Incredible Dutch Braid Hairstyles for Beatiful Girls in 2021

Dutch braid hairstyles are getting more and more popular around the world, and they can become a powerful weapon for your hair weaving armory. No matter what type of hair you have, Dutch braids look great and keep your hair neat and sporty.

Like their French braids, Dutch braids are extremely versatile, with new styles appearing every minute. It can be difficult to do them at first, but once you’ve gained the experience, you can make them easy to wear on your head, you can make one, two, or even five braids if you’re smart.

Dutch braids are a New Year’s healing art, especially in this COVID period. If you’re looking for inspiration for a Dutch braid, keep scrolling for the coolest look.

1. Blonde Dutch Braid Style

Blonde Dutch Braid Style
Credit: @braid.sby_jo

Sometimes the simplest braids are the prettiest.

2. Boho Braids

Boho Braids

“When buying from a maker, you’re buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks, and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren’t just buying a thing. You are buying a piece of heart. Part of a soul, a moment of someone’s else’s life.

3. Pink Dutch Braid

Pink Dutch Braid
Credit: @tonigogola_weddinghair

This was her most liked and saved style of 2020! It is gorgeous and cute!

4. Dutch Braid for Long Hair

Dutch Braid for Long Hair
Credit: @emilyghockaday

So cute braid and she has learned this style from Pinterest and some Instagram images and usually tweak it a little bit.

5. Black Braided Hair

Black Braided Hair
Credit: @hallofbraids

Dutch braids also suit black hair, which looks very neat and clean.

6. Dutch Braids for Little Girl (video)

Super beautiful and perfect! The truth, hair will be a bit much, but … remember how many days the child was with braids, which means so many days you did not comb it and did not collect hairs that fell out every day!

7. Six Dutch Braid Ideas

Six Dutch Braid Ideas
Credit: @studiohilde

Absolutely six perfect stunning styles, it is beautiful and so cute.

8. Dutch Five Strand Braids

Dutch Boxer Braids1
Credit: @annie_blubb
Dutch Boxer Braids2
Credit: @annie_blubb
Dutch Boxer Braids3
Credit: @annie_blubb

Dutch fives strand braids are her favorite braids and here she braided them twice. Since she doesn’t like a middle parting on herself, but she still wants to have about the same thick braids, she always pulls the apex a bit obliquely. This may need to get used to from behind, but it flatters her face more.

9. Dutch Braid with Low Ponytail

Dutch Braid with Low Ponytail1
Credit: @fryzurki.laurki
Dutch Braid with Low Ponytail2
Credit: @fryzurki.laurki

Absolutely amazing and perfect, try this hairstyle on your little girl and she will be happy at school.

10. Braid with Bun Style

Braid with Bun Style1
Credit: @hrm_styles
Braid with Bun Style2
Credit: @hrm_styles

Today we have a space bun style with a really cool elastic design in the back.

11. Dutch Braids & Curly Hair

Dutch Braids Curly Hair
Credit: @parvinebeautysalon

Dutch Braids & curly hair, the perfect combo.

12. 3 Strand Braid

3 Strand Braid1
Credit: @my.braided.hairstyles
3 Strand Braid2
Credit: @my.braided.hairstyles
3 Strand Braid3
Credit: @my.braided.hairstyles

She is so talented! Really amazing with this pretty braid.

13. Updo Dutch Braid Hairstyle

Updo Dutch Braid Hairstyle
Credit: @ilonahanni

Dutch braids can be paired with updo to give you a different feeling of perfection.

14. Cute Dutch Braid

Cute Dutch Braid
Credit: @hair_by_roobzie

A very rushed headband braid, just to keep her hair out of her face, a stacked braid with a rope twist.

15. Simple and Quick Dutch Braid

Simple and Quick Dutch Braid1
Credit: @hairsbynadia
Simple and Quick Dutch Braid2
Credit: @hairsbynadia
Simple and Quick Dutch Braid3
Credit: @hairsbynadia

Simple and quick hairstyle for girls, pretty and cute.

16. Double Buns Dutch Braid

Double Buns Dutch Braid
Credit: @trencitajohnson

Half up style with teo dutch braids into double buns, looks so beautiful!

17. Blonde Dutch Braid Christmas Style

Blonde Dutch Braid Christmas Style
Credit: @studiohilde

Christmas style from last year, so beautiful curves, Love this!

18. Side Bun Style

Side Bun Style1
Credit: @hrm_styles
Side Bun Style2
Credit: @hrm_styles

A really cute side bun style, what do you think of the style?

19. Braided Bun Hair

Braided Bun Hair1
Credit: @fryzurki.laurki
Braided Bun Hair2
Credit: @fryzurki.laurki

Dutch braid, decorated with a beautiful hair ornament on a pouch.

20. 4 Strand Ribbon Braid

4 Strand Ribbon Braid1
4 Strand Ribbon Braid2

She tried to upstyle the ribbon arrangement of the wreath knitting that she did at Christmas.
※ Take a little of the back from the front, firmly stop if you put it in the image to return to the front!
※ When you take the hair bundle, I think that it is good to put it in about three little by little.
※ It is good to spread only the hair bundle of the lower part that split.