20 Latest Brown Balayage Hair Colors with Winning Looks

Balayage has been a big trend in these years, this technology can highlight hair by hand-painting sections. Now it becomes bigger than ever with so many options, whatever you have blonde, brunette, black or red, you can always find an option that works for you.

Brown balayage hair is a classical hairstyle, it is perfect for this fall and winter with fully reflect your health and fullness. You can choose a creamy vanilla blonde, rosewood, or muted, that will give a refreshing sunny kiss effect. Besides, brown balayage hair works perfectly for all kinds of hairs whatever texture is. It’s also very comfortable for brunettes who want to rock a fresh style without high maintenance.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle, natural hairstyle, a sunny hairstyle, or trying a creative one, brown balayage hair is a great option, just choose the best one below that suits you best!

1. Subtle Brown Balayage

Subtle Brown Balayage 1
Source: @hairby_gloria

Take some waves on brown balayage, you will get more stylish and dimensional.

2. Blonde and Dark Brown Balayage

Blonde and Dark Brown Balayage
Source: @myhairgirl_

Blondes and dark brown balayage are a perfect mix, with soft waves to upgrade your hair, which is great for dark browns with low density.

3. Medium Brown Balayage

Medium Brown Balayage
Source: @herzblut.rocks

Bronzer is better for this fall, the copper stripes are better balanced with a medium brown, and with a little curl, a perfect middle hair is created.

4. Balayage Babylights

Balayage Babylights
Source: @panos__tzakos

Natural babylights don’t require a lot of care, but it gives you a sense of order in a mess.

5. Mushroom Blonde Balayage

Mushroom Blonde Balayage
Source: @ronnaleeann

Mushroom brown is now very popular, it avoids gray to look very old.

6. Light Brown Balayage

Light Brown Balayage
Source: @baskunanapeluqueros

This is a sunny light brown hairstyle, the neutral tones are natural and have a brightening effect, making your hair look unique.

7. Medium Balayage Brown

Medium Balayage Brown
Source: @jamsucahyono

A soft, straight hair with a chocolate color is such a lovely look!

8. Wavy Burnette Balayage

Wavy Burnette Balayage
Source: @dorapfaffhair

Add a lovely style to medium curls by adding burgundy tone, and brown as a background color can set off a variety of beautiful shades.

9. Bronde Balayage

Bronde Balayage
Source: @betterwithchardonnay

Brown hair looks cute, it’s low maintenance, and a wavy shape gives it more dimension.

10. Coffee Subtle Balayage

Coffee Subtle Balayage
Source: @hairby.kiara

Based on a tan that accentuates the subtlety of coffee, this look is good for women who don’t want too much maintenance in the salon.

11. Chocolate Balayage

Chocolate Balayage
Source: @francesradig_

Chocolate never goes out of style. It goes perfectly with curly hair and you’ll need it this fall.

12. Brown Hair Color

Brown Hair Color
Source: @balaypowder

Gorgeous tones, especially plus the nifty little buns that make you stand out.

13. Short Brown Balayage

Short Brown Balayage
Source: @gaboniprofessional

This textured Bob with brown balayage is perfect for people who want short and thick hair. It’s cool and approachable, easy to handle.

14. Dark Brown Balayage

Dark Brown Balayage
Source: @hairbyhannahriggs

For when you wanna go lighter, but you’re not quite ready to leave the dark side yet.

15. Warm Balayage

Warm Balayage
Source: @hairbyhannahriggs

Another common brown balayage, if you don’t want to consider too much about color, just try it!

16. Chocolate Balayage Ombre

Chocolate Balayage Ombre
Source: @huybstyling

Chocolate color with curly hair gives you a different feel this winter.

17. Ash Brown Balayage

Ash Brown Balayage
Source: @hairwithchi

This ash brown is the perfect cold shade and will complement your dark clothes in winter.

18. Brown Balayage 2020

Brown Balayage 2020
Source: @colorwithcolleen

Different warm colors and layers in your hair can give you movement, the best way to change the season is to change your hair color.

19. Natural Brown Balayage

Natural Brown Balayage
Source: @hairbylianag

A little partial balayage for this beauty, she is so sweet and the color is so trendy!

20. Beach Bum Brown Balayage

Beach Bum Brown Balayage
Source: @shelbychristinehair

The hairdresser broke up her brown a bit and gave her a natural glow, we think her smile says it all, it absolutely stunning!