20 Easy and Sassy Pixie Haircuts for Older Women

When you are an older woman, it is still possible to choose a pixie. You can create bold and different looks, from balayage and babylights to asymmetrical lines, which can give you a new charm, Viola Davis and Linda Evangeli at the top of the list of female stars wearing pixie in the golden age. A pixie cut for older women is short and you need to style it for ease and comfort.

Pixie cut can outline your face and increase the density of your hair. Of course, it is also good if you leave some length of hair in front. Longer bangs can make the pixie cut look more feminine. The lively mix can make you look great, and the look of the pixie hairstyle is very versatile, so next time you want to try short hair, please check out the sassy pixie haircuts for older women 2021.

1. Green Short Pixie Cut

Green Short Pixie Cut

Can you believe that hairstylist didn’t lift her hair at all to do this teal? Applied over her natural grey/salt and pepper hair. It gives it a more diffused vibrant look!

2. Pixie Cuts with Blunt Fringe

Pixie Cuts with Blunt Fringe

Blunt bang is a conservative choice. If you don’t want to be too ostentatious and not too outdated, dark brown hair + razor cut are perfect combination, plus the perfect big-rim glasses.

3. Edgy Pixie Cut Grey Tone

Edgy Pixie Cut Grey Tone

Gray is a natural choice, it is so great with the pixie cut!

4. Silver Pixie Haircut

Silver Pixie Haircut

What an amazing transformation, this ultra-short gray pixie for old ladies over 50 provides a stylish effect. The blend of gray and blonde must be just right to bring out your skin tone.

5. Micro Pixie Blonde Color

Micro Pixie Blonde Color

Is there anything better than a micro pixie? If you want to simply dress up a capable hairstyle, then consider this blonde micro pixie, although it looks like a man’s hairstyle.

6. Simple Pixie Cut

Simple Pixie Cut

If you are a mature and elegant office lady, try this simple pixie hairstyle. The black roots will make you unique.

7. Short Silver Pixie Cut

Short Silver Pixie Cut

Such a beautiful lady, the towering silver pixie has a rich charm and a texture appearance that matches well with the glasses.

8. Sassy Blonde Pixie Haircut

Sassy Blonde Pixie Haircut

This is a fashionable pixie very suitable for elderly women. A little texture and mess will look better and make your look youthful.

9. Pink and Grey Pixie Hair

Pink and Grey Pixie Hair

Pink is not a patent for young girls, you can even match it with gray, which will make you more stylish.

10. Short Blonde Pixie

Short Blonde Pixie

Modern fashion blonde pixie for older women adds youthful when mixed with some black roots.

11. Textured Pixie with Red Highlights

Textured Pixie with Red Highlights

A little sass goes a long way: textured pixie cut and fun pop of red.

12. Pixie Haircut + Foils Mix of Techniques

Pixie Haircut Foils Mix of Techniques

So much younger from the front as well, this hairstyle really suits her.

13. Super Short Pixie

Super Short Pixie

For older women with thinning hair, the super short pixie hairstyle is very suitable because it brings small volume and less maintenance.

14. Short Silver Pixie Cut

Short Silver Pixie Cut 1

Super cool black eyeshadow and silver pixie are a perfect match.

15. Silver Pixie Hairstyle

Silver Pixie Hairstyle

Another fairy head with natural silver hair color. Wax is used to characterize this short hair and give it a textured appearance.

16. Green Pixie

Green Pixie For Older Women1
Green Pixie For Older Women2

Why don’t you have this bold green, it looks elegant and young, with pointed bangs that won’t look dull.

17. Blonde Curly Pixie Hair

Blonde Curly Pixie Hair1
Blonde Curly Pixie Hair2

Curly hair + pixie will look interesting and energetic on older women, neat curly hair is another fashion style.

18. Silver Pixie Cut with Middle Parting Bangs

Silver Pixie Cut with Middle Parting Bangs

Very nice, this cut would be super cute on her. You don’t need to do too much for this style, just use a little wax before going out.

19. Blonde Pixie Cut Big Side Parting

Blonde Pixie Cut Big Side Parting

WOW huge transformation! Loved getting to step outside the box & do something fun.

20. Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

Short Hair with Blonde Highlights

Come see me for a mini highlight to brighten you up for spring!