Hottest Short Stacked Bob Haircuts That You Must Try

A short stacked bob is hailing from the 60s, it is a shorter haircut as round and full shape is formed by precise cutting, can make your angle more eye-catching and make your hair full of extra fluffy feeling.

There are many types of bob hairstyles piled up on the chin, and they have been loved by women all over the world. This is a common style of hairdressers to present a fabulous and fashionable look. You can use plain colors or upgrade with highlights, layers, waves, and curls, there can be too many choices.

Today, we have collected a list of 24 sexy stacked bobs for you, choose one of them and try to use it next time you go to the salon.

1. Pink Stacked Bob

Pink Stacked Bob
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Hot pink + a cute cut, you will rock this summer!

2. Blonde Stacked Bob for Older Lady

Blonde Stacked Bob for Older Lady
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A beautiful stacked bob with lots of layers~

3. Blonde Short Hair

Blonde Short Hair
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Color and a cute short bob on thick hair.

4. Side Swept Bangs Bob

Side Swept Bangs Bob
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Sometimes asymmetry can bring you a different style, which looks different this summer.

5. Short Stacked Bob 2021

Short Stacked Bob 2021
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You are blessed with the gift of making hair look amazing!

6. Brown Stacked Bob

Brown Stacked Bob
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Brown is always a fashionable choice, a huge earring can make it unique.

7. Long Stacked Bob

Long Stacked Bob
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A longer bob can make you more attractive, why not try it?

8. Silver Stacked Bob

Silver Stacked Bob
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Short bob is suitable for any age, if you are young, you might as well try this special silver.

9. Classic Stacked Bob

Classic Stacked Bob
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A neat Bob is an attitude to life, it can be very competent whether it is a party or work.

10. Blonde Stacked Bob

Blonde Stacked Bob
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Super cute bob hairstyle❤️❤️

11. Short Angled Bob

Short Angled Bob
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It is a so cute bob with low maintenance.

12. Side Parting Stacked Bob

Side Parting Stacked Bob
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A blonde bob side parting with dark roots that look great at any age.

13. Wave Stacked Bob

Wave Stacked Bob
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It is simple, versatile, gorgeous, looks so perfect, slightly rolled up suitable for elegant women.

14. Straight Stacked Bob

Straight Stacked Bob
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Loving this stacked bob, this is another straight bob, if you don’t have much time to take care of your hair in the morning, this one should suit you well!

15. Stacked Bob with Brown Highlights

Stacked Bob with Brown Highlights
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Add a little brown highlight that can make your black hair lighter, with some layers!

16. Long Stacked Bob

Long Stacked Bob 1
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The thicker the hair, the better it looks stacked, the texture and thickness of the hair play an important role in achieving this layered bob.

17. Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob
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Short blonde bobs are easy to maintain and impressive for a long time. If you dye your blonde hair into jazz, it won’t hurt the results.

18. Red Stacked Bob

Red Stacked Bob
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She looks like Scarlett Johansson, red color makes you have more energy.

19. Brown Classic Stacked Bob

Brown Classic Stacked Bob
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I’m so excited to change it up this summer!

20. Short Classic Bob

Short Classic Bob
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A simple classic bob.

21. Wavy Stacked Bob

Wavy Stacked Bob
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When you are tired of normal bob, you might as well turn it into curly hair to increase the sense of hierarchy.

22. Blonde Stacked Bob Hair

Blonde Stacked Bob Hair
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If you have beautiful short brown hair, please try this stacked bob, this is a great hairstyle for most women, it will not be outdated and very fashionable.

23. Black Bob with Purple Highlights

Black Bob with Purple Highlights
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If you want to try a unique color, you can add purple highlights to the black bob, it will be very elegant in the sun.

24. Smokey Lavender

Smokey Lavender
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It is a great color for short hair.