Latest Short Grey Hair Styles Are Trending This Year

Many of us can experience the natural transition of grey hair in our lives, although some ladies may choose to color their hair and others to a huge natural color line. The latter can be a real decision that allows you to explorer a fully new color. Grey trending now is taking the storm around the world, and short grey hair is one of the most popular styles for young women.

Grey hair color can be mixed with other hair colors, like soft pink or purple, or blue. If you don’t want all grey cover your head, just choose ombre gray hair color, ombre with wavy bob will be a stylish bob.

Gray hair also can have a blonde touch, silvery shine or dark grey. Every face shade has its own short grey hair, look at these images of grey hair colors to see if a shade is right for you.

1. Grey Hair with Little Bangs

Grey Hair with Little Bangs
Source: @tessahazzard

Even if the bang is very short, both sides of the waves can bring you a nifty sense.

2. Wavy Short Grey Haircuts

Wavy Short Grey Haircuts

Curly hair will make you look less dull, pixie is not limited in form, but also in color.

3. Grey Pixie Cuts

Grey Pixie Cuts

Grey pixie cuts are attracting a lot of girls with its unique charm, it’s easy to wear and will keep you in a good posture at work.

4. Cute Grey Pixie

Cute Grey Pixie

The easiest way to add some grey hair on the edge is to cut it into a fluffy pixie. Although it sometimes reminds you of a hairstyle reserved for the older generation, it can be easily pulled off at any age.

5. Short Grey Bob

Short Grey Bob

Grey bob also a great choice if you want a little circler than a pixie, it suits most ages.

6. Grey Hairstyles for Short Hair

Grey Hairstyles for Short Hair

Side bangs add style, nose rings, earrings, tattoos, why not mix them all together?

7. Grey Hair with Long Bangs

Grey Hair with Long Bangs

Sometimes, long bangs can be a great tool that shapes your face to keep your cool-girl style.

8. Purple Hues

Purple Hues

Adding some purple is a great option, and if you’re worried that all gray color will affect your age, this is an easy way to enjoy the style.

9. Long Pixie with Grey Hair

Long Pixie with Grey Hair

A chic short bob with tapered ends, 50 year old women can now use their natural colors with glasses.

10. Color Mixing

Color Mix

Low gray layers locks with purple or blue lines can create a real masterpiece, these colors look normal, but when mixed together, you get a haircut that sets you apart from the crowd.

11. Dark Gray

Dark Gray

Dark grey can has a beautiful light tone, you can enjoy the look of the silver lock without trying to add highlights or any more color strands. Keep it dark, keep it real.

12. A-line Bob

A line Bob

Silver looks great, it can be a-line bob. If your hair is naturally grey and thinning, a wonderful way to make it look fashionable is to get the right hairstyle.