Latest Youthful Bob Haircuts for Women Over 50

Getting a new hairstyle is the first step to make you younger, if you are already over 50 years old, it can help you to improve your beauty observably. As an initial move to get another hairstyle, you need to think carefully about what’s right for you.

Bob is an important option for a 50-year-old woman, especially with grey hair, there are endless ways you can enhance bob haircuts, wavy, sleek, tousled, layered, and different colors such as grey, blue, red, brown, bob haircut is one of the most classic and safest hair trends, it is versatile and customizable.

Choose bob and give yourself a new light, we’ve collected about 20 great bob hairstyles for women over 50 and hope they can help you.

1. Blonde Bob Hairstyle

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I love a heavier sweater but they do tend to add bulk! I’ve paired mine with a cami for a little more streamlined look. And I’m loving neutrals right now.

2. Balayage Bob with Lowlights

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Looking so chic in this style. Very pretty and yes she looks younger.

3. Silver Blonde Hair

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She looks absolutely STUNNING!! Love the bold pink lip on her.

4. Blonde Bob Over 50 Hair

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-The base color is L’Oréal – Iona ammonia free color.
-Bayalage highlights.
-Lowlight panels in meshes for a 90’s inspired look.
-Smartbond added to keep the hairfibre intact.

5. Grey Bob Hair Color

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Amazing lights on her hair, which gets silverier as the weeks go by… I love the way it’s going to turn out, and it’s different in every light…

6. Brunette Bob Hair

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When you get a great cut and color, what’s the first thing you want to do? Dress up and go out to dinner!

7. Graduated Layered Bob

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It’s a quick and easy hairstyle for older women that are angled doesn’t need much maintenance.

8. Side-Swept Bangs

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A layered bob with side-swept bangs will make your appearance look both charming and graceful.

9. Wavy Silver Bob

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Silver is a natural color and you don’t have to do much with it, on the other hand, silver is a great color for any hairstyle for women over 50 who want to embrace their glittering white hair.

10. One-Length Straight Bob

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The one-length straight bob is great for older women, You will absolutely be in style whether you want it curly, straight, or wavy.

11. Blonde Jaw-Length Bob

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With jaw-length bob, it’s easy to go for a casual and natural style, adding curls to your front locks can make you youth.

12. Layered Bob

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Short layered bob can compatible with women of any age and can modernize any woman to look more fashionable, it gives women over 50 a polished and youthful look.

13. Purple Side-Parted Bob

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It’s a great purple, if you’re wearing glasses.

14. Blonde Playful Bob

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You can counter this dilemma by opting for layers that increase volume and allow your hair to have movement.

15. Blonde and Chocolate Balayage Layered Bob

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A blonde and chocolate balayage layered bob can induce effortless shine.

16. Platinum Messy Bob

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Blonde, gray, or silver hair, and is therefore perfect hairstyle for women over 50.

17. Grey Tousled Inverted Bob

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This tousled inverted bob delivers the sassy edge you are looking for.

18. Flicked Short bob

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When you are over 50 you can still have fun, this haircut adds dimension to your locks!

19. Classic Bob

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At any time, the classic Bob will never go out of style, it doesn’t need much styling.

20. Short Pixie Bob

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This trendy Pixie-bob is ready to go for incredibly short locks, it’s an optimal choice for women transitioning from long to shorter hair.

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