How to Refresh and Modernize Your Hairstyle

New season it’s coming, so it’s time to consider a new hot hairstyle. Why not add a little attitude and dimensions to your look? Whether you are looking for a complete makeover or just a sassy new update, here are three ways to refresh your hairstyle!

1. Get a sharp cut

Ever since supermodel Agyness Deyn is wearing her short, sassy haircut, short crops are spelt cool with a capital ‘C’. If you’re going short, make sure it’s a definite style that makes a statement.
A great short can be styled in a number of ways so you can have a smooth, sexy finish one day, or a more textured, roughed-up look the next. Go for a block color with lots of shine to draw emphasis to the haircut.

2. Keep it sexy

Think of long hair and you think sexy, right? Wrong. So often long hair is tired and shapeless – and permanently resigned to being pulled back into a ponytail. Recognize yourself? Well there’s how to put the wow back into that wonderful mane: long hair needs to be healthy and shiny to look sexy. Regular trims will keep split ends away and twice-weekly deep conditioning treatments will ensure it’s moisturized. Use a soft bristle brush to encourage the natural oils and keep a soft shine to the hair.

3. Try extensions

Time was when you could spot a badly placed set of extensions a mile off, but not any more. Today’s extensions are more versatile than ever, allowing you to change your color, hair texture or length in a matter of minutes or hours – so there’s no need to be stuck in a hair rut ever again! Don’t be afraid to experiment, push the boundaries and create a temporary style outside your comfort zone. The versatility of using hair extensions means you can create one style and then simply change it back overnight. You don’t have to spend lots of time or money as spot extensions are super quick and can dramatically update a look.