hair

Blonde Blue Short Wavy Hair

Half head of highlights then she weaved a mixture of semi-permanent colors in to create this beautiful mix of colors.

9. Beachy Waves Pastel Hair

Beachy Waves Pastel Hair

Keeping the shadow roots darker doesn’t make the look too monotonous and is mesmerizing from behind.

10. Pastel Blue Textured Bob

Pastel Blue Textured Bob

Winter blues be hittin! Stay safe and warm out there, yall!

11. Baby Blues for Medium Hair

Baby Blues for Medium Hair

This light blue is very stunning, you dyed it as if you become the heroine of Frozen.

12. Side Parting Pixie Cut

Side Parting Pixie Cut

Keeping dark hair roots will make your light blue pixie cut stand out from others.

13. Light Blue and Grey

Light Blue and Grey

The symmetrical two colors look unique and light, this color combination is the best summer style.

14. Light Blue Bald Cut

Light Blue Bald Cut

Do you have the courage to try this bald cut? And out of the ordinary light blue and small accessories are marked with bold and rebellious label.

15. Blue Highlights on Pixie Cut

Blue Highlights on Pixie Cut

Very pretty pixie haircut with blue highlights, the varying shades of blue create different layers to the look.

16. Light Blue Color Long Bangs

Light Blue Color Long Bangs

Do you want to add a sense of mystery? Try this curtain-like blue long bangs style.

17. Orange & Light Blue Split Dyed Shaggy Hairstyle

Orange Light Blue Split Dyed Shaggy Hairstyle

This look is amazing with fantastic split dye hair, this charming color palette is perfect for this season’s new style.

18. Punky Blue Hair

Punky Blue Hair

It’s not just a hair color, it’s a state of mind.

19. Pastel Blue Medium Hair

Pastel Blue Medium Hair

Blue is super difficult to get just how you want it. Bleached hair tends to pull warm, so you can end up with unwanted green sections in your hair.

20. Pastel Blue Straight Hair

Pastel Blue Straight Hair

A light blue straight center parting is easy to maintain, and you can make a difference this summer by choosing this fun color.

21. Rainbow Short Hair

Rainbow Short Hair

You don’t have to choose just one color, you can make a beautiful rainbow in your blue.

22. Icy Melt Style

Icy Melt Style

So gorgeous for strength and shine, it looks so special, including the color and the waves.

23. Pastel Blue Cute Bob

Pastel Blue Cute Bob

Today’s K-Pop look has influenced many young girls, you can combine it with watercolor blue, a very cute look!

24. Natural Pastel Blue Tones

Natural Pastel Blue Tones

From natural tones to vibrant hues, there are endless fade-resistant shades for your new look.​ Add some color to your life!

25. Pastel Blue & Purple Magic

Pastel Blue Purple Magic

With the perfect pairing of light blue and mauve, you’ll find fresh energy in this combination.

26. Icy Blue for Short Haircut

Icy Blue for Short Haircut

It is perfect for winter, simple and powerful!

27. Curly Hair with Blue Balayage

Curly Hair with Blue Balayage

Baby teal for baby spice, just the right amount of blue edge to accentuate your cuteness.

28. Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink

Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink

Major cotton candy vibes on this one.

29. Blonde Hair with Pastel Blue Balayage

Blonde Hair with Pastel Blue Balayage

Did you know you could play with pastel colors without commitment?! A huge shout out to this Lovely Rogue for stepping out of her comfort zone with this Glacier blue.

30. Waves of Blue

Waves of Blue

If you want to add a different look to your blonde hair, try this blue pick dye and it will make you look the perfect icon.