30 Pretty Japanese Short Hairstyles for Women to Look Gorgeous

Japan has a unique, fashionable, and cool culture, including the hairstyles of Japanese girls. Japanese girls are adventurous and try brand new hairstyles and they embrace new styles. As a rule, Japanese women prefer nice and neatly trimmed hair, which can of course include some curls.

Short haircut is an important category in Japanese women’s hairstyles, they are suitable for students, office ladies and even housewives, and most Japanese ladies will spend at least an hour a day doing their hair, even if it is short. Don’t feel bad about chopping off all your hair in summer, you will find the best Japanese hairstyles for you and they look gorgeous.

We show you a gallery of Japanese hairstyles where there are many stylish hairstyles, bob, pixie, and various styles, find one you might like and try it yourself.

1. Cute Rounded Bob

1694512545 Cute Rounded Bob

Want to create a soft, rounded silhouette even with a long face!
Want to be different from my surroundings!

2. Short Wolf Cut with Face Layer

1694512578 Short Wolf Cut with Face Layer

The layers around the face are the focal point, which echoes the blunt bangs and looks gorgeous.

3. Milk Tea Beige Color Blunt Bob

1694512605 Milk Tea Beige Color Blunt Bob

A unique color that will make your hair shine, this blunt bob will look amazing on anyone, keep your hair beautifully styled and always in style.

4. Short Bob with Micro Waves

1694512629 Short Bob with Micro Waves

The shape of this bob is great, you need to match the gorgeous wave shape to make the whole look more coordinated and lovely.

5. Cute Bob for Black Straight Hair

1694512653 Cute Bob for Black Straight Hair

“Bob who keeps cutting”
Beautiful lines no matter where you look ✂
Oil can be styled adorably just by wearing it.

6. Grey Anime Short Haircut

1694512678 Grey Anime Short Haircut

This short gray haircut is a great choice when you’re looking for a fantastic comic look that’s both cute and fun!

7. Berry Messy Pixie Cut

1694512700 Berry Messy Pixie Cut

Messy pixie head with berry color, what a cute parent-child spring hairstyle.

8. Red Super Short Bob

1694512722 Red Super Short Bob

Do you want to design clean and sharp short hair? Try this red pixie cut that looks cool and is also easy to style in the morning.

9. Mini Layer Bob

1694512748 Mini Layer Bob

This is a popular style that has a lot of not sticking to your shoulders bob.
Styling Method
1) Dry the entire hair ends forward.
2) Run a straightening iron through the middle to the ends of the hair.
3) Apply balm to the entire hair. (Make sure to apply it to the inner hair as well)
4) Finish by adjusting the bangs and face area.

10. Short Haircut with Micro Bangs

1694512780 Short Haircut with Micro Bangs

Micro bangs are unique and fashionable, they are great for flattering your round face and making the whole look great, and the highlights provide playability to this style.

11. Green Short Bob

1694512809 Green Short Bob

On these hot summer days, you need fresh green to create the perfect look, and this round bob gives you a beautiful and stylish look.

12. Shoulder Bob Haircut

1694512830 Shoulder Bob Haircut

Sweet peas, the language of flowers is “starting out” and “tender memories.” This charming bob hairstyle is as lovely as the words in her hand.

13. Cinnamon Beige Roundness Short Hairstyle

1694512853 Cinnamon Beige Roundness Short Hairstyle

Do you want a cute hairstyle that looks lovely in front of different people? Then you can try this one!

14. Mini Bob Short Hair

1694512880 Mini Bob Short Hair

This mini bob looks clean and easy to maintaince, making fine and careful cuts, leaving the necessary parts and removing the unnecessary ones according to the bones, it will last longer and the shape of the head will look beautiful!

15. Short Blunt Bob Haircut

1694512905 Short Blunt Bob Haircut

Vertical short hair is great for creating a cute bob, you don’t have to blow dry it to keep it wet and shiny.

16. Blonde Hair Shaggy Pixie Cut

1694512931 Blonde Hair Shaggy Pixie Cut

If you want to try short blonde hair, this shaggy pixie cut will do the job, and slim bangs should be a must for anyone.

17. Yellow Short Pixie Cut

1694512955 Yellow Short Pixie Cut

A combination of unplugged blonde and short hair. Do you like this semi-dry texture of the look?

18. Razor Haircut with Cool Line

1694512978 Razor Haircut with Cool Line

Wow, What a great piece of art, it can be a little intimidating, but that’s the way to go!

19. High Tone Beige Belly Short Haircut

1694513003 High Tone Beige Belly Short Haircut

Rounded shorts are popular among the public, but zany shorts that start cut from layers are cute too.

20. Berry Hair Pixie Cut

1694513027 Berry Hair Pixie Cut

This color is very bright and vibrant, great with the short pixie cut, enjoy your new look.

21. Blue Color Bob

1694513058 Blue Color Bob

22. Beige Bob Haircut

1694513080 Beige Bob Haircut

23. Short Haircut with Natural Hair

1694513104 Short Haircut with Natural Hair

24. Cute Short Curly Hair

1694513125 Cute Short Curly Hair

25. Outside Honey Wolf Cut

1694513146 Outside Honey Wolf Cut

26. Pink Red Box Bob

1694513170 Pink Red Box Bob

27. Mash Short Haircut with Blonde Highlights

1694513197 Mash Short Haircut with Blonde Highlights

28. Pink Beige Bob

1694513215 Pink Beige Bob

29. Rounded Uncut Bob

1694513237 Rounded Uncut Bob

30. Short Hair with Middle Parting Bang

1694513265 Short Hair with Middle Parting Bang
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