15 Incredible Wedding Updo Hairstyles for Your Big Day

Wedding planning can take a lot of experience, and the final look will be no different. Some women know from a very early age what effect their wedding needs, so they don’t think too much about it. For other women, the wedding hairstyle can be considered for a long time, because it is not easy to choose a favorite taste from a variety of styles.

Updos have always been the first choice for brides all over the world. It is not only practical but also brings out the elegant temperament of the bride’s image. Imagine a floral dress and a long floor wedding dress, coupled with the unique updos, let you experience a fabulous and unforgettable wedding.

We think updo is a perfect style for any bride. With special hair accessories and floral accents, these wedding hair choices are unique and versatile. Updos can easily make you look chic and elegant. So if you are looking for chic up-road hairstyles for your wedding, party or prom, just check out these 15 wedding updo hairstyles to get inspired.

1. Updos with Headdress

Updos with Headdress
Source: hitched.co.uk

If your hair is full of luster, consider this one. It’s a perfect combination with a shiny headdress.

2. Blonde Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Blonde Wedding Updo Hairstyles
Source: hairstyles-trends.com

Blonde also works with Updos to make you stylish and attractive at the same time.

3. Unique Wedding Hairstyles

Unique Wedding Hairstyles
Source: weddbook.com

Loose curly hair can also be blended into a formal wedding. This creative hairstyle makes you stand out.

4. Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Bridal Updo Hairstyles

We can weave braids on boring updos, and a little hair on both sides can make you look lovely.

5. Twisted Bun Updos

Twisted Bun Updos

The twisted bun is a great style that can make your front hair towards the back and easily keeps your face shape conspicuous.

6. Messy Low Knot

Low Messy Knot

Some girls like messy style, try out this low knot with headdress then light your wedding.

7. Tucked Braid Updos

Tucked Braid Updos

A beautiful braid style can make your wedding special. You may have to spend more time on braids, but it’s all worth it!

8. High Bun Updos

High Bun Updos

Compared with low buns, high buns will show your charming neck line, with a lot of textures.

9. Classic Knot

Classic Knot

A classic knot will be the best choice for conservative women’s wedding. You can have a wonderful wedding with lovely accessories.

10. Low Updo for Blonde Hair

Low updo for blonde hair

Updo allows you to draw attention to your earrings and necklaces. This low bun updo is the perfect hairstyle, easy to access, and can match any occasion that never goes out of style.

11. Asian Wedding Updos

Asian Wedding Updos

One of the coveted hairstyles of many girls and young women is the charming curly hair bun and flower fashionable hair belt accessories running on the crown. Women who dream of becoming a princess at the wedding ceremony must not miss this look.

12. Bridal Updos

Bridal Updos
Source: @zielbridal_

Practicing some hair for our winter season! It’s much quieter after peak wedding season but we are okay with a little time to relax and gear up for 2021.

13. Halloween Wedding Updo

Halloween Wedding Updo
Source: @constantbeautystudio

It’s a special hairstyle, just in time for Halloween.

14. Elegant Bridal Hairstyle

Elegant Bridal Hairstyle
Source: @madeup_bymandy

It was such a gorgeous day for a wedding! It was beautiful! That’s what makes traveling for work so fun!

15. Blonde Bridal Hair

Blonde Bridal Hair
Source: @trishvanzee

Bridal Elegance! It’s the simple wedding updos hair then swipe for the face.