How To Cut Pixie Cut at Home – DIY Pixie Haircut Tutorial

Hey everyone, today I’m gonna show you how to cut your hair at home. The style I’m going for is an asymmetrical pixie cut, this is just how personally approached hair trimming.

The first one is you’ll take a small strand of hair and you’ll make small snips with the scissors pointing downwards, and you think this helps with layering.


The next is, if you feel that a strand of hair is too thick or has been cut too bluntly across or looks choppy, you’ll take the scissors facing towards the end of the hair, vertically, and you’ll cut out small sections, and this just kind of thins it out.


My last bit of advice is to work in small sections and to work really slowly, that’ll help prevent you from cutting off too much hair.

Okay so, what you’ve done now is you’ve dampened your hair and you’ve sectioned it off, you’re gonna start on the section in front of your ear.



This is what you have so far, now you are just going to continue cutting along this back section here.


Now you continue cutting the top portion here. As you can see the top is all pretty much one length straight across, you need to make it shorter on this side and then it’ll gradually get longer on this side.


As you get around to cutting this side of your hair, you will be cutting it, but just a tiny bit you don’t want it as short as this side.


This is what her completed haircut looks like. Hope you enjoy this tutorial.