How I Cut My Blunt Bob Hair

I am just going to be showing you guys the way I cut mine. I have messy, curly hair and you would never even be able to tell if it was a clean-cut or not. Which leads me to my second disclaimer and that is if you have straight hair or you straighten your hair on a regular basis, I do not recommend cutting your hair yourself.

Just because if you happen to cut it uneven, it’s gonna be really noticeable whereas, if you have curly or wavy hair you’re probably never going to be able to tell. And so, with that said I’m just going to walk you guys through how I like to cut my hair. And for those of you who don’t want to cut your hair yourself, but you do like my hair cut.


I always get a lot of questions asking what this cut is called and for the most part, I’m pretty sure it’s just a “blunt bob”. There are no layers except I do personally cut the bottom layer of my hair a little shorter than the rest.

So, the first thing that I am going to do is grab two small rubber hair ties and put my hair in pigtails.

Now there is one thing that’s important to note when you put your hair into your pigtails and that is the placement of the pigtails because it will affect the cut of your hair. If you tie your pigtails closer to the front of your face, then the front layer of your hair is going to be shorter than the back layer of your hair.

If you tie your pigtails closer to the back of your head then you will get more of an “A-line” cut and the back of your hair will be shorter than the front. And if you put your pigtails in the middle you will get more of an even cut all around, I like to tie my pigtails closer to the back of my head. So that I get more of an “A-line” cut, and I like to cut my hair while it is, dry and completely styled. So that I can see exactly what I am doing, if you cut it while it’s wet, you might find that you cut it too short once it’s dry.


So, once I have my hair in the pigtail I just adjust the rubber band to whatever length I want to cut it to and you’re just going to be cutting just below that. So if this is the length that I wanted to cut my hair to, I will just be cutting a little bit below that rubber band, don’t cut too close because if you do it will fall out while you’re cutting, it’ll be a HOT MESS. And definitely make sure that the rubber bands are in the same position on both sides, otherwise, you’ll get a wonky cut.

So once I snip that pigtail off, then I’m just going to go ahead and remove my hair ties. At this point, I will just go ahead and clean up any pieces that you want to clean up. Snip any pieces that are longer than the rest.

Now you could stop there, but there’s one other thing that I like to cut when I do my hair. The bottom layer of my hair tends to be straight compared to the rest of my curly hair, so usually, it lays a little bit longer than the rest of my hair, and I absolutely hate that.


So I will just clip the top layer of my hair up and then I’ll just go through and cut the bottom layer of my hair a little bit shorter than the rest and again, it doesn’t really matter. If you happen to cut it a little bit uneven because

1.) My hair’s curly, nobody’s really gonna be able to tell.
2.) It’s under a layer of my hair, nobody’s gonna be able to tell.

After that’s done, I will usually go ahead and trim my bangs as well and I do that by literally just taking them and snipping them straight across and that is how I cut my hair and so I’m just gonna get to it.


So that is pretty much it, that is how I cut my hair. I hope that you guys really enjoyed this and maybe found it a little bit helpful.