How to DIY a Messy and Beachy Hair

Hey girls today I’m going to show you how to get the messy beachy.

It’s one of our most popular styles and my personal fave here’s what you’ll need the three-day bender half-pint hold, my hair clips Buttercup the spritzer Sheriff and triple sec great.

Let’s get started!

First, always start with super clean hair and rough dry to remove moisture, section out the back and crown so you’re only working in the front, to build volume in my bangs I’m going to dry my hair in horizontal sections, rotating the brush while lifting the roots.
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Connect your sections and roll the brush away from your face to create a slight feathered look when drying the back continue working in small sections

Having a mirror for this really helps, use lots of tension to lift the root for maximum volume, keep repeating this technique until all your sections are dry great.

Now let’s add in some beachy waves, start by sectioning off the front from ear to ear forward, loosely grab a one-inch section and curl away from your face. You only need to leave the iron in your hair for a few seconds
Tug ends immediately after releasing the hair to stretch out the curl, it’s totally in your control how tight or lose the curl in, continue to curl and repeat allowing the loose waves set and cool off.

Now let’s move on to the other side curling away from your face, notice how I’m mirroring the curls on the other side, this is super important so your hair looks the same on both sides. Clamps, twist, pull, repeat, it’s simple!
After the waves are in spray hair spray to set those babies, scrunch a bit and keep going,

Let down the top section on section out the crown and back, remember this is a loose style, so you can pick up random sections and have fun with it, it doesn’t have to be perfect

Notice how I’m grabbing hair underneath while still curling another section, this is a great time-saver
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I’m just picking up pieces that still need curling hair, it’s super important to let the curl be don’t touch them for as long as possible, just curl it away!

Spring with Sherriff to set the curls still not touching them.
Now onto the back section of the crown and use a mirror so you can see,

Start curling just like we did in the front, wrap and roll one to two inch sections working around your head, be sure to work in vertical sections for that perfect beach wave.

Now I’m letting the top down so I can start curling the top section, spray look a little more Sherriff to set the waves
Time for the final touch-ups now I’m spraying some to add some texture and grit, spray a little triple sec underneath to add some extra volume and texture.

Now just tousle and there you have it a see the beach is always in reach well.