30 Chic Shoulder Length Haircuts & Colors

Medium hairstyles for women are the most versatile, because “medium” can mean many things. It is also the most common hair length. But the style that a woman with medium-length hair can adopt is certainly not average. To take advantage of all these possibilities, you must be willing to experiment. Maybe it’s time to get some style inspiration and transform those medium-length locks in to a new hairstyle.

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, consider a shoulder-length haircut. Not only does the medium-length bob suit almost all hair types and textures – not to mention face shapes – but it’s also an incredibly versatile hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a hairstyle that fits your personality, your lifestyle or the occasion, the options for a wide, sexy, long bob are endless.

Not too short and not too long, these cute shoulder-length hairstyles are just what women need. If you have shoulder-length hair, you can achieve different looks. Straight and smooth, wavy and fun, or curly and pretty, you’ll find that one of these popular and easy-to-do hairstyles will inspire your next cut. With shoulder fluffy, wavy and straight hairstyles, curly hairstyles appear in the top 10 most fashionable hairstyles of the season. Additionally, the color palette is broader than ever, with lavender, bronze-orange and ballet blonde on the list of most popular color choices.

1. Shoulder Blunt Bob

Shoulder Blunt Bob

This style works well with longer face shapes, and brown can always be in style.

2. Pink and Blonde Lob

Pink and Blonde Lob

Four amazing lob inspirations! When you want to be energetic in spring, why not try pink? Blonde color can never go wrong when you’re tired.

3. Shoulder Hair 2021

Shoulder Hair 2021

Wow nice this new look, the simple parting style can let you be quickly set it out in the busy morning.

4. Shoulder Brown Balayage Hair

Shoulder Brown Balayage Hair
Shoulder Brown Balayage Hair2

Color correction, her hair from dark brown and purple to this lighter brown with a balayage look.

5. Medium Brown Hair

Medium Brown Hair

She is very beautiful, if you have a full forehead, try to show it boldly!

6. Brunettes Shoulder Length Hair

Brunettes Shoulder Length Hair

It looks amazing and beautiful, the whole is a basic tone with brunet and red lips.

7. Messy Shoulder Hair

Messy Shoulder Hair

Sometimes, waves can give you a little femininity, especially with a great smile.

8. Shoulder Blunt Bob Hair

Shoulder Blunt Bob Hair

We love the blunt bob because it adds the perfectly imperfect touch inherent to the trendiest cuts. Blunt cuts tend to be more universal than layered chops.

9. Blonde Shoulder Hair

Blonde Shoulder Hair

Some dark shadow roots add in a blonde medium length haircut.

10. Shoulder Hair Soft Layers

Shoulder Hair Soft Layers

Shoulder hair soft layers with shredded scissors. Beautiful cut!

11. Blunt Bob with Highlights

Blunt Bob with Highlights

What does she mean I hadn’t seen before! Love her.

12. Ginger Curly Hair

Ginger Curly Hair

Such a great color, she has the impression that the color has brightened a little (optically) due to cassi dominance, and the hair as always is strongly reflected from the root and bold.

13. Straight Shoulder Hair

Straight Shoulder Hair

She had blonde hair and always wanted to be a redhead, but was not sure of the change. The hairstylist suggested the Davines Alchemic Conditioner see how she would feel because they would have how to reverse. This product is an excellent option to want to change and is in doubt because it fades as it goes washing. About the cut was quite long and the hairstylist made a medium hair more fresh and asymmetrical.

14. Middle Parting Shoulder Hair

Middle Parting Shoulder Hair

She made a straight base and some shredded layers on the tips to make it lighter.

15. Blonde Blunt Bob Hair

Blonde Blunt Bob Hair

About the color she made wicks in two thicknesses in a golden perolate, and on the cut she made a very geometric base and shredded some tips to give more balance. It got squealing.

16. Grey Shoulder Hair

Grey Shoulder Hair

Grey also has a wonderful chemical reaction with shoulder-length hair and is the perfect color to wear with if you are a girl in 20s to 40s.

17. Brown Medium Hair

Brown Medium Hair

Such beautiful brown curls, you can dress like her, simple, stylish, perfect for summer season.

18. Blonde Balayage Hair

Blonde Balayage Hair

Brighten, lighten, cut. Book your appointment ASAP! Spring is almost here and the books are.

19. Colored Shoulder Hair for Older Women

Colored Shoulder Hair for Older Women
Colored Shoulder Hair for Older Women2
Colored Shoulder Hair for Older Women3

When you have ash blonde medium hair, it can be colored for your older age, with a younger style.

20. Brazilian Blondes Highlights

Brazilian Blondes Highlights

A middle part with dark shadow roots.

21. Blue and Pink Medium Hair

Blue and Pink Medium Hair

I look at you like I know your deepest secret.

22. Red Medium Hair

Red Medium Hair

A wavy red middle hair can make you more attractive.

23. Caramel Brown Haircut

Caramel Brown Haircut

Cool medium hair with babylights for 2021 new style.

24. Platinum Blonde Medium Hair

Platinum Blonde Medium Hair1
Platinum Blonde Medium Hair2
Platinum Blonde Medium Hair3

Absolutely stunning platinum blonde, simple styles never go out of style.

25. Messy Medium Bob

Messy Medium Bob

Are we going to turn it?

26. Wavy Ombre Hair

Wavy Ombre Hair

YESS GIRL, you can enjoy the new blonde medium hair.

27. Brunette Highlights and Lowlights

Brunette Highlights and Lowlights

Some warm highlights for this beautiful brunette.

28. Pink Ombre Hair

Pink Ombre Hair

Pink for the weekend, this color is very special and will make you stand out in the crowd.

29. Cute Japanese Shoulder Hairstyle

Cute Japanese Shoulder Hairstyle

Wow! So damn cute! Gorgeous in every way.

30. Medium Balayage Hair

Medium Balayage Hair

Boss lady got a chop and color change.