How to Diy Natural Hair Lightener at Home

Hey guys I hope you’re doing well, so today I would love to show you my hair lightening story.

I went from the color you see now first my little brown up to my current color in a couple of weeks, I used only natural ingredients no hair dyes no bleaching hair involved. so yeah if you’re interested let’s go into the tutorial.

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For this hair like the new treatment I’m using honey as a base, however if you don’t like honey for some reasons, here you can use coconut oil as well, but then using honey as a base and then mixing it with a bit of water. Also, I’m adding a bit of cinnamon and olive oil you can add a bit of apple vinegar, this will help to reduce prices and of course will make your hair shiny and soft, then leave treatment to develop for about 30 minutes, and now we can prepare for application.


There are no strict rules on how you should apply this treatment, I applied it mainly to my aunt’s and middle parts of my life, it is better not to apply them on your scalp because it contains sin and cinnamon increases blood flow in your skin and while you may feel burning kitchen. As redness effect on your scalp just try to avoid by increase direct on your scalp, put a shower cap we’ll wrap an old towel, this will help to keep everything warm and leave treatment in your hair about two to three hours, also guys keep in mind to snuff it is a really gradual one.



There’s nothing like boom I’m a blonde next morning, now get me a couple of weeks to reach my current column, it might take a bit longer a bit shorter for you, depending on your hair, structure your initial hair color oral health of your hair. There are many issues why results may vary a lot.