Fantastic Medium Haircuts 2021 That Make You Look Gorgeous

Medium length hairstyles are the perfect balance between long and short locks, so if you are tired of your long hair, but not want too short, just try the shoulder-length style. Medium hairstyles are easy to maintain and elegant enough to suit a variety of facial shapes.

You have a myriad of surprising choices at your disposal: Bob and lobs, medium shags, medium layered haircuts, from simple to complex shapes, you can enjoy the latest medium styles and fun for 2021.

We want to fill the gallery with inspiration for all the girls looking for amazing medium hairstyles, medium hairstyles can be a little difficult to find inspiration, and there are plenty of short and long hair pictures when you’re searching for your next hair inspiration, but don’t worry, we have great medium hairstyles for you to peruse!

1. Cute Japanese Medium Hairstyle

Cute Japanese Medium Hairstyle1
Credit: @nitensherry
Cute Japanese Medium Hairstyle2
Credit: @nitensherry

She only has pink shadows eyes, lovely!

2. Red Medium Hair

Red Medium Hair
Credit: @studio54hairlounge

Such a beauty, red is an active color to consider when you don’t know what to choose.

3. Medium Black Hair

Medium Black Hair
Credit: @rei.kobayashi

The weather is nice, isn’t it?
It’s getting warmer, isn’t it?

4. Balayage Brown Hair

Balayage Brown Hair
Credit: @salonbyinstyle

It’s melting chocolate, very nice job.

5. Green Medium Hairstyle

Green Medium Hairstyle
Credit: @pati.rodrigz

Slowly but surely getting herself in the holiday spirit!! But this Christmas tree green is definitely getting her in the mood.

6. Blonde Medium Hair

Blonde Medium Hair
Credit: @marianagomesmk

Straight blond hair is attractive, especially with dark shadow roots.

7. Blue Medium Hair

Blue Medium Hair
Credit: @the.mane.mandi

This looks so good, the ocean blue color, and the waves!

8. Red Gothic Medium Length Wavy Hair

Red Gothic Medium Length Wavy Hair
Credit: @evahairofficial

Red gothic medium length wavy synthetic wig with bangs.

9. Blonde Medium Highlights Hair

Blonde Medium Highlights Hair
Credit: @kampaamoverstas

Striped hair can be tinted according to the vibe in cool platinum, summery sand, warm alcohol or almost any light shade. Cool shades are permanent favorites, but it’s worth asking your hairdresser for suggestions for the final shade.

10. White Medium Hair

White Medium Hair
Credit: @magdalenapetryszak

He says he wants a nice girl
I’m that fuck up your life girl
I don’t wanna be a nice girl
Bad, bad, I ain’t right, girl

11. Golden Medium Hair

Golden Medium Hair
Credit: @jesse_bellared

Took this babe from a subtle balayage to this gorgeous copper!

12. Dark Brown Long Bob

Dark Brown Long Bob
Credit: @hairshaftmiguel

She is lovely, and a simple brown color can accentuate the whiteness of her face.

13. Black Straight Medium Hair

Black Straight Medium Hair
Credit: @g.marin23

She shine in every way, she looks beautiful.

14. Japanese Medium Hairstyle

Japanese Medium Hairstyle
Credit: @daniella.nuccio

Such a simple and lovely hair and face.

15. Snow White Hairstyle

Snow White Hairstyle
Credit: @miyuki_hosoi

Snow white color with faint blue highlights, perfect!

16. Blonde Balayage Medium Hair

Blonde Balayage Medium Hair
Credit: @ellen_brunsmann

The golden waves are so attractive that it takes less than five minutes a day to maintain style.

17. Brown Brunette Balayage

Balayage Brown Hair 1
Credit: @teresadozalhair

We darkened her base color to make sure these red tones popped against a darker canvas, and added a couple of balayage highlights for plenty of dimensions.

18. Blue Navy Hair Color

Blue Navy Hair Color
Credit: @___riiyg.8_

Winter blue color medium hair, the perfect combination.

19. Red Medium Hair

Red Medium Hair 1
Credit: @becky.s.s

Red hair, flashy hair for the first time in a long time!

20. Beach Blonde Hair

Beach Blonde Hair
Credit: @colormecocola

The hairdresser tones her hair with 3 different shades, though, to give her tons of dimension and movement. She doesn’t love the ashy tones, so I do a nice mix of golds and neutrals.

21. Wavy Balayage Hair

Wavy Balayage Hair
Credit: @25solonos

Medium wave hair, there is a great difference.

22. Blonde Highlights Wavy Hair

Blonde Highlights Wavy Hair
Credit: @brulimabeauty

From the wonderful treatment that transforms the texture of the hair to the massages that almost made me sleep is ALL perfect from beginning to end 👌🏼 and all this not to mention the wonderful salon!

23. Soft Warm Blonde

Soft Warm Blonde
Credit: @rmghairartistry

I love this honey blond, does this beautiful hair colors makes you want to color your hair again?

24. Middle Parting Medium Hairstyles

Middle Parting Medium Hairstyles
Credit: @fer_tapia_del_valle

The half mane is a boom! Don’t hesitate and dare how.

25. Ice Blonde Hair

Ice Blonde Hair1
Credit: @haarwaerch
Ice Blonde Hair2
Credit: @haarwaerch

What a perfect color and hair.

26. Balayage Ombre Medium Haircut

Balayage Ombre Medium Haircut
Credit: @rmghairartistry

Caramel highlights in chocolate brown hair equals.

27. Balayage Brown Wavy Bob

Balayage Brown Wavy Bob
Credit: @haarwaerch

A wavy bob is also a good choice because it takes less time than other hairstyles.

28. Purple Medium Hairstyles

Purple Medium Hairstyles
Credit: @cintiada

Once you bleached your hair have fun with it, pink before now violet.

29. Curly Medium Hairstyles

Curly Medium Hairstyles
Credit: @ziebasylwia

The golden yellow side parting can accent a beautiful oval face.

30. Blonde Shaggy Hair

Blonde Shaggy Hair
Credit: @heavymetalhairsalon_

So sweet 80s shaggy hairstyle, sometimes it’s a good idea to try the retro route.