Glamorous Hairstyles for Wedding Guests to Elevate Your Look

Ah, it is wedding season, as a guest, all the worry about looking the right way goes away with finding the right hair. Sometimes, going to a wedding can be stressful, when you have to look and feel like bridesmaids or other guests, even though you're just a guest.

Finding the perfect wedding guest's hairstyle will depend on what kind of wedding, whether relatives or friends, you will no doubt want to dress up for their big day, The big question is, how do you know which hairstyle suits your look best? Or, how many volumes are too loud?

As a guest, I I know you want to make sure that your appearance and style of wedding perfect match, but don't want to be more than the bride again at the same time. We know that the wedding is likely to rise, even if the guests, this is why we put some of the best wedding guests' hairstyles easily presented to you, hope you can pick out the best one, without a salon trip.

1. Blonde Updo for Wedding Guest

1694324732 Blonde Updo for Wedding Guest
The updo is a sweet hairstyle that is simple yet beautiful.

2. Textured Updo Hairstyle

1694324758 Textured Updo Hairstyle
Beautiful blonde color updo, accessorize with simple hair accessory.

3. Medium Blonde Waves

1694324781 Medium Blonde Waves
Look back at this BOMBSHELL. Achieved using full head foils and a mix of highlights and natural lowlights using @avedauk color and @olaplex. Styled using @beautyworksonline wand.

4. Golden Locks

1694324802 Golden Locks
Great hair, if you're going to a wedding, it's a great choice, then you can outdo everyone else at the wedding, except the bride.

5. Waterfall Braided Bun

A five-strand waterfall braids into a braided flower on a lovely girl! Great Job and gives us lots of inspiration!

6. Simple Updo Hairstyle

1694324909 Simple Updo Hairstyle1
Just a simple updo hairstyle, you can finish it in 25 minutes and get to the wedding occasion.

7. Lace French Braid

1694324938 Lace French Braid
Lace French braid into a low curly bun on this beautiful lady for a friend's wedding party!

8. Sleek with a Textured Bun

1694324968 Sleek with a Textured Bun1
Absolutely stunning, how gorgeous did she look attending her nephews wedding?

9. Soft Waves

1694325000 Soft Waves
Soft waves will make your medium length hair more attractive with a simple braid.

10. Wavy Blonde Highlights with Flowers

1694325025 Wavy Blonde Highlights with Flowers
Not wearing a veil? Want a second look? Like your hair down but with something? Try this! Little braided half up half down.

11. Gorgeous Twist Updo

1694325053 Gorgeous Twist Updo
This lady has super fine, silky hair which is shoulder length so the hairstylist used a micro crimper to add thickness and texture and it turned out beautifully.

12. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

1694325081 Half Up Half Down Hairstyle
This is so pretty! Are you definitely ready for all of the winter looks? With this new cooling trend.

13. Wedding Guest Hair

1694325103 Wedding Guest Hair
If you're lucky enough to be one of the few wedding guests this year, why not consider this hairstyle?

14. Super Textured Updo

1694325127 Super Textured Updo
Texture is always a popular element, plus the perfect rendering of updo.

15. Textured Updo with Headpieces

1694325159 Textured Updo with Headpieces
Dried flowers are delicate and pretty, love them in this undone low bun...Beautiful for a big wedding, with a floaty dress ....perfect for a guest too.

16. Textured Half-Up Look

1694325192 Textured Half Up Look
To achieve this textured half-up look start by washing the hair, apply Moroccanoil Volumising Mousse to the roots of the hair to add a layer of stiff texture and Hydrating Styling Lotion to mid-lengths and ends to add moisture and prevent flyaways.

17. Textured Bridal Ponytail

1694325226 Textured Bridal Ponytail
One of my absolute favorite bridal styles ever. This voluminous, textured pony with a braided accent was dreamy.

18. Blonde Low Buns

1694325263 Blonde Low Buns

This looks awesome! Although in fact the time spent can be much more, there is "purity", accuracy, smoothness of lines in the hairstyle, so it is clear that it is made by a professional☺

19. Low Bun Updo

1694325290 Low Bun Updo
Gorgeous textured updo, Merry Christmas!

20. Simple Wedding Hairstyle

1694325314 Simple Wedding Hairstyle
This is a great suggestion for those who can't decide on a hairstyle as the most special day approaches.

21. Low Textured Ponytail

1694325352 Low Textured Ponytail
The favourite thing was seeing the little faces in her house light up with excitement on Christmas morning! In between all the madness she found a little time to create a low textured ponytail.

22. Textured Updo for Winter Wedding

1694325390 Textured Updo for Winter Wedding
We hope you all had a merry Christmas and got to spend some time with loved ones whether it was in person or virtually. This year has been a tough one, but it’s the people you surround yourself with that will uplift you when you need it most.

23. Textured Updo for Wedding Guests

I mean, it's so beautiful, good texture can make you stand out.

24. Textured Christmas Hairstyle

1694325479 Textured Christmas Hairstyle
What a lovely, easy day it has been. May the happy festive time continue tomorrow ... this hair is definitely suited for the occasion. Happy Christmas holidays everyone!

25. Easy Boho Updo

1694325507 Easy Boho Updo
This simple boho style lets you get it ready in 20 minutes and be in the perfect mood for a wedding.

26. Ice Wedding Updos

1694325544 Ice Wedding Updos
She prepped with Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo Foam, layered with Whipped Taffy as her working product and finished with her fav Volume Spray.

27. Low Bun Wedding Guest Hairstyle

1694325570 Low Bun Wedding Guest Hairstyle
Go with what you feel comfortable wearing, and what suits your features and personality - from the style to the accessories and whether you have a veil or not. Even if the style you choose is not what others like, confidence is beauty, and when you feel your best, the vibe you give off is undoubtedly charming!

28. Blonde Updo with Red Hair Accessories

1694325609 Blonde Updo with Red Hair Accessories
Lovely hairstyle! I like all her hairstyles..she makes them look so effortless.
Styled using
Moroccanoil Treatment for manageability
Moroccanoil texture spray for that lived in look.

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