15 Amazing Layered Bobs to Inspire Your Next Haircut

Bob style is a stunning cut that is always popular these years, whatever long, short, or medium hair, bob hair cuts can bring layers to your life.

A layered bob is a type of short hair, to build more textures and sizes for your hair when your hair is in different lengths. Layered also helps you add volume or take it away.

Many women think that a layered bob is a hairstyle that has some visible disconnection and shorter pieces in the back to build various effects. The sense of layering makes every bob hairstyle look better. In this article, we have gathered some amazing layered bob hairstyles to help you find the right bob hairstyle.

1. Soft Wave Bob
1694510858 Soft Wave Bob

A layered bob is never out of fashion. Using a soft curl tong for a soft wave to make your style better!

2. Wavy Bob

1694510881 Wavy Bob

Choose a wavy bob that can rock your style this fall, which gives you more movement and texture.

3. Angled Layered Bob
1694510901 Angled Layered Bob

Angled layered bob will give you a low-maintenance look that can go for months, get an angled layered bob for a cool and youthful appearance.

4. Messy Bob with Bangs
1694510921 Messy Bob with Bangs

Messy bob with some bangs gives you an effective balance between short and medium hair, and you don't have to spend too much time on it every day.

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5. Layered Shaggy Bob
1694510943 Layered Shaggy Bob


A Shaggy bob with bangs is between classic and modern hairstyles, This one works well with thin hair, so try it now!

6. Layered Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
1694510968 Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Adding some side-swept bangs for a layered bob is an excellent idea that can give this style a more modern element, it often suits for round face.

7. Wavy Bob with Bangs
1694511000 Wavy Bob with Bangs

A wave bob is a perfect hairstyle for a dark-skinned woman, it looks stunning with a grey color tone.

8. Layered Angled Bob
1694511020 Layered Angled Bob

Angled bob has its unique charm, it doesn't matter if you have straight or curly hair, you can wear this hairstyle anytime.

9. Short Layered Bob Hairstyles
1694511042 Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

Many girls are wearing short hairstyles like this, It is similar to a choppy bob hairstyle but still has its characteristics, it looks very lovely.

10. Messy Bob 2023
1694511072 Messy Bob 2023

Give your hair a finish with some short, fragmented, and touch moisturizing spray.

11. Classic Stacked Bob
1694511147 Classic Stacked Bob

Stacked bob is perfect for fine hair, add stacked layers to help create shape, movement, and texture!

12. Curly Bob
1694511264 Curly Bob

This bob style works great for a woman who has naturally curly hair, it helps to lighten your face shape.

13. Textured Layer Bob
1694511300 Textured Layer Bob

Are you still looking for a Layered bob? Lucky for you today, this is a textured layer bob that is easy to style.

14. Layered Bob with Highlights
1694511326 Layered Bob with Highlights

Blonde highlights can add some differences from other layered bobs, an extra delicate touch to your final look, and brighten your features!

15. Soft Long Bob
1694511348 Soft Long Bob

You can still try bob style if you have medium hair, this long layered bob is a perfect bob that brings you back to the ’90s.

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